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Thank you Santa  

Lovebigklit 64M
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5/10/2020 5:51 am
Thank you Santa

Thank You Santa

He tip-toed into the bedroom, carefully carrying the breakfast tray and sat it on the chair. Coffee, juice and empanadas. And of course the special Christmas gifts for his favorite naughty little girl. He loved this part of Christmas with her. He stood there naked and already had a raging hard on. He couldn’t resist stroking himself as he stepped up to the bed to wake her. She was in her usual sleeping position, on her stomach, hugging that funny Sobakawa pillow she always slept on. One leg straight, the other bent, giving him great access.
He slid a splayed hand under the covers and down her bac He cupped her ass and slid his hand across her mound. She was so warm and luscious. He took his middle finger and began stroking her clit. She stirred from sleep and purred like a contented cat. He felt her clit harden immediately. He loved how she went from zero to sixty in only moments under his touch. He slid a finger into her and she clenched around it greedily. But this was going way too fast so he pulled his hand away as she rolled over and opened her eyes.
As she set up, she saw him stick his finger in his mouth and suck her juices off it. She looked approvingly at him still stroking his hard on and leaned forward to lick a drop of pre-cum from the tip. Her lips slid around the head of his cock and she tongued him until he let out a growl of approval.
“Looks like you were getting a head start on things you naughty boy. No, don’t stop stroking it. You know I love to watch you<b> stroke </font></b>yourself.” She grinned mischievously.
“You know that always happens when I watch you sleep.” He leaned forward and kissed her. “Merry Christmas, darling. Now, tell me what a naughty little girl you have been this year and I’ll see if Santa left anything special for you.” He moved away from their bed and lifted the tray into her lap. He sat next to her on the other side of the tray, Besides breakfast, there were little wrapped presents.
She reached over the drawer of the nightstand and took out more small wrapped packages. “Santa said if I knew any really naughty little boys that these might be appropriate. I told him that I didn’t know any bad little boys, but that I new one very deserving naughty big boy.” By now her grin was absolutely wicked.
They exchanged the gifts and as they had breakfast they unwrapped the packages. Her first gift was a pair of shiny gold ben wa balls.
“Oh darling, these are going to be so much fun! I haven’t had a pair for a very long time. You’ll enjoy them too, feeling them inside me when you are in me too. Ok, open your first one.”
His gift was a black cock ring. Disappointed, he thought it looked too small. “Are you sure this will fit me?”
“Of course it will silly. It is very stretchy. That is the whole idea. This little device will help me keep you in never never land for hours. Just wait.”
“Ok, I trust you. I was just disappointed to think you didn’t know my size.” He feigned a sadness that never reached the dancing flecks of gold in his laughing eyes. “Alright, no stalling. Open your other gift.”
She quickly untied the other ribbon and opened the other little box that was long and slender, like a bracelet box. As a matter of fact, it was a bracelet box, but that was no bracelet inside.
“I know your ass is just too tight to take me in, but I thought this little slim vibrator would be fun for both of us.”
“Oh sweets, this is so perfect.” She leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss escalated quickly and she pulled away reluctantly. “Hurry, open your other present and then we can all morning.”
He opened the other gift find a small vibrating egg with a long cord and a control at the other end. “Is this for or for you?” He asked confused.
“It’s for you silly. It seems we both had asses on our minds this year. That little egg is for sliding up yours. Now, move this tray and we’ll see just how naughty we can be so that we can show Santa how deserving we are of these great gifts.”
As he bent set the tray on the floor, she gave him a quick slap on the ass get things started. “Now, roll over on your stomach as I get to go first.” She still had that wicked grin on her face. “And hand that lubricant from the night stand while you are at it.”
He did as he was told and handed her the lubricant. She juiced up the small vibrating egg and slowly began inserting it in his ass. She felt him wince and slowed down the insertion.
“No, don’t stop! Just keep going. I’m a big boy and I can take it.” His breath was already coming in short gasps and she knew that he was turned on. When the egg was completely inserted, she turned the control on and heard the soft hum of the vibrator on at the lowest speed. She nudged him to roll over and when he was on his back she began to put the cock ring on him. She should have waited to turn on the vibrator as he was already hard and that made getting the cock ring on a bit more difficult. But with a little work she finally had it in place.
“See, a perfect fit.” She said as she admired her handiwork on his gorgeous coc “How does it feel?” She asked as she begin<b> stroke </font></b>his already hard coc
“Like I could last for hours. But we both know that that isn’t true. OK, now your turn. Roll over on your stomach.”
