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How do you ladies prefer to be greeted?...
Posted:Dec 10, 2019 10:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 7:22 pm

Do you prefer a man just say Hi, or something more enticing?...
Just a simple hello or hi
A picture of a man's face
A picture of a man's face and dick
A romantic idea
A delicious story of what we'd like to do when we meet
Just leave me alone, I'll say hi if I like your profile
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Where is the most FUN place you've ever had sex?
Posted:Jul 27, 2016 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2017 4:38 pm

I mean, FUN!!! You walked away thinking, "OMG, FANTASTIC!!" And the partner was great, but the location was SPECTACULAR! Hmm... Where do you think WOULD be the best place?

I once had sex in a sound room of an auditorium, overlooking the entire room that seated over 2,500. Rocked that sound board HARD! LOL... that was fun... probably the most fun yet. But I'm looking for ideas!
You see me...
Posted:Nov 23, 2015 8:07 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2019 10:34 am

you see me almost casually in the lobby at the Holiday Inn... we make eye contact from across the room, but we never speak. i cross the room as if i'm going to talk to you, but i sit down at your table without saying a word. You can see from my tight blue jeans that i'm interested... and you study up and down my cowboy boots, loose shirt with a tight tee under it, your eyes passing across my tight ass and up to my broad shoulders, finally meeting my brown eyes. You bite your lip and are slightly embarrassed as i sit down. You look away just for a second and suddenly notice that i am walking away from you. But right in front of you is a cardkey on the table with a number on it, "469". You pick up the key and stroll down the hall to the elevators, your heart pounding as you picture my smile. You can still smell hints of my cologne in the elevator as you ride up to the fourth floor. Turning to look for the room, you find it and insert the keycard. Suddenly the door flies open, and i am right in front of you. There is no light in the room but several candles, and before you can get your bearings, my lips find yours. I kiss you long and passionately, our lips locking, our tongues teasing back and forth, and my hands guiding your body toward me. i pick you up gently, and without saying a word, and barely taking my lips from yours, i sweep you to the bed. In front of the bed, i do not undress, but you can tell how much i want you as the scent of me combines with the candles and envelopes you... you close your eyes and our lips are together again as your clothes practically fall away. before you can even say your name or catch your breath, you realize you are naked and my warm hands and kisses stroke up and down your body, neck, and face. from nowhere i produce a blindfold and cover your eyes. at first your hands brush me away, but i relax your fingertips with kisses while i finish tying the blindfold behind your head... easing you down onto the bed, you notice i have still not taken off my clothes so you are a little more relaxed... then without warning, your hands are suddenly tied firmly but gently with silk rope or something soft to the bed... you see nothing but blackness, but you can feel my fingertips.... teasing up and down your body....
suddenly, i seem to disappear... you hear my footsteps leave then approach the bedside, and you suddenly smell the overpowering smell of roses all around you... i touch your nose with a rose, letting you inhale, while you nervously move your naked body about on the bed... then the rose begins to move down from your nose... circling your lips.... teasing at your chin.... then down your neck, and across to your left shoulder.... and suddenly you can feel my wet kiss on your left thigh.... the rose continues to move and your arms pull gently at the ropes in nervous energy as the flower flows down then up your arm... then you feel the soft, warm petals caressing across your breast... then it moves down your other arm, then back up... and again across your nipple, teasing it with soft, warm petals... you can feel my body moving around the bed, but you can not see me and i never touch you... as the flower begins to move slowly down your stomach, caressing over your hips.... and down your thigh... over your knee.... and around your toes... then back up the other leg.... over your knee.... up your inner thigh... and, nearly touching your waiting wetness, it moves back up toward your breast.... and suddenly there is a new sensation.. you can feel my hot breath teasing your nipple, the air gently but barely moving across, making it firm and hard, as the warm rose crosses it again, easing it, but almost tickling.... your hips and legs are in motion now as my kisses begin to roam up and down your body, following the direction of the rose, and no matter how you struggle and breathe, you see nothing but blackness, and yet you are comfortable and....
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We were supposed to meet...
Posted:Nov 14, 2015 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2017 4:39 pm

