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My Summer 87’  

LoveShavedCookie 51M  
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8/5/2020 12:08 am
My Summer 87’

It was 1987ish, I was 18-19 living in N. California. A great mountain town just east of Stockton. It’s beautiful up there. lakes everywhere, rivers, streams,woods. Absolutely fantastic. I met a great bunch of people while I was up there. I was making minimum-wage, doing a shit job washing dishes at some crappy restaurant. Best days of my life in those years. One super hot August night, it had to be 102 at 11pm, 10 of us drinking beers, smoking weed, singing old rock songs. We had pretty good buzz’s going. Out of nowhere, Sally, an absolute drop dead gorgeous redhead with perfect C cups, Whom I had lusted for for awhile and kind of my best friend, stands up and says “let’s go to the lake!“. The other four girls, Yvonne, a tall dorky blonde with a 5 star body. Mickey, another girl I’d been lusting after. Very pretty brunette, D cups, short, stacked, yummy!Denise, my adopted, little sister. Blonde, tall, a little Charlize Theron like. Very beautiful. Mickeys cousin Samantha, who looked just like Mickey, was visiting from up north somewhere. She and Sally had really bonded with since she has been here. So they all stand up and screech “yes!”. I looked around the Room at the other dudes said “all right. let’s go.”. We all jumped in Troys truck. Smoking and drinking all the way down to this little 10 acre swimmers lake with the pontoon islands out in the middle. We pull up to the quiet end of the lake and park the truck. The guys start unloading it. Mickey and the girls to start taking off their clothes! They are going swimming.
! I was hard focused on Sally. I have never seen her naked before. I had Dreamed about it, but never got to see it. She made me instantly hard. She was everything I thought it she would be. Sally was helping Sam get her shorts off which, in my head, seemed to take forever. I look at the guys who are all bewildered and I hear some of the girls telling the guy’s “ come on get in“. To which they all do rightly oblige. “ Bring the beer And the weed guys”. So we all take off our clothes and jumped in. I was really Trying not to show that my cock was rock hard. So,I turned away got undressed and got in. I caught up to Sally and Sam about halfway to the barge. Sally and Sam were floating on their backs, kicking their feet gently, looking up at the stars. Their tits out of the water glistening in the moonlight. My cock is throbbing hard now. Sally and I were very close friends. I don’t know at the time if she knew that I had a thing for her. I never expressed it. We were very close buddies. She hears me coming and screeches. Turn over and swims very excitedly toward me and hugs me around my neck. Her lower body Banged right into my cock. I tried to recoil but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag so to speak. She gasps “Huhh!” Her eyes got big and the a huge smile she backs off for a second then looks right into my eyes, still smiling and hugs me closer, pressing my hard cock in between our bodies just for a second. She Giggles while she turns and swims away towards Sam . Halfway to Sam she turns back toward me , swimming away from me as she stared at me grinning. My head was spinning. The grin she had on her face was knowing. As if she had a plan . I look around and Yvonne and Bobby are making out in the water. They were already a couple. Mickey and Troy got together and it looked looked like they were having fun. Steve and Denise we’re up on another barge about 40feet away lying next to each other. Eddie, who later turned out to be gay, got sick as soon as he got in the water and ended up going back to the truck and going to sleep. Sally, Sam and I All get up on the same barge. Troy and Mickey were already up there. We all grabbed a beer. Troy Rolled a couple of moist joints. We were all laughing about whatever. Trying to pretend that what was happening was normal. Sally starts snuggling on my right side saying she got a chill. Meanwhile, Sam started using my thigh as a pillow on the the other side. I look over and Troy and Mickey are side-by-side looking right at each other whispering. Sam said she was cold also and repositioned under my left side . Sally pushes me back to lay down on my back she climbs up my right side throwing my arm over her back and throws her leg over my leg and her hand on my chest. Her thigh just rubbing my<b> balls.