Like the good girl she wasn’t, she rolled back onto her stomach as he lubricated the slim knobby vibrator and began inserting it in her ass. It was narrow enough that it caused no pain. Just pleasure.
“Oh darling, this is the perfect size!” After he was done, she rolled over and spread her legs to have the ben wa balls inserted. Before that, he turned on the control for her slim vibrator. Not to be outdone, she turned up the control to his egg. They looked at each other with knowing smiles. His cock was rock hard and the ring would keep it that way for a long time, but it was being countered by the pulsing against his prostate and the luscious sight spread before him. The vibrations were going through them both and the heat in the room was building.
“You think that you’re in control of this whole passion , don’t you?” He said with an arrogant air. “Well, I hate tell you this, buy you are very, very wrong.”
With that, he turned up her vibrator and knelt between her legs to lick her wet folds. He took an open hand and pushed her mound up to reveal the sweet bud of her clit peeking from under its hood. He blew softly on it and she moaned with pleasure. Then the torture really started.
He flicked the exposed nub with his tongue. She writhed beneath him and he could see the nub harden and grow even more taut. He flicked it again and then drew it into his mouth. He sucked and he knew he was driving her mad with lust. She practically wailed his name as she begged for him to take her, to make her come. But he wasn’t to be hurried in his quest. She could beg all she wanted this time and he wouldn’t relent. He continued to suck her clit and then began to nibble on the greedy nub.
He pulled his mouth away as she begged for release. He slipped fingers in her and his thumb was rubbing in circles around her clit as she began tremble with the beginning of her orgasm. His other hand was on his cock as he stroked himself keep up with her.
“Darling! Please come inside me. Please! Oh, please!” She was practically screaming now. He was so hard and then she turned the egg full tilt and between that and her screaming his name he was undone.
“God honey, what are you trying do ?” He could feel her orgasm starting and knew that he had join her. He pulled off the cock ring and slid into her with one long<b> stroke. </font></b>She was having an incredible orgasm and gripped him like a vice when he was buried to the hilt in her. Between her screams, her tight tunnel clenching him and the vibrators he only lasted a few moments before he was screaming her name and filling her with cum. A moment later he collapsed on her, wrapping his arms around her and feeling the last of his cum spilling into her.
What seemed like an eternity later, they roused and he melted her with another kiss. She felt his cock stir within her and marveled that he was still half hard. Both vibrators were off, but she reached out and turned his on low. He let out a long growl of pleasure as he reached out and did the same for her. This time they could take their time and as he stiffened inside her she began to fondle him with her kegel muscles.
“You know how crazy that makes me, don’t you?” But she knew that he loved every minute of it. She also wondered if they could ever get enough of each other. She hoped not. And, with that thought she pulled him in a little tighter.
He could feel his cock sliding over the ben wa balls as they massaged the head of his coc He was so deep in her that the tip of his cock touched her cervix with every stroke, fueling the continual upward curve of desire. He could feel the vibrator in her and the one nestled against his prostate doubling the sensations of pleasure until it was almost agony to hold bac But hold back he did.
As he could feel her orgasm slowly building he began kissing her. Slow, languid kisses, nibbling on her lower lip, teasing her with his tongue. She was moaning now, an animal sound that only she could make. It drove him wild and he shifted his mouth to her breast and began sucking the nipple. Her moans grew louder as he moved from one breast to the other. Sucking on one and kneading the other, loving the feel of the large globes in his hand and the hard, needy nipples in his mouth. He could feel her wanting him to quicken the pace, but he was determined to make this last for them both and he slowed his pace rather than quickening it.
“Oh, please make cum. I can’t stand it!”
“Shhhh. I’ll let you cum darling, but not yet.” He whispered in her ear. “I want this divine torture to last a little longer.” He went back to kissing her as she pulsed around his cock making him wonder how long he could hold on. He toyed with her for a little longer and knew he couldn’t last. He reached out and turned both vibrators up full tilt and buried himself to the hilt in her soft wetness.
Their orgasms started together slowly, like a gathering storm that gained speed and flowed over them. They both started to tremble, their voices low and gravelly calling each other’s names. And then it was upon them. With a blinding flash, they melded into one being, fused in the shared ecstasy of that one cataclysmic moment. Each consumed by the lust of the other. Each finally sated, complete.
He reached over and turned off the vibrators. Rolling to his side, he took her still trembling body with him and held her tight in his arms. They drifted off into a light sleep, each with a smile. They had certainly deserved those naughty gifts. Thank you Santa.

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