we were supposed to meet at a restaurant... but i didn't show on time, and you excused yourself to go to the ladies room...
> > > when you were done, you went to wash your hands in the sink... suddenly you felt a warm kiss on the back of your neck and a firm grip around your waist...
> > > you looked in the mirror to see me smiling at you, and before you could be shocked at my appearance in the ladies room, i turn you toward me and kiss you firmly on the lips... a deep, wet kiss that melts your thoughts away....
> > >
> > > my hands feel your waist and my fingertips play their way around you... while we continue to kiss, you feel my fingers loosen your bra... you pull away slightly and whisper "no, not here..." ... but it's too late... my kisses plunge to your neck... and suddenly you can feel my hot breath and the moistness of my lips between your breasts...
> > > i reach down and shimmy your skirt up to get at your panties... i lift you and slide you back on the tile counter, your back against the mirror... your panties are wet and slide right down... i lean you back a little and kiss my way from your knee down the inside of your thigh. i tease the top of your slit with my tongue, then kneel in front of the counter to dive my tongue inside you... you can feel the hot moist muscle extend from my lips through yours and moving up one side of you and down the other... you begin to moan right there in the ladies room, your fingers diving into my hair and pulling me into your thighs... your wetness tastes great on my tongue and as you are about to explode, i suddenly stand in front of you, unzipping my tight jeans to expose my hugeness extending toward you... i pull you to the edge of the counter and plunge deep inside you.... you let out a deep, long moan... your back arches, thrusting your breasts toward my chest... your nails bite through my tee shirt, your teeth sink into my neck as i thrust deeper and harder and faster inside of you... your breath escapes harder and faster and you lean back against the mirrors, your hair falling around your shoulders... you let out a small scream as we cum together and the shivers of your thighs grip around my back harder... you collapse forward into my chest... finally, i say, "sorry i'm late"... and kiss your lips full and hard...
> > >
> > > we ditch your spent panties in the trash, pull your skirt down and splash cold water on one another until we catch our breath enough to exit the restaurant... i throw a $20 on the table and you follow to the back of my motorcycle... we ditch your car in the lot until the next day and you ride with arms and legs wrapped around me as we make our way to the lake cabin about 45 minutes away... the hum and vibration of the bike and the wind messing up your hair cools you and your hands roam all over my chest and legs as we ride steadily, soaking up the starry night and the smell of one another and the road...
You are shopping by yourself...
Posted:Nov 11, 2015 12:49 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 1:44 am

You are shopping by yourself for a dress to attend the wedding of a relative… you find what appears a decent dress, so you find a dressing room in the corner of the store that looks nearly abandoned, and you enter… you are pulling your shirt over your head to try on the dress when you suddenly hear the click of the latch on your dressing room door opening… before you can cover up, you recognize my voice… “Can I help you with that?” Your hands, defensively placed over your breasts reach for my face to pull me closer, leaving your bra exposed… and my moist lips waist no time finding their way to your soft breast, tracing the outline of your bra… my arms encircle you, pulling you close, and my fingers quickly unclasp your bra… my open mouth dives immediately to your waiting nipple as you whisper, “No, not here. Someone will find us.”
I unzip my jeans and you can see my fullness erect and wanting you reflected in the dressing room mirrors, and I say to you, “I don’t care. I want you.”
You reach down to remove your panties, and before you can protest again, I move behind you…. Your panties never get farther than your knees when I thrust hard into you, your hands grabbing the mirror in front of you to balance… as you moan and your wetness grows, I plunge deeper in, exploring and exploding your wetness firm and thick…. We build our momentum, watching each other’s bodies and motions in the mirror, your moans growing louder and louder… just before you explode in a gush of climax, I place my finger in-between your teeth… you bite hard as we cum together…. My juices pulsating your insides and filling you completely…. Out of breath, you turn to me…
We straighten our clothes as best we can, leave the dress, and begin to leave the dressing room… two older women and a teenage girl are standing outside, clothes to try on in hand, mouths agape, just staring in bewilderment as we leave together… you hear one of them whisper, half to herself, “oh my…”
It's late morning...
Posted:Nov 11, 2015 12:14 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2022 1:44 am

it’s late morning and you’re finally heading to the shower… it’s a slow day, the house is all yours and there is no one around…. As you lather your hair and the warm water caresses your face, you think you hear a noise… you turn, and it’s me climbing naked into the shower with you… you’re shocked at first, but at the sight of you I have become instantly erect… your hands dive into the hair on my chest and my hands begin to lather your hair… I spin you around and rinse your hair in the warm water, our bodies touching, firm, supple skin electrifying you as our bodies touch here and there as we move… as the last of the soap rinses from your hair, my fingers move down the curve of your shoulders, down your back, and my hot wet lips find the nape of your neck…my hands stop at your waist and begin to slide slowly around the curve of you toward the warm water spilling over your stomach… fingers following the water down to tease the very tip of your own wetness… my kisses growing, you feel my open mouth taste down your back… I spin you around to me again, and my kisses follow the water down your front to your waiting breasts... inhaling your nipple into my mouth, you feel the deep warmth of my tongue while I swirl it in my mouth… my fingers now play down your ass and pull you hard against my erectness…lifting you into the air in front of me, I pin you to the warm tiles, holding you above me, and easing you slowly down onto me… the water teases and caresses you all over while I continue lifting and lowering you onto my huge cock… I let you down slowly and withdraw from you, then I kneel in front of you while the water plays in your hair and down your back… my tongue finds the warmth of your slit, and I begin to play tiny circles around your clit until your moaning grows and your knees begin to quiver…. Rising and spinning you yet again, my whole body presses against you… you feel the muscles of my legs and my arms tight around your waist as my cock plunges deep into you from behind….your moaning grows, and my size grows with it… as our momentum builds, I plunge deeper and deeper into you… my fingers caress and grip tight into yours as they are pinned on the tile, while your ass pushes hard back against me… our rhythm builds and builds until finally your back arches and you let out a small scream… while the warmth of the water continues to caress you, I pull you tight into my arms and spin your mouth to mine…. One simple, short kiss on your wet lips, and I whisper to you, “So, how’s your morning so far?”
Walking together...
Posted:Nov 9, 2015 12:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2019 10:34 am

