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Neighbors - a MMF story  

Lilkink101 55F  
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12/8/2019 1:21 pm
Neighbors - a MMF story

The guys moved in across the hall from in apartment building have been there for a months now. It was of the hottest days of summer when they moved in. I was a happy voyager that day as I watched as they stripped off their t-shirts when the temperature climbed as they unloaded their moving truck. Hot n sweaty, chests with a sparse coating of dark hair that tapered a happy trail down their abs, disappearing into their snug fitting jeans. Muscles flexing as they moved furniture and boxes into their apartment. When they had the truck half empty I grabbed a of cold beers of refrigerator and met them as they were coming back of their apartment for another load. Offering each of them a beer I introduced myself and welcomed them the building.

In the past of months I figured that Joe and Ron are more than just roommates, they are a . I've seen them kissing at their door a of times when leaving for work. It was a surprise since both of them flirt with me when I happen meet of them in the parking lot or the hall. It's given all kinds of fantasy material for when I'm in bed alone.

As I'm getting home from work I hear a smoke alarm sounding from behind their door and muffled cussing. Worried I rush their door and start knocking hard and loud. A moment later Ron opens the door coughing as smoke billows the door around him. He looks at sheepishly as he tells he fell asleep on the couch while dinner was cooking. The roast he was cooking is now a smoking charcoal brick. I move into action without thinking, telling him to get the smoking roast out of the apartment as I move inside and start opening windows to air the place out. After we finish opening the windows there is still a haze and smell of smoke through the apartment, it will take awhile for it to air out. Ron is bummed as Tom was coming home that evening and he wanted to surprise him with a home cooked meal rather than their usual busy schedule take out dinners.

I immediately start thinking of what I have available in kitchen make a hearty meal. I had made a big pot of sauce last night planning on making a few single serving lasagnas that I could freeze and use as needed. I grin and tell Ron we can still make it happen. I him off the store for salad fixings some bread and a bottle of wine while I get busy in kitchen building a big lasagna. As I'm working Ron comes back from the store with a bags of groceries and a beautiful flower bouquet. He kisses cheek and hands the flowers. I put the flowers in a vase and set them in the center of the table and then put the wine on ice as he starts on making the salad. We work together making dinner, talking and flirting.

Ron keeps an eye for Tom to arrive as the apartment starts fill with the amazing aroma of the baking lasagna. Tom pulls into the parking lot just as I'm getting it of the oven. Ron meets him in the hall welcome him home and explain what happened. Through the open door I hear them kissing, and the low growls of pleasure at being together again. The sounds a tingling sensation core. I busy myself setting the table as they come inside. Tom moves to kiss my cheek and thank me for everything as Ron starts to bring everything to the table. Soon the sounds are moans of delight as the guys enjoy the lasagna.

After dinner we all clean up together, the small kitchen makes for close working conditions with us bumping and rubbing by each other as we work. The temperature in the room seems to sore as body responds being so close these guys. As we finish I notice the guys looking at each other silently sharing a conversation as a can do. I figure they will be making a hasty exit continue their reunion in their own apartment, so it surprises me when Tom pours 3 glasses of wine and suggests we move to the living room. I take glass and move sit in corner of the big couch, leaving room for the guys sit together, Ron moves quickly to other side before I can sit down encouraging sit between the . With heart picking up I settle between the and sip wine as we talk about Tom's business trip.

As we talk both guys seem to get closer to . body humming with the close proximity of them I find it hard concentrate on the conversation. I notice both of them have stopped talking and I up. Ron moves taking the glass from hand as Tom reaches to turn chin with his fingertips, as head turns his lips find mine. I gasp and he takes full advantage of parted lips taking the kiss deeper, his tongue dueling with mine. I feel him reach past for Ron as we kiss, soon I feel the press of Ron's chest against back, his exhales stirring the hair near ear. Tom breaks the kiss nipping on lower lip, then leaning closer he moves kiss Ron. I'm pressed between the as they kiss, their hands stroking up and down sides and arms. heart is beating of control now, core clinching as I watch them in their passionate kiss over shoulder. As they part Ron moves capture lips as Tom starts to nibble, lick and suck on exposed neck. body shudders in need as mind tries catch up... fantasy coming life.

