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Naughty times with thedillpickleAttYh000
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thedillpickle is naughty
Posted:Dec 4, 2019 10:57 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 11:21 am

This has happened twice in my life and with different girls both times. Talking with a woman online about her fantasies, we became online friends, build a trust. Her fantasy is be fucked by a stranger she has never seen or met, or does not know and will not know what he looks like... We exchanged body pics for comfort of mind and set it up.
I get the room and took a shower. Waited for her to knock on the door. The plan is I go back to the bathroom while she comes and gets ready. I yell out let herself in, let me know when your ready and head to the bathroom. I come out of the bathroom and there is a sexy naked shaved pussy girl on the bed, blindfold over her eyes, hands bound with Velcro handcuffs in front of her body. I move to the bed and start kissing her neck, ears, lips and talking sexy and naughty in her ear as my hands work her body. Telling her how sweet her pussy looks, how wet she feels, what a naughty girl she is as I kiss my way down her body. Kissing all around her pussy but not touching the magic spot. Licking and nibbles everywhere but the spot, I can see goose bumps on her body, see wet pussy lips. Shes bucking and wiggling. Then I lightly touch her clit and pussy lips with my tongue. Little harder and little more intensity till I'm eating her pussy, fingering, and working her pussy over as she cums in my mouth. I finger and rub clit and G-spot till she cums a few more times with the pace going from slow to jack rabbit. I get between her legs, pin her hands above her head, straddled her chest and let her taste my cock and fucked her mouth. Slip the rubber on, put my cock head on her pussy lips and make her beg for a fucking. As she begged for my cock I tease her opening with my dickhead. Melting my body into hers in a fucking motion but not entering, just making her squirm. Then slide deep and slow inside her body, making her feel every inch, but back out again till she begs for more. Every time she would beg I would slide deep inside her pussy and give her a taste then back out. The rhythm started to pick up and I fucked her with an intense sensual passion.. Then I untied her hands and crawled up, straddled her chest again and made her suck my cock while holding my hips, tasting her cum on the base of my coc I flipped her over on all fours, re rubbered and mounted her dogie style while she screamed with pleasure and I came loud and hard. She fell the bed spent, I got dressed, gave her a kiss and left without her seeing my face.
later I come across another girl with the same fantasy and is turned on by my experience. Things out the same except she gets the room and leaves a key at the front des I enter the room and she is blindfolded, no handcuffs, but naked, wet, spread and ready. I took my belt and tied her hands then licked, fucked and played her body like a fine instrument. Then left without her seeing my face just feeling my body and muscles with her hands.
They both said it was hot and every time they were at the store and they heard a voice like mine or smelled my smell, always wondering who the mystery fuck was...
Meeting a bi couple thedillpickle atttt the begins Y ends 00
Posted:Jan 6, 2020 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2020 7:54 am

