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Lisa1950 61T  
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8/31/2018 6:12 pm

Wendy thought that I might be interested in something (someone?) a little different last week so she set up an "appointment" with one of her regular , Tom. Tom likes a<b> wedding </font></b>night fantasy so Wendy got me prepared to be a bride. I've never dressed in a bridal gown before and it was really erotic. All white...silk panties, a strapless pushup bra, white pantyhose, a white mini gown. This latter isn't exactly what most brides would wear but apparently it would excite Tom. Wendy loaned me a set of her real diamond earrings and topped this off with my long blond wig, and a tiara that held on long white veil over my head and face. Oh yes, white stiletto heels. Bright red glossy lipstick seemed to compliment the diamond earrings.
I was introduced to Tom and he immediately put his arms around me and hugged me close. He had a very nice body, solid yet soft and I found myself immediately relaxing into his arms and kind of molding myself against his warm body. We started toward the guest room when Tom picked me up in his arms and carried me like a bride to the room. I helped him push my veil back and he started kissing me quite passionately. I had no trouble reciprocating and found myself enjoying his kisses. He thrush his tongue deep into my and I reached down and cupped his male bulge that I could easily find through his pants. I fumbled a bit but had his pants off and started fondling his erection. He sat on the bed and I knelt down in front of him, my veil was pushed back over my neck and he pushed my bra down so my breasts were fully out. As he fondled my I stared kissing his cock and it wasn't more than a few seconds and I had him in my mouth. His precum was distinctly salty and there seemed to be plenty of it. I rolled my tongue around his cockhead and sucked it deeper into my mouth. He was holding my breasts but when I started to take him all the way into my he moved his hands to the back of my head and began being a little more aggressive and was holding me tightly against his crotch. I deep throated and had all of him in my mouth. I could feel his cockhead against the back of my throat and my lips were against his furry balls. He held me so tight I couldn't pull my head back so my lips would caress his shaft so I had to stick to sucking and moving my tongue over the head of his cock.
In a couple of minutes I could hear his deep humming moan and when he came I could feel the pulse of cum as it passed between my lips. He was pretty deep in my mouth when he came and his cum pooled in the back of my mouth. It took me several swallows to clear my mouth and throat of what was a much large than average load.
After he was finished I pushed him back onto the bed and crawled up beside him holding him close with my head against his chest and one had cupping his wet, still fairly hard cock. He was panting and told me that the whole thing was a really, really good fuck. I told him that he was a real man and that I would be happy to sleep with him anytime. After about a half hour of holding each other I pushed away and he was then up and getting dressed. All business after that, I told him that Wendy would speak to him about my fee ($300 for fantasy dressing up sessions) and he hugged me and kissed me turned and left.
I looked at myself in the mirror, pulled up my bra, straightened up my veil and realized that I was sporting a pretty good erection myself and my silk panties were soaking wet. I could easily picture myself as a real bride. It was much more difficult than usual to disrobe and slip back into jeans, pumps, and a white blouse as they now seemed drab compared to the "wedding night" experience I had just been through. I will be very happy to do it again.

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