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my first fuck date  

LoraBess 40F  
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3/16/2018 12:15 pm
my first fuck date

I make that step, arrange that meeting. Guy was extraordinary suborn, and I wont to see , is it seriously- that dating issue on AdultFriendFinder, as you book your self cleaner?

I dress my self- nothing sloty, decent - Im sexy enough, I know that.
I came on place I did arrange meeting, did see person from doors strait away, but could not walk to him. Until I found my way.

I mean, I accept to meet him, because he was giving impression he is someone I know from Strip club. Corner guy, man that bring game on upper level. Do not know who is man, except, I know striper colleges do like him allot. I? I dont take no drugs...but I give game respect .
As striper did get just to follow dirty money flow- though, In UK is way hard to be Strip dancer if you dont use no drugs- bloody waitress dont wont to give you not even tab water.
I quit that shit.
Didn't had no particular scenario for my first date, nothing. I came blank- just with my experience. I know allot about illegal bets on girls, and...
First on line dating thing ewerI make it on AdultFriendFinder. Not because Im naive.
I did not fuck for a months now...Im grown up girl, but I dont give fuck so easy, though in my status clearly stays
Fantasy? Stranger

Sex is much more than pussy and cock. Sex is much more than drug addiction, sex- for me- is intellectual game. String of my bass guitar, sound, breath..
I love to hunt hunter.

He was on drugs. He is business man - he count millions billions trillions.
He sells oil, he sells art- and I? I laugh

was just reminded on game as I knew it back in one football federation club, I was working. I love them when I count they barrels of not refined oil.
So- thats game Lora Bess- yes it is in deed.
he was nice, some angles of his face- I start to push on Stanley Spencer...he touch me with Chinese ceramic.
we start to kiss...
we kiss

o well we did in deed
from that moment on- I knew that man
though- he is stranger

we finish on backseet of his car- he wont to fuck me there
I was like...I would
but wait
Millions Bilions Trilions

I did newer fuck in bloody car
go get that bloody hotel room
condoms/room- now

do not know haw did we pass trough all that thing
but we end up in some way cheep motel- somewhere...

He fucked me as my man would fuck me
as my man- he could not stay with idea me fucking him. that he dont cum

so, he cum...
I went shower.

he was on exit of hotel room- as he need to go in office imidiatly

I dress my self - I exit that place...
I dont remember drive home

I dont remember...
soon I Enter house I receive photo from place of murder few min ago from my ex partner- who could be my man occasionally. They shoot down 17 year old Nigerian boy.

we should meet again tonight, he promised, wont run away this time- I promise to change my Fantasy status on AdultFriendFinder..
In stead, he call me this afternoon, when I was making my doctor meeting possible..that his brother had a car crash

Ill qote text
"My younger brother is involve in serious car accident &in critical condition- not shore haw critical till I get to hospital in Bristol. Just had his wife crying down the phone! Please we have to rescaguale. If it wasnt serius I wouldn't cancel our meet today. He may not live "God knows" "

I get one more
"Am just trying to call Trough to my sister but nobody is answering so am assuming its bad. Apparently it happen 11am and I ignore calls because of work. I wont forgive my self if he is dead before I get there"

I answer with simple
"Meet you on pathology next time"
I wish I stop on that

ankur0111984 37M
11 posts
5/25/2018 4:33 pm

what was that

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