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The Sissy Wedding  

Lisa1950 60T  
8 posts
7/8/2020 1:24 pm
The Sissy Wedding

bring you up--date from some of my earlier blog entries, after working with Wendy and her “catering” business and after living with Kenny I finally gave in a while back and accepted his marriage proposal. I’ve been living as a woman and sissy boi for a couple of now and have decided let a dominant man into my life. I was thinking about all of this as Wendy helped into my<b> wedding </font></b>gown, a process that I found extremely erotic. Silky white panties first, then a white textured corset to give me a nice slim waist and to let my feminine butt show off a little bit. I got my garter belt on and pulled on my white thigh high stockings. They feel so good as they slide up my legs, almost like someone caressing my inner thighs. Wendy helped my get into my Dominique low back<b> wedding </font></b>gown. It has a built-in bra that is holding my breasts up in front of me like cupped hands. I chose it because is was also low cut on the front and just barely covers my tits. Wendy sat down and helped put on my white open toe heels, 5 inches, not quite stilettos but nice and high. All of this was making constantly horny so Wendy gave one of her maxi-pads and I slide it down into my panties to help hold down my erection and help contain the precum that was now almost pouring from my coc This is the only reminder of my original being. After finishing touches to my makeup and Wendy touching up my full glossy red lipstick it was almost time. I thought putting on the gown was erotic but when Wendy fixed my vail over my head and face and I looked at myself in the mirror I almost fainted I was so turned on. Wendy walked me into the room at the hotel where we work and there was Kenny waiting for me, along with his best man Dave and a half dozen friends of his as groomsmen. They all looked at me and smiled and I returned their acknowledgment. I had sucked every one of them at one time or another in the past couple of .
Our rehearsed ceremony went by quickly. We had made up our vows and I was so excited I barely heard Kenny as he vowed protect , keep in good health, and share with all others. I promised love him, accept his cum, be his sissy wife, and do his bidding. With Wendy and Dave standing beside us we exchanged cock rings. Janice, our friend and minister then introduced us as Mt. & Mrs. Kenneth Weaver. Kenny then took in his arms and kissed . The next thing I felt was his tongue sliding deep into my mouth, his arm behind my back, and as he kissed his had slid down between the folds of my gown and pressed against my throbbing coc I instantly started cumming without any stroking and was pumping slug after slug of my cum into my maxi-pad.
At the reception everyone was getting all the wine and drinks they wanted and after Dave made a toast to Kenny and I someone started chanting “consummate, consummate!” Next thing I knew Kenny was sitting on the front edge of the table, his pants open and his beautiful cock sticking straight out at me. Giving in to the chanting I knelt down, opened my mouth and took his cock straight in and deep throated the whole shaft. Everyone was cheering, I was sucking as fast as I could and Kenny came almost immediately and I swallowed his warm, musky, sperm-filled cum as the<b> wedding </font></b>party cheered me on. Kenny was kind of laying back on the table and Dave reached over and helped me up off my knees. As he did he said “you are so good at that aren’t you” and I managed to mutter “You should know” as I licked Kenny’s cum off my lips. As Dave helped me up he pressed his crotch against my arm and I could feel that his magnificent cock was rock hard. I told him that I wanted to go to my room to get cleaned up a bit and he told me he would if I wanted him . I looked deep into his eyes and said “yes”.

Sonny992000 73M
122 posts
7/9/2020 12:06 pm

Very sexy, very erotic. made me hard

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