Meeting a bi couple with my girl. The couple show up and were all standing in the kitchen having a beer. Not being shy and a dominant guy I take the lead unzipping my pants showing the guy my cock. He takes the hint with wide eyes dropping to his knees. My soft cock in his mouth suckling licking sucking my cock rock. He’s somewhat submissive and can’t get enough of my cock like a starving man allowed food. We all watch as he pulls his dick out and is stroking his dick licking my cock. My hand goes in my girls panties finding her soaking wet pussy. The woman ask how she feels moving in to kiss my wife. She puts her hand in next to mine as I’m rubbing clity, my girls pants are down to her ankles and the other woman has found her g-spot. The gushing wet vagina sounds as my woman leans against the counter kicking her pants to the side spread with her eyes closed.
I’m face fuckn the husband harder and harder watching the girls as woman drops to her knees to eat her pussy. We’re standing there with this hot couple on their knees in front of us giving us both oral as we kiss. My girl semi sits on her face rubbing her pussy on her face as I do the same to the man. He lifts my dangling balls and rims my manhole flicking his tongue on my butt bud. It’s intense, sex is in the air, my multi orgasmic wife cums with a quivering loud orgasm in the woman’s mouth almost passing out on the floor.
Without anybody saying anything and everybody on the same page we walk towards the bedroom. A trail of cloths will find us naked in front of the bed. My wife kissing her passionately with hands all over each other’s bodies. Standing chest to chest with him, stroking each other cheek to cheek sorta hugging one another, he moves in for a kiss. Never kissing a man before I’m reluctant and pull my lips away as he kisses my cheek, neck and ears.
We push them together down on the bed as I get between his legs taken his cock in hand and my mouth. Looking over the other woman is spread with my wife licking her pussy. She holds my wife’s head fuckn against my wife’s face. His cock is fat as I have to open wide to get him deep in my mouth. My hands cup his balls and jack the base of his dick as I suck and suck listening to the other woman cum in my wife’s mouth, It’s intense! My wife has now crawled up on top of the woman and their humping pussys as I take the lead and crawl up between the mans legs.
Laying my cock on his fat bone his legs go around my waist. We’re both covered in saliva and slippery wet fuckn dicks together forehead to forehead nose to nose. He moves in for another kiss and I cannot resist. I can taste my hot hole on his lips as his tongue darts in and out of my mouth. Making out like school  I’m going to  and it’s going to be big, so I stop not wanting to blow my load.
Instinctively my wife and I switch places and she straddles his waist, grabs his fat cock and with a gasp sits down on his monster stretching her pussy. Spread in front of me the woman’s pussy is glistening wet begging me to fuck to her as I put her ankles to her ears and slide slow deep in her pussy. I fuck her to an orgasm watching  my wife  on his cock.
She rolls off on the bed breathing hard catching her breath and I do the same when the woman pulls a strap on out of her purse. We all laughed as she straps up, spreads my wife and mounts her.  my wife like a porn star her husband grabs astroglide from the purse, moves over to my cock, straddles my waist, squirting the lube on my pussy soaked cock, rubs it on his butt bud then slowly sits down.
Slippery and hot! Fuck he’s tight! His butt ring around the base on my cock riding me like slut. His bone is bouncing on my stomach we are back to kissing again with his tongue deep in my mouth. The taste of pussy and ass on his lips I’m about to  again edging closer and closer. I make him stop saving my built up massive load.
Catching my breath I excused myself to the bathroom for a washcloth to clean my cock.
When I return the woman’s on her back and my wife is riding her dildo. He’s standing on the bed with his cock in my wife’s mouth face fuckn my wife. Naturally the place for my cock is right in his wife’s mouth. Kneeling beside the woman with my cock in her mouth I  my wife suck the mans cock switching from balls to dick. A few minutes like this and it’s another instinctive position change.
My wife has yet another orgasm on the woman’s dildo and crawls off going back down on her pussy with her hot little ass up in the air. He’s right on it getting behind her and mounting her from behind, grabbing her hips, pushing his big fat cock in her pussy. fuckn her hard as he’s pushing her face into pussy with every pump. The woman with a mouthful of my cock holding on to my wife’s head in endless orgasm. He announces he’s going to ! Slowing his pace for a moment then pounding with a huge moan we all can feel the pulsations of his big load filling my wife’s pussy. My wife has her head off the woman’s pussy and is screaming with orgasm.
The woman pulls my wife up, kisses her, then pulls her up over her face telling her to give her that ! My wife sitting on her face as she is sucking my wifes pussy getting her husbands creampie.
The woman’s pussy is calling my name again. My wife does a turn sitting on her face reverse cowgirl, grabs her legs, holds them open and tell me fuck her and seed her pussy. Missionary I lick my wife’s tits as she’s squirming on the woman’s face glazing her good, then rolls off. Putting the woman’s hands over her head, have her pinned down, her face covered in , I kiss her enjoying her husbands . I can feel him get behind me and lick my ass and my balls as I slow my roll enjoying both pussy and tongue. My wife tells him to use this as I feel a squirt of lube on my hole.
His finger lightly gliding over my butt bud then breaking through my virgin opening just barely inside my manhole. My fuckn of her pussy forces me back against his finger. Deep in pussy then out deep in finger. It’s built up, it’s been edging ready to blow, I cannot take anymore I released. With throbbing hard hot waves of pulsating I’m filling her with a massive load at the same time he slides his finger out of my ass. I usually big anyway but this time I know it’s huge with my prostate is being massaged.
I roll off panting, my stretched cock still throbbing. My wife and the man marvel at the of boy butter now oozing from his wife’s swol pussy. He cannot resist and buried his face in her pussy.
We all had a laugh when he pulled his face from between her legs and my was literally dripping off his chin.
Thank goodness for multiple orgasms
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Anonymous sex with married woman
Posted:Dec 20, 2019 8:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 11:46 pm

