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A short story in progress...  

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A short story in progress...

The Pureons
By Luna Norris


Orlando city, home Mickey Mouse, The Orlando Eye, Sea World, and the Pureons the family that lived in the sixth house, on the sixth street of the sixth sub division of Deermeadows a new housing development that had sprung out of nowhere the locals would say. Now the Pureons where your typical family. There was the husband Max Pureon, he was a tall man, easily tell he took care of himself just by looking at him. His body was thin yet fit, muscles outlined perfectly, his skin golden bronze, and smooth. Except for a small very faint patch of hair making a path towards his Johnson. He had tattoos, one was a green and black nautical star on his right shoulder. The second tattoo would cover his whole bac It was what seemed be a guardian angle folded over a tombstone crying. Her wings black, the tears were blood running down her cheeks with smoking guns clutched in her hand and on the tombstone read “Pops”. His hair, well his hair was like the main of a lion, long thick and black, when he let it down his waves were almost unnatural. Though he was normally seen with it in a man bun, which would in turn show off Max second best feature, his jaw line. It looked like it was cut from stone perfectly. It was symmetrical perfectly line as strong a jaw as you could want but without looking to much and it was coated by a thick black beard that was obviously brushed. In the middle of all that he had almost forest green eyes that just seemed to see right through you into you soul. He worked as a teacher at the Aslinger High school. Same school his were enrolled.

The mothers name was Bella. Bella was a stay at home mom so she could watch over their new born, and taking care of the house. She had very long black hair, her skin was golden brown just as her husbands. She was short, a little more than half the size of her husband. She wasn’t you typical mom you say in the neighborhood she had a little meat on her, her thighs slightly touched each other as she walked. Her legs were big, but tone. Her stomach though was the only thing about her she didn’t really like had a slight pudge to it, but it was for a reason that she truly cared about. Her breasts were supple, big but the size of a palm. They were perky and always pushed out of whatever she was wearing. Her eyes were brown lips were thicker, but what her partner would sat was the best feature to ever grace a human, was her ass. It was thick, strong, juicy, bouncy it was almost unreal how it happened to have every quality of an ass you you’d want and look right. The lip where her ass rolled to the back of her leg her partner would say constantly made a ever so soft smacking sound when walking. During the morning and early day she would clean the house maybe work out and watch the , when shed go get the newspaper the neighbors would always comment on her leggings and top, how they always matched. Though as the day ran on and she cleaned more, shed shower and change into her day clothes. Recently everyday without fail Bella has worn a light color sundress, with a matching pair of ankle socks. The days were a lil warm but not so much a sundress was warranted though she never seemed to mind the chill breeze every now and then.

Their oldest was Jecht. Jecht was eighteen and a senior in High school. He was on the swim team and the cross country team. He was - tallest person in the family and had that lean swimmers body, outlined by the toned runners body. He had a bunch of tattoos, most of them video game related. Some Pokémon related ones, Final Fantasy, Transformers, Gi Joe, Some anime and other nerd classified art. He had a matching beard like his father black full and thick, with long messy hair, that he always kept back and out his face with a bandanna. His eyes were the mystery of the family as they were a darker shade of red, almost glowing. He always knew growing that the woman loved looking at his eyes and he played that tune perfectly. Jecht though not the most popular person in school, was well known and liked. Though it was rumored throughout the school that the girls that have dated him and slept with him, change. Crazy rumors that like he requires a vial of your blood before. Or every time he cums he cuts you in a place he can see for next time. he makes you beat yourself while he fucks you from behind that his dick has be tied his leg or he will trip. . Jecht never spoke the topic and neither did any of his exes. He’d always be seen with AirPods in his ears listing to the same playlist over and over. The Weeknd was his favorite artist and he didn’t care what you thought. You riding in his car, don’t ask you won’t get to choose a song or anything. Though his friends didn’t care, and his girlfriends never complained.

