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Gone Fishin  

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4/15/2020 9:21 pm
Gone Fishin

Gone Fishin’

The light from the hallway shafted across the carpet in their bedroom. Clay walked across the room and gently shook her.
“Wake sleepyhead. It’s time get .” He was persistent and she finally stirred.
“What’s wrong?” She said sleepily, rousing peer at the clock. “Clay, it’s only 5:30 and it’s Saturday. Are you crazy wake at this ungodly hour?”
“Come , you have get . We have leave soon.” Though he knew that she would now have give him the third degree.
“Leave where? Damn Clay, it’s my birthday and I want sleep in. Come back bed and let’s make love and stay in bed day. What better birthday present could there be?”
“Sorry, but you have get . Your brother has already been here pick the dog and the motor home is packed and ready. you have do is get a shower and throw some things in a bag and we’ll leave.”
“You got my brother here at 5:00 in the morning pick the dog? Where are we going? It can’t be far ‘cause I have be back at work Monday.” She roused and turned over, grabbing his hand and trying coax him into the bed. “Besides, didn’t I take good care of you your birthday with that great hammock? And here you are making get at the crack of dawn.” She buried her head back in the pillow and hid her eyes from the light.
“Yes Darling, you took great care of my birthday, but you will love your birthday too. We’re going away for a week. Your boss was my co-conspirator and you have the week off. So, get and get in the shower. Then you have do is throw a few things in a bag and we’re off.”
She rolled back over and finally sat , rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “, alright. But this better be good Clay, you know how I love sleep in the weekends. And, where earth are we going at this ungodly hour?”
“We’re going fishing of course. Just get in the shower and you’ll get the details later.” He said as he steered her towards the shower and got her suitcase out of the closet.
Once they were in the motor home and on the road north, he reached behind the seat and pulled out wrapped packages and sat them in the floor between the seats. “Here are your presents, unwrap this one first.” He said handing her a long slim box. She tore into the wrapping paper to reveal a Sage rod and reel.
“, Clay. It’s beautiful, but isn’t it a bit extravagant for a beginner like ?”
“You’ve done so well with my old rig, I thought you were ready graduate .”
“I’m flattered you think so. I sure enjoy being out in the wilderness with you, even when we don’t catch any fish.” Her smile was one of pure wickedness.
“Yeah, going fishing is only an excuse get you buck naked in the woods you know. Now, open this one next.” As he handed her the small flat box she tore away the paper to reveal a stainless steel fly box with her name engraved on the top. As she opened the box, she looked at him with amazement.
“Clay, these are beautiful! Look at all these nymphs and dry flies. And, they’re all your work. You tied all these yourself! There are hours and hours of work here.” She looked at him questioningly, “They’re all for me?”
“Yes, but I may ask you to share them with me.” He just beamed that she liked the gifts and could tell that she could tell he had made the flies for her.
“How could I say no? Come to think of it, have I ever been able to say no to anything with you?”
“And that is a bad thing how?” His mischievous grin was back as he handed her the last package. The square box was wrapped in bright paper. “This is strictly for the motor home for when we take<b> trips </font></b>like this.”
She opened the box to reveal a collection of sex toys, many of which she already had at home. “But I already have most of these Clay.” She looked at him questioningly again.
“Like I said, these are just for the motor home. The last time we went to the Sierras I really wanted a few of those to tease you with and alas and alack they were all at home.” His eyes were twinkling with wickedness now and of course, she melted in the glow.
“You really are incorrigible you know?”
“Yep, and not planning on changing anytime soon either.”
“Good, I don’t want you to change. Now, where are we going?”
“Just wait and see. We’ll stop in a few hours for a break and maybe to try out one of those toys and if we get back on the road we should be there by dark. Better yet, you could take off your pants and I’ll watch you break in those toys while I drive.”
“Are you sure you could keep your eyes on the road and not get us killed?” She was laughing at the thought just picturing him trying to drive while she sailed off into a sexual haze.
“I’m willing to give it a try if you are. Besides, I just love listening to you when you start to get hot. So, punch something sultry the iPod and pick your favorite toy.”
“Ok, but if I think that you are too distracted, I’ll stop.” She rustled through the items in the box and puzzled over her choice. “Mmmm, which toy should I choose? I think this one.” She pulled out the slim G-spot vibrator and began unwrapping it.
“Now, why am I not surprised that you would chose that toy? Your G-spot is very greedy you know.” He was beginning to wonder if he could drive once she started breathing heavy and moaning in total pleasure. well, they could always find a rest stop and they had a bed with them.
She released the seat belt and shimmied out of her jeans and panties. She laid the jeans so that she wouldn’t expose too much to any passing trucker. Spreading her legs and propping one foot on the dash, she turned on the vibrator and began running the tip through her already moist valley. She put the tip against her clit and stroked it slowly. Her breathing became heavy and the moans began softly, gradually growing louder, turning him on until he shifted in the seat to comfort his rock hard cock.
Sliding down in the seat, she slid the vibrator into her cunt. As she did, she let out a gasp as the tip of the vibrator slid over her G-spot. “, Clay, this feels so good. Thank you for this present.” She cooed as she raised one hand pinch her aching nipples, each in turn. Moments passed as her sounds filled the cab of the motor home, competing with the jazz singer crooning on the stereo. Clay had one hand on the bulge in his pants and the other on the steering wheel, trying to concentrate. It wasn’t easy.
A few moments more and she was ready to cum. Her orgasm started slowly, building to almost incredible agony, no ecstasy. As she reached the peak, she screamed an animal sound and rocked her hips into the vibrator, making the orgasm last and last and last.
As she came down from the heights, she felt the motor home change speed and opened her eyes. Clay was exiting the freeway for a deserted rest stop.
“Ok, so we’ll take our break a little earlier than I planned,” he said as he stopped the motor home at the rest stop and pulled her into the back, nudging her down onto the bed as he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down. She was laying with her ass on the edge of the bed. It was a high bed and he grabbed her legs and spread them wide as he stepped and slid his cock into her already wet cunt. It was like heaven, she was so hot and wet and her cunt was still pulsing from her orgasm. He began to move inside her, slowly bringing her along with him. Once she had nearly caught , he began move faster. He reached down with one hand tease her clit and found the nub rock hard. He could feel his orgasm building and knew she was right with him. Finally, in one long thrust, he exploded, growling out her name and hearing her call him as she experienced the same blinding flash. When they stopped trembling, be pulled out of her and got onto the bed with her.
“At this r it’s going take us a week just get there.” He said with no regret.
Mirroring his earlier statement, she said, “And that is a bad thing how?”
They both laughed and after hastily dressing, climbed back into the cab and took off again their adventure. Every few moments as they drove they looked at each other with knowing smiles.

