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Need your help  

Lsabomb 23F
19 posts
4/1/2019 8:00 am
Need your help

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forgotforgetting 53M
7158 posts
4/1/2019 9:22 am

Good writers reveal parts of themselves through their words. No matter what you write there will be a part of you in it. You, as the writer, get to decide which part and we, as the readers, can guess. You are a beautiful woman, and that, no doubt, will come through. So, write what you feel.

Welcome to the blogs. I'm looking forward to your posts.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

backpocket13 46M
8742 posts
4/1/2019 10:56 am

Hey Darlin,
..........First off, Welcome!........Secondly, write about stuff that You like, write about your experiences, throw in the occasional naughty picture and you’ll be golden,............
Sinfully Yours, backpocket13
Post Script; If you want to see a real disaster swing on by my blog and say hello sometime!

najad73 46M  
36 posts
4/1/2019 2:16 pm

Hi I would like to know all you want to tell. Of course I would be keen on a sexual twist to any story, but also knowing who the person is makes things more fun. How about a fantasy to start with ?

Love to you too and your hot belly

Yours_4A_knight 55M
1365 posts
4/2/2019 12:56 am

My understanding of the blogging is that it is not about finding an audience but at least partly working through a process, write what you like what you have to say, if we have nothing constructive to add, at least you got it out there.

I guess that you can get some negative comments, but this is your space, if you don't like them, just delete them unfinished and block the non gentleman(or lady) and take comfort from the supportive. Not to say that it will be automatic because you are an attractive young woman but it doesn't hurt.

Hopefully we will read from you again soon

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

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