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Sex Shop Fantasy (Curiosity in Crossdressing part 2)  

Littlelyte 24M
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9/1/2019 10:02 pm
Sex Shop Fantasy (Curiosity in Crossdressing part 2)

I obtained first pair of panties from a I had sex with in a camper (check blog/erotic stories for that tale). They were plain black, with cum stains on the outside front of them. I assumed they are a woman that the I fucked may also be fucking. But they were gifted get fucked in. I wore them secretly, usually when I masturbated. I added more cum stains them by the time I lost them…

I moved into a studio apartment soon after the black panties era. That was the first time I’ve lived completely alone, which meant I could explore femininity with comfort. Losing pair of panties, I went online order a new pair. This time I got a lacy, nude-colored . I ordered pair see what panty size was. I didn’t order more things at that time. Just wanted get cock wet just a little…

When panties came in the mail, I got so excited I started opening the package before I entered apartment. I was holding them in hands by the time I walked in the door, and slipping pants off as I turned the lock. Seconds later, I was admiring myself in the mirror, looking at how good my ass looked with a lacy on. A can make any ass good, and this was the first time I ever turned myself on.

The next thing I wanted was a butt plug, as well as a dildo. Those are also easily available online, but when putting my on, I got a craving for a bit of risk. The thought of being caught in a , or buying sex toys, got cock dripping with excitement. I was feeling the adrenaline of risk running through body from the thought. So imagine the feeling of doing it…

I got ready head the sex shop. It was cold , so I put on a hoodie, and a pair of jeans that had a small hole in the middle seam around ass. Underneath that I wore lacy . I thought about the lacy band riding up so it’s above jeans. I wonder if anyone will see it. Maybe I’ll have bend down and jeans will slightly fall, or will ride up, showing little secret. I felt myself getting hard by the thought.

I took the public bus, since no could possibly see if I just drove the sex shop. During the ride, I would with the top of , not sure if anyone could see. I kinda hoped someone did. I purposely pulled them up, feeling the pull between ass. I slouched over at times slightly expose back. Maybe no saw. Maybe they all saw.

When I got the sex shop, I walked it with hoodie up, but pulled it down when I got inside since i knew I’d get ID’d. The place I went ended up being more of a porn rental place, with a massive collection of porn DVDs. They also had viewing rooms watch this selection of porn in the back area. The section of toys were to the left of the entrance, and where I walked straight to. Didn’t take long to find the butt plugs. The I took an interest in was a medium sized, purple silicone butt plug. I felt like small wouldn’t be enough for me at this point. I want something to fill me up.

As I grabbed the butt plug, I noticed a man walking towards the toy section. He was slim, a few inches taller than me, greying hair. I guessed him to be in his fifties. He was holding a porno in his hand, with the cover facing me. It had on the cover a transgender woman, with a massive cock, sitting on another man’s massive cock. He looked at me, I looked at him. I hoped he would say something to me, but he ended up walking past me. I didn’t see what he grabbed, if he grabbed anything. I wish he’d have grabbed ass if anything…

I ended up buying the purple butt plug, with a 7 inch purple dildo match. I also picked up a small bottle of lube there. They also had poppers there, which I thought about trying. But chose not get because cost. Maybe day, but that wasn’t the day for .

I went home, got naked, and laid on bed as I started lube ass. I washed toys before the lubing part, but was too distracted by how horny I was to remember it. I lubed up butt plug, too eager to finger myself in preparation. And as I started slipping my butt plug in, I thought about the man at the sex shop…

This scenario, he does come up to me. “ is that for?” he asked, looking at the butt plug I was holding. “, of course!” I’d excitedly tell him, hoping that was the right response give. Then he reached over , backside, and grabbed ass. That was definitely the right response. And then he moved his hand up, feeling exposed , playing with the lace of the band.

He moved his hand away, looking back at the cashier make sure he didn’t see. Then he leaned towards . “I’m in the room on the right, second last. I’ll door unlocked for you, baby.” He grabbed ass more time, before heading off towards the viewing rooms. I was at a loss for words. Was I about to get fucked in a public place?

I moved towards the DVDs, pretending I was looking for a specific video. But the video didn’t matter. After a minute, I grabbed of the many naked women covers, and moved the cashier. I bought the butt plug there, and asked about using the viewing rooms. The guy gave the room at the very back on the right. Good! They may not notice I went into the wrong room.
So I moved to the viewing rooms, already eyeing the door current will be.

I make sure the cashier isn’t paying attention, and opened ’s door. He was sitting, already naked, jerking off his trans porn. The porn star was already riding the guys cock, with her erect cock bouncing up and down with her motions. looks at , still stroking himself. I started strip for him, slowly removing hoodie, then slowly sliding pants down reveal nude lacy . I spun around slowly so he could get a good of all of , and he reached over give ass a good slap!

I gave him a bit of a lap dance, grinding on him with ass, which he loved smack. I sat on his lap, humping him. I grabbed his erect cock, taking over on the jerking. I moved hand down his lubed cock slowly. Up and down, twisting hand around the head. Slow and sensual, as I started kissing him. I heard his moans, they sync with mine as I<b> stroke </font></b>him faster. “Like that, ?” I asked him. He moaned. “Fuck, baby!”

I had the butt plug stretch myself before I took his cock. But I was too horny now. It was no longer a want, but a need for his cock to be in ass. perception was blind of the entire room beside him, besides his cock. I did was I didn’t expect myself do. No foreplay.

I moved the side get access ass hole, I rubbed his cock on tight, unlubed hole. “You want , ?” I asked. “You want and tight hole, baby?”
“Oh yes, baby,” he answered. “Give that tight fucking hole!”
I pushed the tip of his cock inside , feeling unprepared hole open up for him. As he went in further, I could feel the friction. He had some lube, but not as much as usual for anal sex. I felt the resistance inside me, a tug as ’s penis moved in, . In. . In in , Fuck! This was the roughest sex I’ve had, with ’s cock forcing itself inside , gaining speed from the get go. Going 0 200 in seconds. He turned around doggy style and slapped ass hard as he fucked balls deep. Slap, thrust, Slap thrust. I felt pain, but it was masked by how fucking this all was . wanted , and he wanted hard. He reached over jerk off as he kept his fast pace impaling . Fuck, oh Fuck! I came so hard, so fast, shooting load all over the room. He still kept fucking ass, and I felt like I was still cumming. I felt like I shot off load after load as he rammed me.

When he finally came, it was like a massive rocket going on inside me. The heat shot through me with intensity, making me cum last time. He was still inside me, and I left it that way. I wanted have him inside forever…

All of this was running through head as I fucked myself hard in my apartment. I the butt plug stretch open. Then I pulled it try 7 inch dildo. And did I fuck myself! I rammed myself so hard, fucking myself up, down, putting it on the ground ride. It also had a suction cup, which I stuck body mirror and fucked myself doggy-style. I came and came and came that day, in my soiled , thinking about that man at the sex shop, fucking rough and hard in a porn viewing room.

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