Continued in part 2 of Clay & Sue’s Great Fishing Expedition

The daylight was just beginning fade into evening when Clay pulled the motor homeinto a beautiful little glade. They had been driving a dirt road for nearly an hour and Sue thought they were probably lost.
“Clay, it’s beautiful. How earth did you ever find this place?” She said, sliding down from the cab of the motor home and taking in the view.
“One of the guys I went to college with turned me on to it. His folks own the property. I haven’t been here for a couple of years, but was hoping it was still as secluded and beautiful and it is.” He said, walking around to take chairs, a table and other items out of the back compartment of the motor home. “The river is only about fifty yards that way and I can just about guarantee we won’t see another soul for the next five days.”
“No bears I hope.”
“No darling, no bears. I can’t guarantee that there aren’t any mountain lions though, so we just have to be aware. We’ll get camp set up and have a leisurely evening and tomorrow you will have to get up at the crack of dawn again to go fishing.”
“I love fishing, but I don’t like the early morning part. Why couldn’t fish be night owls like me?” She asked teasingly. “What did you plan on me cooking tonight?”
“You forget, it’s your birthday and so I’m the chef tonight. I’ll go make us a cocktail and you just think of what kind of personal birthday gift you want.” He flashed her a wicked grin and went back into the motor home to mix the drinks.
“I think that we already started on that part of my present.” She called after him and laughed while unrolling the rug and pulling out the awning.
When he returned with the drinks they sat side by side, enjoying the sunset and the quiet of the woods. His arm was around her and he gently rubbed the sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder as she softly moaned her pleasure. He stood and leaning over, nuzzled her neck then kissed her. Breaking the kiss, he headed back into the motor hometo fix dinner.
“You stay out there until I call you for dinner Sue. I’ll get dinner started and then bring you another drink.” He said as he started banging around the kitchen. As good as his word, about minutes later he returned with fresh drinks before going in finish her birthday dinner.
“Ok, dinner’s ready.” He called out her. She was amazed when she stepped in and saw the small dinette table all set with candlelight no less. She slid into the seat, kicking off her sandals as he put the plates the table.
“, veal piccata! My favorite.” She couldn’t help but wink at him when he slid into the other seat. “Well, almost my favorite.” She said as she ran her now bare foot his leg. He poured her some wine and raised his glass clink with hers.
“ the birthday girl. And if you don’t stop running your foot my leg this dinner will end very prematurely.” He laughed and she gave him one of her mischievous grins as she popped a bite if veal into her mouth.
They finished dinner and then went straight to bed. The windows in the motor homewere open and the night air was cool and filled with the sounds of the forest. It was good to be away from the city sounds that usually surrounded them. Their earlier coupling had been hot and frantic, now the pace was fitting their surroundings, quiet and languid. Every touch was a caress as hands explored and teased. Kisses trailed fire across naked skin.
Running his hand the inside of her thigh, she opened her legs for him. He continued the journey her thigh until he touched her wet folds and started circling her clit. Soon languor was gone and her moans blended with the other night songs of the forest. He continued kissing her, his head occasionally dipping to suck one of her pebbled nipples. She pulled him back her mouth and kissed him, heating him and making him so hard he could hardly stand it. “My turn.” She whispered, turning him his back and started kissing down his neck his chest. She nibbled each nipple provoking appreciative growls from him. She reached for his cock and with the lightest of touches, began stroking him. Long slow strokes that made him lift into her hand. With her other hand, she began rubbing the secret spot his perineum, knowing that it drove him wild.
Suddenly, she stopped and bent over his cock, taking him in her mouth and teasing its head with her tongue. He couldn’t stand much more so he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her over him. She straddled him and slowly, causing him more agony, slid down his cock, enveloping him in her wetness. Both let out a sigh when he was fully buried in her. She sat very still and then began using the muscles surrounding him milk him. The undulation of her finely tuned muscles felt heavenly around him as he moaned louder and tried not move and disturb her rhythm. He held her hips and pressed her down his erection buried fully within her and reveled in the constant contraction of her muscles. He moved one hand between them begin teasing her clit. Her moans grew louder, more plaintive and she began move, raising slightly then fully engulfing him again.
She leaned forward take him fully and then rocked her pelvis forward, feeling him against her g-spot and taking her higher. When she could stand the ecstasy no longer, she lengthened the strokes, quickening her movements and bringing him along with her. He could feel her orgasm starting quiver around him and he grabbed her hips again, pulling her tight against him as they both screamed their pleasure. She could feel his hot essence filling her and the orgasm seemed go forever, pulsing around him.
Eventually, she collapsed down him, her breath coming in short gasps just as his did. He wrapped her in his arms. She could feel his smile against her cheek.
“Happy birthday, Sue. Now sleep fast, for the fish will be waiting for us.” She murmured something unintelligible and slid off him, taking her usual sleeping position on her stomach. He rolled on his side and draped one arm across her bare back. In moments, they were both asleep and the forest was quiet again.