</font></b> Sam does the same on the left. My cock is still at full attention. Bobbing from the throbbing. They both closed their eyes and exhaled into a totally relaxed state. My cock looked like a metronome bouncing between them. Both their bodies were giving off so much heat. I was getting overheated and my head was spinning. I didn’t know what to do next. It is super quite. You could only hear people making out and the tiny waves slap in the bottom of the pontoon. There I was, a total dream scenario. Locked Up. Unable to move. Unable to speak not having a clue on what to do next. My cock was throbbing in the Moonlight. I was looking at Sally In my arms and started to run my fingers down her lower back. Going lower and lower so I was at the top of her ass. Very gently, very slowly. She squirms a bit and readjusts. As she does, her thigh above her knee runs into my hard cock. Surprising or reminding her because I heard a little gasp and giggle again. She looks up at me, again with a smile, And lays back on my chest. We seemed to lay there for an eternity. Just laying there. Two hot chicks and my cock throbbing in the moonlight . Sally Takes a deep breath, inhaling very slowly and stretches. She looks at Sam on my other side, smiles and pushes the hair off her face, over her ear. Sam smiles back. Sally and Sam move toward each other on my chest and start kissing. unbeknownst to anyone, it Turned out, They had been playing with each other since a couple days after Sam arrived. Jesus Christ! I thought I was going to nut right there. After kissing for a moment or two, they both go back and look at each other and giggle and then look up at me. I smiled right back at them. We hadn’t even noticed, Troy and Mickey we’re gone. They had swam to another barge earlier. how earlier? Don’t know. Sam and Sally still on my chest making out Sam grabs Sally’s boob and starts massaging it and tweaking the nipples. Sally goes in for what I thought was Sam’s tit but grabs my cock. ‘WHOWHhhh’ I said. They giggled again. She gently strokes it. Sam take a handful of my<b> balls </font></b>and strokes. Grabbing my cock to size me up. I’m average but work it well. I don’t know if she could tell that I was half a second from launching my load., but she slowed it down. As Sally examined my cock, Sam throws her tits in my face and on my mouth I start licking and sucking of course. they were gorgeous. Very sensitive. I could feel her nipple gets hard under my tongue. Sally was still slowly stroking me. I could feel it but I couldn’t see. What was she doing? I mean, I know what she was doing. I just wanted to see her doing it. It felt great. My hand makes it to Sam’s ass. And what an ass! I reach for Sally but she’s down farther can’t reach her. So I focus on Sam. I grab Sam under her ass at the top of her leg and my fingers brush her super wet pussy. She she must have liked that because she then grabbed my arm from behind her and guided my hand right to her pussy. My fingers slid in. She started gyrating on my hand. She was dripping wet. Her juice running down my arm and off my elbow. I wasn’t really even trying to put my finger in there it just slid in it was so weT. Sam arched her back when I did that. I keep sucking and licking those pointy titties. Her juices are dripping off my elbow! she start bucking on my hand slowly As she shoved her tits in my face harder. I feel Sally put my cock in her mouth. I inhaled big. Almost came sat partly up. I nearly came right in her mouth. Sam was taken out of the moment for a moment by that. She turned around to see what Sally was doing and smiled. Sam pushes me back down. I had work to do. Sam turns around to the side, throws her leg over my head and just plants her pussy right in my face. She stared at Sally as she does it. I don’t know if she wanted to watch Sally or what. My attention was focused on Sam’s delicious pussy. Tasted like bubble gum. Sally was sucking my cock. A stroke here and a mouthful every few strokes. I was dead! Right? This isn’t really happening. But it was! I still couldn’t see what Sally was doing but, I know what she was doing. Sam starts to grind harder on my face evidently enjoying what I was doing. Sam gets in a groove starts to grind real hard. Catching Sally’s attention Sally stopsSucking my cock. I feel her shifting around down there. And then feel her sit on my thighs. She’s going to put me in her pussy! I have been waiting for this since I first saw her. I wanted to see her as she dropped on it but, Sam was keeping my attention. It felt like I couldn’t breathe waiting for her to put it in. Sam gives a little squeaky moan and I feel Sally slide my cock into her. She give a little grunt when I’m all inside her. She was barely moving. Giving little grunts when she moved. Sally suddenly gives a little squeak and hops of my cock panting. What happened? Is it over? I lift Sam off my face for a second and see Sally on all fours, head down. Almost like downward facing position in yoga. She shakes her head and whips her hair back. She sees me looking at her and smiles again. She looks over to Sam who is still wiggling on my face and goes in for a kiss on her neck and licks her tits. Sally than reaches between her legs, grabs my cock and sits on it again. Slower this time. She to starts to gyrate and buck. I now have both of them squirming on me! One on my face and the other on my Cock. I was on confusion overload! I didn’t know where to focus. Everything was on fire! Everything was tingling! I still couldn’t see what Sally