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Fake Profiles - BELIEVE IT OR NOT!  

Lookin4SumFun 48F  
105 posts
4/21/2010 10:33 pm
Fake Profiles - BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

I'm sure someone has touched on this little conspiracy theory however a message I posted earlier prompted me to add this same comment to my blog too.

I absolutely believe that they have put fake profiles on here to attract men to this site! It's kind of like a night club that allows girls in for free but the men have to pay to get in...same concept.

And what's worse they might have reversed it and done the same to attract women to this site too.


Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

jholden95448 55M
9 posts
1/3/2017 9:50 am

I had two bots try to engage me in chats... When I asked them certain questions, they started hititng my profile again a few days later like they had never communicated with me... It was pitiful... I'm letting my membership expire in March... Too many fakes now and a great number of flakes too. I had someone schedule with me three times who lived nearby and she cancelled three times in a row... It was a real waste of time.


maestroexmanoa 60M  
305 posts
1/23/2016 10:29 am

Wow!--say it isn't so!

I understand the fake women profiles (always thought they were from scammers, not the site). I doubt that there needs to be fake men profiles to attract ladies, but I am pretty naive .

44guy4u 52M  
61 posts
8/17/2014 7:11 am

Oh I Totally Believe that not to mention the people that post fake pics and creat fake profiles as well.

hugsandsex69 48M
7 posts
11/11/2013 6:40 am

Yeah, I feel as if some of the profiles are employees and they occasionally view your profile, flirt, or send messages to keep you interested. I don't have any proof of this, it's just a feeling I get.

I do have proof that several of the "women" that have contacted me turn out to be robots. I've caught several of them using Google reverse image look-up or by recognizing the algorithms they use. To the credit of AdultFriendFinder, they seem to quickly hunt down and deactivate those accounts.

voyeur9185 55M  
11 posts
8/3/2012 9:54 am

Def bunch of marketing ploys and fake profiles..Hey all I'm real..really!!

robinbyrd64 53F  
51 posts
1/3/2012 12:27 am

I have another theory. I think the alerts you get from people looking at your profile are not all real. I think that AdultFriendFinder puts alerts on you profile so that you remain interested in staying on AdultFriendFinder. "Look at that! People are looking at my profile wow I'll stay and hopefully 1 of them will email me." I doubt that the over 3,500 views I've had in the last rolling 30 days is real peoples profiles actually looking at my profile. I think AdultFriendFinder is adding them to keep their cliental.

Lookin4SumFun replies on 3/28/2012 11:24 pm:
I think you've hit on something...although I have to be honest I was hoping that HOT F***IN guy who hotlisted me AND flirted with me AND only lives a mile away...really is real ;P LOL I consider myself they are relatively sane AND can hold a great conversation. I always say "if you can't stimulate my mind then you probably won't be able to stimulate my body either. They go hand in hand."

rm_latinonicoya 59M
318 posts
10/14/2010 6:55 am

I met an ex employee once ,most ads are fake ,web cams are mostly old videos, the same profile pics are used in sites associated with the AdultFriendFinder network ,like amigos .......

RearAdmiralLoHaf 48M

7/10/2010 3:30 pm

You're absolutely correct about this issue!!! Other dating sites do it too, and it is annoying to the max. But they do exist, unfortunately, and are a waste of people's time. And just as bad are the members who post profiles for nothing more than just to fool about (not the good kind of fooling about ..). Of flirts that I get, I managed to count that 75% of all profiles are immediately removed or discontinued, even before I see who the flirt is from. And of all messages that I get, whether replies or new, 50% are removed by AdultFriendFinder due to abuse by the sender!! What does that tell you about the quality of the members!?!?! Amazing, isn't it!!! All the best to you, Jewel.

elwood19641000 55M
404 posts
4/22/2010 8:23 am

You only have to see the home page before you log in to see that there's a raft of fake profiles luring people in. All these sex dating sites do it.

I am, of course, most genuine and would love to hear from all the REAL lovely ladies on here like lookin4....

Lookin4SumFun replies on 4/22/2010 5:52 pm:
awwww you big flirt

Nocturne_1977 42M
326 posts
4/22/2010 1:30 am

I concur omg I concur.

My name is Nocturne_1977 and I approve this message.

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