walking together in the rain at the park, hand in hand, the water eventually soaks through our jackets and brings a chill to our skin... we head back for the car - and as we shut the doors we lean toward one another to kiss... the cold rain on our hot lips tastes good and we are soon meshing our bodies together, rain on rain, wet warm body on wet warm body, embroiled in passion and desire... my fingers tease up your wet tee shirt as you strip off your jacket and straddle me right there in the front seat... my lips are soon kissing the cold rain from your hot breasts and my hands have stripped off your socks and shoes... we tumble over the seat into the back and you feel the cool leather of the seat against your panties as i strip your jeans from your wet legs... my chest heaves with excitement as i kiss my way up your leg to your pantyline, teasing my tongue under your wet panties to taste your warmth... your back arches, and you moan, so i dive my tongue deep into your wetness and swirl your clit slow... rising to meet your eyes, i kiss my way up your stomach, over your hardened nipples and straight to your neck while my smooth wet cock plunges deep into you... the windows quickly steam with our passion and the smell of us is heavy in the air as i plunge over and over into your wet waiting pleasure... deeper and deeper, throbbing together at last in one final climax we both let out a short yell of passion and pleasure... and it is only then that we realize the windows are not quite as fogged as we thought and there are a few viewers with their mouths agape watching us... we scramble back into our wet clothes, and snuggle together on the ride back to warm by the fireplace...
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Motorcycle weather...
Posted:Oct 28, 2015 11:05 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2016 1:33 pm

on the way to your car, i roll up on my motorcycle. i don't say a word, but my brown eyes meet your smile, i bite my lip and motion you to the back of my cruiser... you throw a leg over and wrap your arms around me and we take off into the night... the vibrations of the bike and the feel and smell of my leather begin to warm you on the curvy highway... the breeze teases your nipples hard and i can feel you through my back... as we ride, your hand begins to slide down my chest, across my abs, and toward the bulge in my jeans... your fingers and hands are tight around me as the bike comes to a stop at a small out of the way motel... i pull to a stop and finally can turn and kiss you... our lips meet in a soft, slow, wet kiss... i take your hand and lead you into a wood-paneled room where the only lighting is the neon from the street outside the front window...
as you close the door behind us, i suddenly pin you to the wall, put my finger to your lips to tell you not to talk and i begin to kiss you... i kiss your forehead, your nose, the nape of your neck, and as i peel off my leather jacket and boots, i finally move to kiss you long and hard on the lips... while we kiss, you can feel my hands tease the edge of your jeans under your shirt... i pull away from your lips, pick you up, and take you to the bed where you sit on the edge...
i strip down for you, and you can see me erect and wanting you... i push you back easy onto the bed and begin to peel off your shoes and socks.... kissing the soles of your feet and your ankles while my fingers loosen your jeans... i pull your jeans down revealing your panties and i begin kiss my way up your calf, kissing your inner thigh, and teasing the edge of your panties with my tongue...
i work my way around the edge of your panties and down between your legs... right over your sweet spot,... and you can feel my hot wet kisses right through the thin fabric... and i begin to tease at you, feeling my way with my tongue up and down you... i look up into your eyes, and i know you are ready... very slowly i pull your panties down, following them with small, moist kisses... then i slowly begin to work my way back up with kisses that grow bigger and hotter and wetter... up your calf, and slowly, covering every inch, my kisses move up your inner thigh... you can feel my hot tongue teasing along the way...
your fingers reach into my hair and pull me to you, but i pull back slightly and only gently begin to tease the very tip of you with hot wet lips, my tongue swirling ever so softly around the tip of you... i can feel your back arch slightly, and i begin to work my tongue slowly down one side of your slit, then back up the other, stopping at the top to inhale your lips next to mine and swirl my tongue around,... then i go back down just slightly deeper, and back up the other side, stopping again to swirl my tongue at the top...
i can taste your wetness on my lips and feel your fingers in my hair as your toes point and your legs begin to quiver ever so slightly... finally, i plunge my tongue deep into you, inhaling slightly to bring my hot, wet lips against your cream... your breathing changes to short gasps, and your ass tightens while you begin to moan in full voice now... i work your insides slow and deep with my tongue, coming out only to tease the tip of your slit occasionally with swirls of my tongue before diving back in...
finally, i rise above you and our eyes lock... i grab your wrists and pin you to the bed, and you can feel my huge cock resting right up against your wetness... i stare deep into your soul, and very, very, VERY slowly begin to enter you...

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