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opinions please  

LiveLifeDoU 65F  
1180 posts
11/8/2018 3:42 pm
opinions please

I just about finished with my 17" male warrior sculpture. I've changed his pose quite a bit from my previous blog's photos...
Today I have added his 'genitalia', a polite term for his balls and cock I have been told I sculpt my guys too well endowed so I would like people's opinion. Let me know...too big, too small? Thanks!

LiveLifeDoU 65F  
2204 posts
11/8/2018 3:43 pm

required first comment

JuggsyMalone 30F  
3427 posts
11/8/2018 3:47 pm

I don't think it's too big at all

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bitchkitty2017 67F  
5289 posts
11/8/2018 3:50 pm

opinion it kind of looks a bit disportionate to his body size..hes absolutely gorgeous and wow is all I can say ...might tho go a bit bigger on the gear...thanks for the look..

harley95xl 56M  
20 posts
11/8/2018 3:51 pm

Nice sculpture, and good average size

benard69 63M/63F  
5175 posts
11/8/2018 3:52 pm

Perfectly Magnificent!

Rock_8413 54M  
444 posts
11/8/2018 3:54 pm

WOW OMG you are sooo talented...look amazing!! GREAT JOB!!

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possibleplaydate 48M/44F

11/8/2018 3:55 pm

Very interesting. Very good. very lifelike. His member doesn't really matter because all men are not created equal.

cardsfan0622 42M
58 posts
11/8/2018 4:18 pm

FIrst off you are very very talented! I'd say you are about accurate.

Keep up the good work!

455hotstuff 39M
5 posts
11/8/2018 4:23 pm

Good work. Good job.

nbfunman69 51M
64 posts
11/8/2018 4:24 pm

I think it looks great ! …… you are an amazing artist !!!

BrandNewMoves 38M/39F  
26 posts
11/8/2018 4:28 pm

i know this won't be the most popular opinion.. but his cock was the last thing i noticed, and not due to it's size ... either too large or small. i was distracted by how impressive the piece was in it's entirety. you are very talented and would be very interested to see more like this.. which if you have posted in the past i will find out soon as i am eager to look over your past posts.

thanks for sharing

Mrs. BNM{=}

ranchomongo 66M  
5602 posts
11/8/2018 4:29 pm

JMHO... if you , and I m sure you have look at David, etc.. they are tiny. you seem to hit the mark.. JMHO... hugs..


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ranchomongo 66M  
5602 posts
11/8/2018 4:31 pm

can I say that the thighs and legs are extreme, to me.. for today.. back when they were what they were probably but now...… nah.. LOL


face piles of trials with smiles..

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sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
11/8/2018 4:36 pm

You just have to go with, whatever you feel is correct, for the statue over all, height, etc, along with the body size.

Naughtypursuit 52F  
2598 posts
11/8/2018 4:43 pm

He looks fantastic. Great work, my preference would be a tad bigger...

Bunnysyummy2 60F  
10347 posts
11/8/2018 4:49 pm

The size looks good to me
You are quite a talented sculptor

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Bigdrey36 39M
24 posts
11/8/2018 5:03 pm


jajo696 65F
2195 posts
11/8/2018 5:40 pm

First of all......its lovely.

Secondly....the genitalia looks perfect in size, i do agree tho that it probably should be uncircumcised.

You are completely talented.

Did i say....its lovely before ??

Way Cool ~~

alexwayne57 60M  
80 posts
11/8/2018 5:48 pm

I think it looks about right. About an average to slightly larger than average penis. Testes may be just a tad too large, but I don't think it matters much. Everyone is different.

Eriond30 45M
122 posts
11/8/2018 6:26 pm

Looks great! Your work is amazing as always....

lonlyforlove2 77M
14642 posts
11/8/2018 7:08 pm

Been a long time since I have seen any of your work, you are a skilled artist, I see nothing wrong, he looks like a warrior in all manner, thanks for showing this masterpiece

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12706 posts
11/8/2018 7:27 pm

Great Job On That Warrior Sculpture!!

