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I knew this day was coming  

Lite_As_Air 91F
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7/22/2021 11:39 am
I knew this day was coming

...I just couldn't have predicted precisely which day. (**Please<b> forgive </font></b>any typos, etc. I'm on a shitty laptop that's about to force me to toss it out of a window.)

Some monstrous, unkempt old caveman came at me like I'd shaved his and taught him to walk backwards. In the snow, up hill, both ways; you know, like our 'poor parents'. Hahaha. Anyway I simply asked what his problem was and he next-leveled the hateful comments. Fortunately for me, I honestly don't care what ANYbody thinks about me, as I'm happy for my own self. Kidding. Sort of.

I TOSed that bastige last night. But obviously, he's the ONLY ONE they took no action on. So today when his frightening face popped BACK up, I didn't read it, but copied it and reported him, this time using a heavy hand on the AdultFriendFinder mail.

Losers like him, I affectionately call Redneck Romeos;!; They THINK they have 'it' but really, what IS it? It's certainly unattractive on every level, if not just a big joke among those who know him. Yeah, he's gotten enough attention today.

Today is different than almost any other day for me. I did set myself up for a huge fall, but honestly didn't think it would happen to me at this point in life, and so quickly. I love "Tombstone" as much as every other guy (and a couple of chicks); I don't feel, however, that someone who'd name themselves after the sickliest character in the movie is the type guy you want to meet your mother. SO RUN!

I've rearranged/scaled back my profile considerably, but only time will tell if my tact works. So far, traffic HAS slowed down a little. But I was aiming for big. Boo.

Yep, so this is enough boredom for me and you today. I'll just end it right now. {=}

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