The moon was just setting and the black of night was dissolving into the gray of dawn as they stepped from the motor home into the awakening forest. Schlepping their equipment they made their way the river. Sue gasped when she first saw the swift moving water and the little inlets that made perfect fishing pools.
“Clay, this is beautiful. I can’t believe this is so pristine and deserted. The fishing should be great with the little pools away from the rushing water.” She flashed him a smile as she slid into her waders and began preparing her rod.
“Let’s just hope the fish haven’t found us out and left. Hopefully it will be trout for dinner tonight and you’re cooking. Any wagers on who catches the biggest fish today?” He loved goading her and dragging her into his competitiveness. Of course, she always took the bait and rose to the challenge.
“Mmmm, let’s see what a good wager might be. How about the loser has to give great head to the winner? But that isn’t a very good punishment for losing, is it? We’ll just have to think of something better.” She laughed over her shoulder as she started into the icy water.
“Who says a competition has to be a lose-win situation? We could change the rules and make it a win-win. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, so oral sex it is. I can feel your sweet mouth around my cock already.”
“We’ll just have to see about that buster. I may have incredible luck with my new rod and all those wonderful flies you made for me.” With that, she turned and prepared to cast her first line of the morning.
The morning was crisp and sunny. They bantered back and forth discussing how each would collect when they won. They were at least a mile or two from camp when they decided to stop for a snack. Sliding out of their waders, they sat on the grass in the sunshine munching on dried fruit and nuts. Clay turned around and spied a fallen tree about twenty yards away. It had fallen over another large branch creating a stair step effect.
This was too good to pass . Sue always complained about how being short made sex standing almost impossible. With the step of that small branch for her stand and the fallen tree bend her over, he could just picture snugging behind her and sliding his suddenly awake cock into her warm, wet folds.
“I know we haven’t finished our competition, but I have an idea for that first win-win situation we could find ourselves in. Look behind you at that fallen tree.”
She could tell from his mischievous grin that he was something and it definitely had something do with sex. “I’m not quite sure what you have in mind, but you are very transparent. Don’t ever take poker Clay, ‘cause your face is a dead give away. Ok, spill it Clay.”
“Better yet, I’ll just show you.” He stood and held out his hand to her. As she rose, he pulled her to him and began kissing her. She was an easy mark and soon melted into him.
When they broke the kiss, he led her to the fallen tree. By the time they reached it, he had undone her pants and had her blouse unbuttoned. When they reached the tree, he pressed her back into it for support. His hands were everywhere and she could feel the heat pool between her legs. When she reached down for his cock, it was rock hard and ready. His libido never ceased to amaze her. She unbuttoned his jeans and slid down the zipper as she began pushing them down as he did the same with her. She toed out of her shoes as he slid the jeans off her.
“Here’s one of your fantasies. Turn around and step up on that small log and you’ll be tall.”
The smile on her face rapidly broadened as she realized what this was all about. “, yeah. God, you’re smart.” She turned around and stepped the log. She spread her legs and bent at the waist over the fallen tree. He took one step forward and she felt his hard cock slide between her wet folds. She spread her legs a little farther and felt the head of his cock probing her opening. One push and he was buried into her. She gasped and leaned into him seeking the last fraction of an inch of his magnificent cock.
“ Clay, that feels so good.” She purred as he began slowly move inside her. She leaned into each stroke as his cock slid along her g-spot driving her wild with desire. Her moans were gravelly and the sultry sound turned him on even more that the sight of her great ass in front of him. He reached around her and began fondling her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. She was so close, but he wanted to make this last. He pulled her closer and slowed the pace.

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