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Movin on down...  

LiveLifeDoU 65F  
1180 posts
7/3/2016 7:19 pm
Movin on down...

The move yesterday was pretty brutal but we all lived lol Slept great last night! I am in awe at how quiet it is in the new place....we have a green belt on two sides of the house that is 400 acres long. From my upstairs bedroom and craft room, I have a peaceful view of the woos and sky out of huge windows that open for a fresh breeze...I can hear the birds...last night was frogs and crickets...a little traffic but it's very faint. When I sit outside, I am reminded of the scent of fir trees when out camping. Move has been hardest on my as he took on a lot of the responsibility for the move and for getting all the electronics set up. And, we haven't been able to find his prescription meds for pulled muscles. I'm wondering if one of the young movers spotted the bottle on the kitchen counter at the old place and grabbed it when no one was around...it was very hectic, with everyone going in and out constantly. I'm hoping that we will just find the bottle in some box in a corner here.
We still have some stuff at the old place that we will have to move with the cars. And lots of cleaning lol That will be next weekend.
For now, I have 5 days to unpack the rest of my stuff, get organized and get out to explore those woods behind the house. I think the two who used to live here built a little very rough fort out of saplings they found on the forest floor. They put them on end and leaned them up against a large cedar tree, creating a shelter of sorts. They scooped out the dirt under the lean-to, making a little bowl shape. They must not have liked to sit on the cedar boughs that naturally cover the floor of the forest.
I was thinking of a blog by KtMnDu where he described some of the sentimental things he found in the place he recently moved to: a fort the had made, the height markings on a door frame, etc. Houses today come so scrubbed clean...it's expected to look like no one has ever lived there...brand-spanking new. And I can understand that. Being a Capricorn though, it also makes me sad to think such memories get wiped away. On the surface anyway. Memories have a way of sticking with us...the good, the bad and the ugly
Be good, have fun...and take time to stop and smell the roses.
Until next time....

charlio71 75M
596 posts
7/3/2016 7:33 pm

I am happy for you and your family with your new life. I moved the other way and now live in an apt. in California instead of being on 3 acres in the middle of a Hawaiian rain forest.

I believe nothing until it has become history!

LiveLifeDoU replies on 7/3/2016 8:52 pm:
You must have had a really good reason for moving from what a lot of us would consider paradise!

ScottInOly 52M  
58 posts
7/4/2016 9:45 am

Congrats on the move. We moved from a Phoenix suburb to a quiet piece of land just far enough out of town to know that you are out of town. I really enjoy the quiet and dark nights among the trees with stars that can be seen over the city lights.

kzoopair 69M/67F
25849 posts
7/4/2016 11:38 am

Your new place sounds wonderful. We find makeshift shelters in the preserves where we hike. There are a lot of students from the local colleges out there, smoking pot and playing with each other. They like to drag their hammocks out to the woods and lie in them, staring at their cell phones.... I find this hilarious.

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