Suddenly I'm moving, hand running up Tom's chest, the other finding Ron's thigh. A moan falling from lips as Tom grasps the hem of shirt pull it over head as Ron snaps bra open and pulls the straps off shoulders. Tom's head dips to chest his lips finding a hard nipple as Ron pulls back lean back against his chest. With a low growl Tom reaches for paints, pulling them and panties down over hips and down off legs. His knees hitting the floor as his hands spread thighs. Ron's hands coming around cup breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between his fingers as he licks and sucks on neck. I can feel how hard he is, his length pressed against the small of back as I lay against him. eyes roll as Tom dives his head between thighs and takes a long slow lick up the center of folds.

The sensations running through body make it hard concentrate. All I can do is feel. Before I know it, we are all naked on bed. Both hands filled with hard cock, stroking them up and down as I take turns sucking them into mouth. Their hands constantly running over body, teasing into a wonton frenzy.

Ron pulls away and lays down on his back, the lower half of his legs hanging down off the end of the bed, his head propped up a few pillows. He grasps waist and pulls on top of him, thighs straddling his head, he begins devour . Lowering head lips part as I take his cock into mouth. The bed dips as Tom moves behind , his fingertips traveling down spine and across ass. His hands grip and spread ass checks, he growls as he looks down watching Ron lick and suck on puffy pussy lips. Ron stops licking and I hear a low groan behind and a shudder of Tom's body...I know that Ron is sucking his cock. I moan and sink down Ron's cock feeling him the back of throat. His groan of pleasure is muffled, his mouth filled with Tom's cock.

Tom pulls back and holding the base of his thick cock he runs the head up and down folds. I whimper around Ron's cock, arching back as head continues bob up and down as I suck Ron's cock.
Suddenly Tom thrusts deep into pussy, in hard thrust he is buried balls deep, his fingers digging into hips. I scream around Ron's cock, the pleasure of being filled and stretched on the point of pain.

Then I feel Ron sucking and licking clit as Tom starts to<b> stroke </font></b>in and of . pussy clinches around Tom's cock. Ron growls , his hungry tongue lapping at the juices Tom's cock pulls from body with each<b> stroke. </font></b>Licking around his cock and stretched pussy lips. As his excitement grows he starts thrust up into mouth his cock hitting the back of mouth, trusting into throat. throat stretched accommodate him, drool dripping from lips pool on his balls as he fucks mouth.

With each thrust from Tom mouth is forced down Ron's cock. As Tom picks up the tempo I feel Ron's cock twitch and I know he is close. Suddenly he surges upward with his hips. His hands coming down on the back of head, his cock forced deep into throat as he comes. cum filling throat as his balls empty. I swallow around him, drinking him down. His hips relax falling back the bed as he relaxes his hold on head, a groan escaping his lips. As his cock slips from lips head comes up and I start rocking back on the thick cock that’s thrusting into pussy. I grind back matching his strokes. The sound of our flesh slapping together filling the room.

Suddenly body shudders as I start come. pussy clinching time and time again and the pulses of orgasm roll though . Then Tom growls and starts to pound into , his thrusts become jerky as he comes. I feel his cum fill as he continues thrust. The he stops buried deep in , his breaths sounding like a freight train behind . As he slowly pulls of pussy Ron's eager tongue licks the length of his dick, lapping at the cum coated cock. Then as Tom's cock slips from pussy lips, Ron latches onto hips and buries his between thighs, licking and sucking the cum from pussy.

With a shudder I slowly bring of legs up and turn. I collapse beside Ron, head resting on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around . Tom lays down on the other side of him. We all try to catch our breath. Then it grows quite and we all at each other. With a quirk his lips Tom starts to laugh, the sound pure joy. Soon Ron and I join in, our laughter ringing in the room.

DrJones0072 47M
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12/11/2019 9:10 am

I see where you mentioned words missing after posting. Hopefully you can find the cause or discover a work around.

Lilkink101 55F  
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12/15/2019 3:47 pm

Reposted from a different word app. Crosses fingers that it helps with the a ff dropped words.

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