The middle was their , Emma, she was a sophomore fifteen years old. Emma was developed extremely early. Though she didn’t inherit the perfection that is her mothers ass she did have more than enough make any of the boys happy. Which there were none. Her father wouldn’t allow it. He recently became more strict with her and forbid her date anyone. So Emma was going through her prime years of high school single. Her breasts where like big watermelons resting on her chest. They moved so fluidly but looked firm, her nipples were a decent size but always sensitive so they stayed hard poking through anything she would wear. Her hair long and dyed pink, her waist was thin though her thighs matched her mothers. Her stomach flat. Her skin was slightly lighter than the rest of the families but that was from her constantly staying in her room, door closed locked from everyone else. She was very soft spoken, and wore glasses in this vintage big frames. She got her tongue pierced awhile back secretively and tied to hide it. Her dad almost flipped though mom came in to save the day and let her keep it. It’s a good thing he doesn’t know about her other piercing in her special garden. Her eyes were greenish blue and she had braces in her mouth which kinda left her with a slight lisp. Her room was filled with stuffed animals and Rainbow bright and My little pony stuff as she was a fan of the old cartoons.

Their youngest was the newest member of the family. Guy just a baby he was already showing sigs to be a true Pureon, latching on to the nipple instantly. Feeding longer than most. And staying with the breast longer than should.

The family was always close going on trips annually, always had breakfast before going their separate ways. Than dinner every night, and after they would usually go and doing their own thing. Every Saturday morning Max and Jecht would work on the yard cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, cleaning the pool and such while Bella, and Emma would take care of the inside and every Sunday you could find them sixth row sat together in church. They were the perfect American family, their neighbors loved them they had monthly gatherings at their house and attended every event Jecht had. Their family was the poster family for what the neighborhood wanted to be until the afternoon on the day Max had to go on a school trip with his class and would be gone for weeks. Emma, who was a student in his classes would be gone as well. Leaving Jecht take care of the work his dad would of shared, but would also begin something that would change the family forever.

Chapter 1
+Sex Is Best When It's Wet+

It was early Monday morning and Max and Bella were up earlier than normal. Max quietly moved through the master bedroom grabbing clothes here and there his toiletries and packing them all in his suitcase. “Okay, clothes check, restroom bag check, got my planner, and notes on the exhibits…what am I missing?” He asked himself quietly as he stood there in his tight black briefs scratching his head

“Well I can think of something you might be missing…” Bella said softly, her accent gently rolling off her tongue. She was laying in the bed but had thrown the sheets aside with her legs brought up which pushed the shirt she wore to sleep in down exposing her beautiful flower. Her legs moved slowly bag and forth as her hands moved slowly between her legs. Her eyes locked with her husbands as her right index and middle spread her lower lips apart and her left hand began rubbing against it. “She will definitely miss him” She said this time pausing slightly as pressure applied at spots.

“Come on baby… you know I don’t have time. In fifteen minutes if Bella and I are not out the door, were gonna miss the bus than we miss the plane.” He said blowing a kiss back at her as he grabbed his jeans sliding them on.

Bellas knees closed together hand her hands went limp covering herself. “Seriously Max? What the fuck?! You’re going for weeks, and you’re not going come and fuck me when I’m throwing myself at you?” She said noticeably pissed off. “Whatever, I’ll take care of myself. Been doing it for awhile now anyways.” She said standing up and walking out the room.

Max watched her walk out as he slid his shirt over his head and pulled it down. “Yeah I know, I’m an idiot…I promise I’ll make it up you promise” She said her but himself. He grabbed his bad patted his pockets making sure he had everything, grabbed his and Emmas ticket off the dresser and headed out the room. Music could be heard from upstairs, it was some Japanese pop band obviously Emmas doing. “Well, I’m sorry you’ll have deal with the first one when he wakes up after being tourtured by the middle.” He said as he grabbed a coffee mug from the cabinet and placed it infront of their out coffee machine as it was already in process thanks to Bella, who was preoccupied digging through the fridge to hear Max spea

“Don’t forget Emma has have the air purifier or she will get all clogged up and won’t sleep.” Bella said grabbing some eggs and bacon from the fridge and placing it on their island. “Don’t forget!” She said again push the thought through.