was doing. Sam slows down grinding and reaches toward Sally. She starts playing with her tits. This made Sally super wet. I could feel her juices running down my<b> balls </font></b>and asscrack. Sally suddenly bucks hard on my cock a few times and jumps off my cock. She positioned Her pussy to sit on my cock. Squeezing it between our body’s. She lays down on my stomachs with her head on my chest. Sam also lifts her pussy off my face and sits off me toward the top of my head. My face is completely wet. Like a glazed doughnut. she sits on my then, longhair , grabs two big handfuls of my hair put her face right in mine and growls, smiles and kisses me. She takes a deep breath in and gets up and walks towards the beer cooler. Sally hasn’t moved. Sam grabs a beer and drinks the whole thing in one shot. She lites up a half a joint that we started earlier. Sally starts to slowly squirm and rub her pussy on my still hard cock. Sam and I watch her gyrate before she reaches down and slides me in to her even wetter pussy. She puts the head in and very slowly backs onto it and stops. She exhales and sits straight up. She give a little wiggle to position me as far into her as she can get. Slowly she gyrates in Little circles. The circles were getting bigger and faster and soon she is pounding my cock into her. I am just laying there and she is slamming her super wet pussy onto my cock. I see Sam walking toward us. Joint in hand. Sally slows for a moment and Sam blows a hit into her mouth ending with a tongue kiss. Sally again starts to slowly ride me. Sam sits next to my head and gives me a hit of the joint and a tongue to my mouth. She tasted so sweet. I look at Sally and I am transfixed on her. I cannot take my eyes off of her. She was so hot to me. She was increasing speed
.  Eyes closed, head back, then down . It seemed like we were there forever. I wish! Her speed kept increasing until she got into this violent thrusting of her pussy on my cock over and over bang bang bang bang. Sam hotboxes her another hit off the joint and start playing with her tits. Sally likes this. I don’t even know if I was breathing at that time I was so into what she was doing. my ass crack and cock are drenched wet because she is juicing all over me. She suddenly stops and shakes or shivers and collapsed on my chest blowing deep breath’s out. Sam gets up walks past her and slaps her perfect ass and says “nice job” .Sally opens her eyes looks at Sam grins. Sam takes another hit off the joint says”but now it’s my turn”. Sally Slowly pulls me out of her and moves off to the side up near my head. Why haven’t I came? This is the hottest thing I ever dreamed of and I am harder than Calculus. I came close a couple times but now I feel like my cock is invincible! Sam drops down on my cock and slides it in. I see Sally next to me reach over and start to play with Sams clit. Sam Wasted little time getting to it. She is bouncing around on my cock like a pogo stick. I grab Sally’s ass and pull her closer sliding my fingers back into her wet pussy. She reacts immediately pushing into my hand. I have to taste her pussy! I pull my fingers out of her and grab her hips. I lift her onto my face. She tastes better than I thought she would. She starts to grind into my face hard. I think she almost comes when she tries to jump off my face but I grab her hips and hold on, not letting her get away while I continued to suck her clit. She grabs two big handfuls of my hair and pulls my face harder into her pussy and tries to pull herself off my face. I wasn’t letting go. I grabbed her thighs and locked her on my face. Her legs start squeezing my head really hard. She is almost ripping the hair out of my head then I hear a long, high pitch squeak. She shakes for a moment then rag dolled on my head. I let her go and she rolls off my head onto her side into a heap. She stared at me for a moment then began watching Sam. Sam was banging away on me. I cannot believe I am still going. Sam gets up and onto he back and pulls me on top of her. “ fuck me hard “
. I grab her ankles, spread her legs wide open, slide my cock in and start pounding her harder than I ever have fucked anyone! I didn’t know I could move that fast. She lets out a little muffled scream and that does it. I pull out and came so hard it shot over her head, into the lake. We hear cheering and applause from the rest of the gang. Embarrassing at first. We put on quite the show according to everyone. We laid on that barge and fucked each other till sunrise. Got a couple of splinters but totally worth it. I fucked Sam and Sally everyday, sometimes twice in a day till Sam left a couple weeks later. I watched her and Sally get each other off so many times. After Sam left, Sally and I would have incredible all the time for nearly a year. We never were bf & gf we just had to fuck when we were together. In fact we were seeing other people towards the end of the year. They had no clue. Best summer of my life!

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