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The Visitor  

Lilkink101 55F  
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11/30/2019 4:02 am
The Visitor

As she quietly sips in the open door her body jerks in a small start as she had no idea that Sir had a visitor when she had been summoned from her quarters. The conversation light between the two men sitting in chairs across from each other drinks in hand.

As she stands quietly the entrance wating for permission to enter goosebumps flow over her bare body, the voices of Sir and the visitor speaking of some sort of training facility.

Sir after finishing his statement, looks up and with a slight nod of his head and a flick of his index finger gives her permission to enter and join him.
With a deep inhale she moves forward, crossing the room in silence her bare feet making no sound on the floor. As the visitor catches sight of her he stops talking as she passes to join Sir. As she reaches him, her body flows into a kneel before him. Sir leans forward to tip her head up with a finger to her chin. He smiles looking down into her eyes and places a soft kiss to her forehead. Leaning back his feet move further apart, his thighs speading, he nods once more to her, two soft words falling from his lips..e pet.

She purrs in pleasure as she settles between Sir's thighs, her cheek resting on his thigh, one arm wrapped around the lower part of his leg, anchoring herself to him. His hand coming forward to softly<b> stroke </font></b>his fingers through her hair as he picks his conversation back up with his friend.
Her eyes close as their conversation picks back up and flows around her. Sir's fingertip ever moving through the locks of her hair as he talks with his guest.

Though the evening she feels the visitor's eyes fall on her form several times during their conversation. As Sir tips a glass to his lips and finishes his drink he catches his friends eyes on the girl between his legs once more. With a smerk to his voice he asks his friend if he sees anything he likes. Her eyes fly open at the change in tone of Sir's voice, and she catches site of the visitor sitting across from them leaning back and adjusting himself. With a smerk to his own voice he answers Sir with a four word question of his own
...what do you think?

The room goes quite except for the crack and pop of the logs slowly buring in the fireplace. A slient conversation going on between Sir and his visitor. After a few moments Sir sits his empty glass on the table beside his chair and leans forward, gathering the hair that flows down her back in a firm grip at the base of her skull he pulls her head up from his thigh turning her head and looks down into her eyes. Leaning forward he places a kiss upon her lips, his lips firm and demanding drink down the soft moan that catches in her throat. With a gleam in his eyes as he looks at her upturned face, he issues a comand... him pet. And places one more soft kiss on her lips before relaxing his hold on her hair, releasing her head.

Her eyes widen and she swallows hard at his command, then looking up into his eyes she sees the proud glem. The strong bond to him giving her strength she lowers her eyes and smiles softly knowing he would never demand more than she could give.

With one last look up at him she pivots and turns to look at the man in the chair a few feet away. His eyes roam over her form, stopping on her breasts and the juncture of her thighs before traveling back up to her face.

She lowers her eyes and drops forward her hands coming into with the floor she rises to her hands and knees moving forward, crawling towards the visitor. As she reaches him she settles back into a kneel before him, her bottom resting on her heels. Her eyes slowly travel up from his shoes stopping with her eyes focused on the top button of his shirt. With sure but quite words she asks if she can have the honor of serving him this evening.

With a nod and a ruffly spoken...yes girl. The visitor reaches down to adjust his hardening cock and opens his trousers. Palming himself as his cock springs free, he widens the spread of his thighs, his eyes locked on her lips.

Her eyes drift down to his cock, wrapped in his hand that is slowly stoking up and down it's length, a drop of precum glistening on it's head. Knowing Sir is behind her, watching every move she makes, she does not hesitate. With a lick to her lips she moves forward between the visitor's outstretched legs. Her hands coming up to rest on his thights as her tongue slips from between her lips to lick the bead of precum from the head of his cock, then her lips spread and she feels the head of his cock slip into her warm wet mouth. With a growl the visitor's hips surge forward, his voice ruff as he growls...fuck yes, suck me girl. With the hard thrust of his hips her hands slip from his thighs and brace on the floor as he rocks into her waiting mouth.

Concentrating on giving the visitor his pleasure she gasps around his cock as she feels Sir fingertips run down her spine. He growls from behind her...ass up girl. Already braced on her hands, her knees slide under her, bringing her ass up, spreading her thighs as she arches her back. Offering Sir full view of her pink folds. The rythm never breaking as her head continues to bob up and down, her mouth with the visitor's hard cock.

She feels Sir move in behind her at the moment his friends hands come up to cup the sides of her head, fingers driving into her locks. As his friend tightens his hold on her head, he thrust deeply into her mouth, forcing the head of his cock down her throat. With an even harder thrust Sir sinks his cock to the hilt in her pussy, holding her there split between the two.

Sir gripping her hips and the other gripping her head they begin rocking in and out of her. The room is filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, wet sucking sounds, moans, wimpers and growls.
Soon the visitor stiffens, a deep growl coming from his throat as he shoves his cock deeply into her's and cums, emptying himself down her throat, he pulls away flopping back on the chair his spent cock laying on his thigh glistening with her saliva. Sir continuing to trust in and out of her pussy at a punishing pace. With a few more hard thrusts his comand comes with a loud growl....cum!!

Her vision is bathed in bright white light as her body contacts, her pussy clamping down around his cock. He growls as he jackknifes deep in her then bellows as he pulls himself from her heat, spurts of cum hit her back, then without warning he slams back into her depths, as his cock continutes to jet, filling her. As the last of his cum shoots deep in her, his possessive growl of MINE echos off the walls.

charlie883063 59M
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11/30/2019 7:01 am

Great writer. Wishing I was Sir

orallover20622 60M
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11/30/2019 7:29 am

whatever your profession is you are in the wrong business. Erotica is your calling ...

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