*That's My Opinion*

Outstanding, Darlin.


partygald 37F
1784 posts
11/8/2018 8:12 pm

Whoa! That is really stunning! Pretty damn good sculpture!
His junk looks normal, although it can be a little bigger
I love the big, round testicles though

Kulderzipke 60M
12 posts
11/9/2018 12:39 am

Sure you already did lots of investigation to come to this size.

1bighammer1000 55M
3403 posts
11/9/2018 4:07 am

I was reading about proportion while drawing the human body, and as I am sure you know it has to be enlarged about 1/8 to look right, and not be compact and looking squatty. Ha ha for a lack of a better word. I also read the opinion that in the old days, the sculptures had smaller cocks ect to give the impression of a more powerful chest and legs. Myself I believe it is your artwork, and you can make it your own, not a copy of what someone did a thousand years ago. I believe you have done a fantastic job, and keep up the good work.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

sweet_VM 62F
80981 posts
11/15/2018 10:43 pm

Nice job hugs V

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OlderBudweiser44 75M  
21 posts
11/19/2018 6:13 pm

A powerful work... full of energy.... and oh yeah, the cock and balls are fine... kind average size... therefore, not threatening

LiveLifeDoU replies on 11/20/2018 6:29 am:
lol at not threatening

scottj55555 52M
1978 posts
11/20/2018 8:37 am

It's your work, you can make him any way you want.

harbor112 60M
1305 posts
11/23/2018 12:22 am

Maybe the foreskin should be pull back a little exposing the head …….

mc_justmc 60M
6272 posts
11/24/2018 5:32 am

Wow! Impressive work! Such detail! Everything looks perfect! Will there be a Warrior Woman?

Lilyjareth 40F
9 posts
11/24/2018 10:10 pm

Looks great. Have you looked at other sculptures for reference? Or medical anatomy photos? I thinks it’s fine

Sensal2 40M
17 posts
11/27/2018 5:37 am

Balls are disproportionate to the penis size I feel. Otherwise its well done overall.

blzcpl 57M/59F  
177 posts
11/28/2018 1:05 pm

You are extremely talented without a doubt. As we all know, everyone is built differently so would have to say there is no right or wrong here. Maybe Reality....


LordBazillion 57M
51 posts
11/28/2018 3:04 pm

I can't say anything other than that I'm impressed!

LiveLifeDoU replies on 10/29/2019 1:10 am:
glad you liked it, Baz!

rambo006900 51M
22 posts
11/30/2018 12:29 am

Looks good!!

CynicusMaximus 48M
1805 posts
11/30/2018 4:37 am


This is some really awesome work!

I paint naked women all of the time. Nice to see that you have the same kind of non-issue. I think artwork is always going to be subjective, but the only person that you need total validation from is you.

I think your anatomy and form is pretty good and you have a pretty good sense of gravity. I think it's a solid piece, great work!

ourxxxsecrets 49M
8 posts
11/30/2018 6:10 am


twood1600 54M
205 posts
11/30/2018 7:00 pm

it's your art there is no right or wrong if it looks right to you you are right well done...

pytimesx 60M
941 posts
12/1/2018 7:34 pm

Well, he's not at attention so there really isn't an ability to draw a big-too small conclusion - proportionately done well. Given his posture though, the left testi should be a little higher than the right.

All in all, not bad - not bad at all.
But, were you going to put some skin and meat on those muscles

Ashlandfun77 43M
28 posts
12/4/2018 7:31 am

That's pretty amazing great work

CockyChris2007 54M
179 posts
12/12/2018 6:19 pm

Darn it! I did ask ya NOT to use me as a model for his um genitalia!

Renaissance2019 57M  
14 posts
1/17/2019 8:23 am

Very striking, I would venture that you would have the sizing about right unless it is cold day, jealous 🤫

StrongBlakDick4U 40M
263 posts
2/27/2019 9:22 pm

Hi, I am not sure why this is considered to well endowed. I guess it depends on the person and the persons experience.......

ErecTimber 68M
109 posts
10/14/2019 8:30 am

Great sculpture..The size of the cock takes nothing away from that

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