“You have my word ma’am.” Max said as he came behind her and went kiss her nec

“No way mister, if you ain’t got time for kitty, you ain’t got time for any.” She said pushing her ass int his crotch bumping him back and moving open lower cabinet. Her shirt started fall showing her ass, and the slight hint of moisture on her thighs. She grabbed the hot plate and stood up walking to the island but the opposite side of where Max was.

Max sighed and let out a slight chuckle turning around grabbing his mug and placing it into the machine. He pressed the button and the machine hissed letting out the hot coffee. “I’ll make it up to…”

He was cut short “Make it up to ? What in damn weeks? We used fuck times a day Max…now twice a week?” Bella said louder than her normal voice.

At that time they noticed the music had stopped and a door close. Emma was finished packing and Stood in the entrance to the kitchen looking at them both. “You ready ?” She asked looking at him. She was wearing a black hoodie, that was longer than the shorts she was wearing and a pair of black tennis shoes. Her hood was pulled up which kept all but a few strands of her pink hair escape free.. He had her suitcase a book bag and a teddybear in her arms as she stood pigeon footed looking at her dad.

“Yep sweetie, go ahead and put your bags by the front door, I’ll load them in to the car. Get something to drink if you need it and we are ready” He moved closer “To” again moved closer with both index fingers stretched out “Go and learn about Super NOVAS” he ended excitedly pointing his fingers in the air turning around in a circle. He stopped and looked at his “You excited?” He asked turning grab his mug and suitcase

“Of course I am , I can’t wait” Emma said as a huge smile crossed her face exposing her braces. “I”ll see you in the car!” She said running off leaving her stuff by the door and exiting the house.

“Algitht babe, you sure you don’t need anything you’re good?” Max said kissing Bella on the cheek

“Oh what you mean like an orgasim? I’m good no worries” She said faintly giving a peck back as she turned and started waking back their room. “Love ya” she said before the bedroom door closed and she disappeared from sight.

Max let out a deep breath “Love you too babe” He whispered to himself as he grabbed he’s stuff and opens the front door and taking Emmas than closing and locking the door.

Bella flopped down on the bed as she heard the engine of the car turn over, and the it drive off. She blew a puff of air pushing some hair from her face. Her feet dangled off the side to short to reach as she played there. She stayed there a little longer as she tried to focus on the how the fan every now and than would send a gust of wind that passed right over her clit sending a little shiver up her body. She layed like that for what seemed like a long time everyone and then a finger would vibrate her beautiful lower lips. That was until she heard something that sounded like the front door. “I know that idiot locked the door he always does…oh my god…were getting robbed” she immediately thought as she ploped down from the bed scanting over to the door and peeking out. She bite down on her teeth and let out a rushed breath. “Are you fucking kidding me?” She said to herself as she watched Jecht walk his girlfriend in through the front door and into his room. “That little shit, what he thinks now that dads gone, this place is a brothel?” She said quickly<b> whipping </font></b>the door open and walking towards her sons room. As she got closer she started to walk slower, and slower when she heard some noises. She eventually stopped to better make out what they were. As she listened she couldn’t believe her ears.

“Please Papi, I’m not ready.. I need you to start slo” and a female grunt mixed with moan rang from the room. A thud that could only be made by a headboard hitting the wall Bella knew that noise. With the thud, the door cracked open. The noises suddenly got more clear and louder. “Ple….ase…..Sl….ow….er” The girl moaned out. Which brought on a harder headboard beating and added the sound of bodies banging up on one another. The girls cries turned to moans.