Back in the Craigslist day I met a sexy married woman. We had hot emails and sent naughty pics and set up a fantasy meeting. It was summer, the plan, to meet in the woods. I walk the hiking trail wondering if I’ve been stood up when I come upon a sexy woman. Never seeing a face pic I’m pretty sure it’s her as she closer and she’s cute, hot little body wearing shorts. As I walk up to her she stopped so I figured it must be her or she would walk past me on the secluded trail. I dove right in, my arms around her waist, my lips to hers and were making out with no words. My hands dive down the back of her shorts and cup her little butt cheeks in my hands as I go to her neck with lite suckling bites. Spreading her butt cheeks, my fingers rubbing up and her ass she’s getting hot with rapid breathing and moans.
Green light my hands go right for the button and zipper and down goes the shorts. Her bald sweet pusdy exposed I hold her tight with one strong arm and put the other to her pussy to find her soaked. My fingers don’t dive right in I work them up and down her pussy lips. Using my middle finger I rub clity lightly then more intensely as she starts to hump back on my hand. Her tongue probing and darting in and out of my mouth I go from clit to inside to a swollen G-spot. She’s fuckn my hand good now as I’m fingering her like she’s fuckn cock. Her body tights and then she releases a nice wave of orgasm. My soaked hand slows and finds clity again to soothe the post orgasm tingling. As momentum builds I drop to my knees taking pussy in my mouth as she sits on my mouth. I thought I was going to break my neck it was bent so far back creating a chair for her to glide upon. After she cums on my face I spin her around and lick her from behind. Spreading her i assault her tight little butt bud. My tongue deep in her ass my fingers go back to work on her pussy. This time I clinched three of my fingers together to make like a spear and stretch her pussy as I finger fuck her from behind. I start to beat up her oussy  her for all it’s worth spreading my fingers to open that hot wet vagina. She’s really making noise now and I’m afraid someone might hear and thank goodness she cums hard again so I can mount her. Pulling my hard cock out I take her from behind. Laying pipe for what seems like an hour but not really in real time she cums a few more times and is spent. She turns around and drops to her knees and takes my soaked cock in her mouth. Holding her head I face fuck her and being a lover of the deep throat don’t take long to explode a massive cum load. She stands up and kisses me like she can’t get enough of her pussy taste and needs more from my lips. Her with my cum, me tasting like pussy and ass we kiss for an incredibly long kiss. Then she leaves. We had several more hiking encounters and she said the best were when I seeded her and sent her walking home with my juices soaking her panties that she could feel the rest of the day.
One drunk night
Posted:Dec 9, 2019 8:26 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 11:46 pm

Me and a buddy pick up two girls at a local bar and take them to my place. At the time I was young and had a one bedroom apartment. I’m on the couch finger and kissing and my buddy has his girl in the kitchen against the counter. I look up to see him take his girl  the hand to bedroom. I tell my girl hell no he’s not getting the bed and take my girl  the hand and lay her next to her friend. Cloths come off and in minutes I’m  mine next to them . He only lasted about five minutes and I was on a roll. As he rolls off his girl I decided to put on a show. I have her legs over her, turn her around mount her from behind, put her on top, fuck her silly. She tells me in my ear, “I think my friend wants more.” I look over and she’s fingering her pussy with her toes pointed and body tense. I pull my soaking wet man sword from her pussy and climb between the legs of the other girl. With my friend watching I slide in her pussy where I can feel the sloppy seconds and must admit turned me on even more. I position my girl where I can eat her pussy and proceed to fuck the other girl missionary. Being in kinda of an awkward position I roll over and put my girl on my face and the other on my cock. I was being rode on my face and on my cock. I could feel  from my friend and squirt from the girl running down my https://www.yahoo the one on my face lays down upon my body and sucks my spent cock in a 69 as she cums in my mouth. It was intense, I gave my buddy shit forever with the nickname limp dick.
My bestess girlfriend
Posted:Dec 5, 2019 10:06 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2020 7:57 am

So bi girlfriend called say she was having wine with a friend and wanted fuck the friend. Squeal of the tires and I went right her house. When I entered they were all the kitchen drinking wine having small talk. I moved in and pinned the friend the fridge and started kissing her. Dominating her I shoved hands her pants and low and behold she was soaking wet already. Nice looking blond. I took her by the hand to the bedroom with gf following. I took cloths off and jumped down on the bed and told gf get her ready for . GF started kissing her and taken her cloths off, their sucking boobs, fingering each other,as I laid there stroking long hard cock. They both got down and sucked cock and kissed on cock, while rubbing each others bodies. gf pushed her next and went between her legs licking her pussy and stroking cock while I rubbed her tits, sucked her nipples and kissed her. I could feel her building orgasm. Her body tighten then release, then with a big gasp she grabs girls head and face fucks her a massive orgasm. Then moved up and turned around and straddled her face and got into a 69 with her. I watched for a moment till gf looked up holding her legs open, and said please fuck her, she's so wet and ready for your cock. I kissed gf and could taste pussy as I moved between her legs. gf grabs cock shaft and uses it like a dildo on the girls pussy. First rubbing it up and down her wet pussy lips then pushing balls deep her pussy. I kissed and fucked her friend good making sure pinch her clit between our bodies so she could on cock. Working like a mad man and heart racing I take a break and roll over on back. instantly sucks cock of the girls and then sits on cock riding an instant orgasm. The friend gets on face and they kiss and ride like amusement park toy. rolls off and lays spread and I order the other between her legs. With her ass the air she licks like a porn star as I mount her from behind. We fucked for what seemed like hours. After cumming endlessly it was time for . I ask "where?" gf ask her pussy cuz I'm vasectomy safe and she has never felt real spray her pussy and she wants eat from her pussy. They get into a 69 again with the friend on top. girlfriend sucking her clit, the friend face buried in gf pussy, I grab her hips and give her a ride. like a 20 year old porn star I feel the and big with going from clit balls. the same time I hear gf which gives the green lite unload a big build up of massive seed deep her pussy. Then she crawls up and sits on girls face and continues riding gf tongue and glazing her face. It was a good night lol

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