Bella started to turn away until she heard her tal “Who do you think you’re talking ? What are you huh? Say it.” He said as he pounded her forcefully “Tell what the fuck you are!” He said through clenched teeth. One hand gripped her waist helping pull her even harder. As his other hand grabbed her hair and twisted it around his hand pulling as jerk her head back, arching her back all the while pushing her ass harder against him which intern made his thrusts harder.

“I’m…You…..rs….Completely yours!” She said ending much louder than she started which each thrust a wail rushed through the creaked door.

“Thats right bitch, remember this is my fucking pussy, not yours” He said with a final thrust her mushed her head into the pillows hoping her ass into the air as his dick slid against her inner walls and flopped out his girlfriends dripping pussy. “You can’t even touch yourself without calling and asking me.” He said as he slapped her ass cheek with such force it instantly turned red.

Bella stood there unable to avert her gaze. As she watched and she saw her sons cock rock hard flop out her pussy and bounce up and down from the motion that’s when she noticed…she was dripping or rather gushing down her leg, and a puddle forming at her feet. Her lower lips pulsated and felt almost enlarged a little. Now in the background as she looks at the puddle, her right hand moves almost on her on between her legs as she leans against the wall spreading her legs wider positng her self just right so he can see everything, but her eyes focus on her sons throbing dic He watched her put her face down ass up and then he squated over her ass positioning that dick she could look away from downward he slid the tip in for keep it in placed both hands on her hips and almost just fell down inside her with all his force. Muffled now screams come from his girlfriend he began practically pick her lower half up as slam her into his waist. She slid her index middle and ring finger inside her swollen pussy not even trying to go slow. Bella started thrusting her hand to try and match the intensity of her sons dic It started hurt a little. Bella was very rough during sex but watching her she felt like this was all new.

“Take this dick, Thats right take this fucking dick you !” Jecht said pushing against her with such force her knees buckled and gave out Jecht rolled over his dick pointing straight at the ceiling. She could see the vein pulsing and there was now blood on it. Jecht took deep breaths let them out and turned his head grabbing his girl by the hair. “What the fuck are you doing? Did I fucking finish?” He said as he pulled her head back looking like he’d break her nec As her face passed his he spit in it giving her a smack before she flip-flopped weirdly and now had her face at his dic

Bella bit her lower lip as her almost punching her pussy stopped and she rubbed her fingertips against the top lip. “You better suck that dick, you don’t deserve that dick bitch” she whispered her free hand running up her stomach lifting her shirt as she started to with her breast.

Thats when she watched her place both hands on the top of his girlfriends head and mushed her down saying “Clean that shit off now!”

Bella could just imagine her boys cock shoved all the way down her throat chocking the poor girl as it stretched her throat with each pulse. Bellas mouth began to water, her legs shake as she watched him just hold her there. She tried to cough and get air until he yanked her by the hair and the his dick just magically appeared, dripping with spit. His girlfriend started coughing as she grasped for air. Than she looked at her “Thank you Papi…Please fuck please..” She said and he
Threw her on her bac She automatically curled her legs to her chest then straighten her legs up for him.

Jecht took his dick in his hand and rubbed the tip of his dick along her lips just as Bella did her finger and she felt as if he was. She didn’t know it it was that or punching herself down there so much but she just unloaded so much juice at her feet she was worried they’d hear it. She stopped and stood up straight turning his gaze from her right as he was putting a condom on. She took a second to collect herself than tip toed to the kitchen grabbed a washcloth and walked back to clean her mess. Making sure not to look as the moans grew and hearing “ Please papi cum with me, please papi cum in me”. She cleaned her spot up and rushed to her room. Hustling to the bathroom and closing the door. She leaned against the door and leaned her head back letting out a deep breath “What the fuck Bella, you just gushed more in your life at the sight of your sons cock than you ever have…this is so wrong…” She said as she could feel herself already dripping again. “ Breath, just breath Bella, you can’t do this… it’s wrong maybe against the law…” She shook the thoughts away as she quickly pulled her shirt over her head and walked into the shower and to begin her cleaning of self.” Eventually giving in and making it to completion before she would finish washing.

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