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What started off as a boring day .............  

MMMMThatsIt1969 52F
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2/7/2009 7:39 pm

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2/21/2009 11:00 pm

What started off as a boring day .............

ended with a loud outrageous hot sensual evening/early morning...

She called from his phone they meaning him and his buddy and wife were out partying earlier in the evening and she had been wanting to meet me for some time as we chatted a few times by phone...... so they arrived about 20 minutes after talking with them.......

I proceeded to tell them that we had to try and keep the noise down to a minimal as my neighbors have become crab apples since I live in apartment.... so I had toked a few tokes off my purple wonder pipe and was feeling a little mellow. D is my friend/lover, J is the wife of T and all were part of an unique group/club they all came through the door and sat on the couches...... D of course sat near me since this was the first time J and T we're meeting me...... J was a fine young looking woman of 30 and her hair was dark brown and she had the most interesting colorful tattoes I have seen on a woman. I knew J was looking forward to some woman on woman fun as well so this was going to get interesting.

Well at first J and T chatted with me so I could get to know them a little better but T was awfully quiet but it was because he was super loaded already and as we all continued hitting the magic bolls we got more talkative and loud. Well J came and decided to squeeze between myself and D on the couch and she quickly made herself comfortable laying her head on D's lap and spreading the lower part of her body upon my legs. I just happened to look down and saw that her jeans were slightly torn in the crotch area hmmmmmmmmmm what was a girl to do...... J immediately knew what I was thinking and said,,,,,,"whats a girl to do to get some action tonight?" so with that I let my fingers do the walking and as she spread her legs wider I pushed aside her undies and dwindled into her warm hot flowerbed mmmmmm wet she was and anxious too..the guys were engaging in conversation kinda oblivious to what was happening before them.

We quietly engaged in our own sweet talk more of the version of " mmmm youre so wet and ohhhhhhhh thats feels good deeper and J wriggled around a bit now as my fingers delved in deeper.... she then decided to get up and make her way to the restroom but before she rounded the corner she shot me a look of come follow me and with that I grabbed my cigarettes drink and proceeded to do just that. She was in the bathroom at this time and I set my stuff down near the computer which at the time was the only source of illumination in that corner of the apartment. I waited for her and as she stepped out into the hallway I got up to greet her and she quickly grasped me and pulled me into the wall with a deep tongue thrashing kiss mmmmmmmmmm now that was a shock but a nice one at that. J released my tongue and lips and looked at me and said "oh yea this is going to be an enjoyable evening" and with that she lead me by the hand not into the bedroom but back into the living room where the guys finally took notice of us hand in hand........ J had a shit grin on her face and asked if the guys would like to watch us two women get wet slippery and naughty with each other. D was very willing to do so but T was reserved and since it was T's wife and D was his closest bud he wouldn't do so unless T did so they both told us go on have your fun we will sit here and indulge in some catch up on life conversation drinks and smoke.

We both looked at each other like what the hell? Oh well I knew darn well that D so wanted to come into the bedroom with us but he sat with T. Well J and I started making out and stripping each other of our clothes feeling a tit here and a brief swipe of the hand across each others ass into an intimate embrace as both our chests were quite large....nipples touching each other softly,,,, J grabbed at my thigh and lifted it up to almost cling to her side and she ran her long fingers into my wet cavernous region I shuddered a moment and then heaved my pussy down onto her fingers never once missing a beat with the game of tongue hockey we had going on. With that J had turned me towards the bed pushed me gently down upon it and went straight to my large cocoa nipples and nibbled. sucked, nibbled, sucked this feeling sent waves flooding to my pussy I was so moist and creamy waiting to see what else was going to happen, ohhhhhhh her fingers slid once again into my wetness and the deeper she slid them in the more intense the sucking became on my nipples OMG what a rush......

She whispered into my ear "I have never been so turned on by a woman youre so sexy, cute and yummy" Then she said" I have never had the pleasure of being the one to enjoy the oral pleasure of a woman eating me out......... So with that being said I flipped her gently over me, her back upon the mattress and splayed her legs wide....... I started at her lips and licked her all the way down working the nipples between my teeth and tongue fingering her clit as I licked down to the side of her ribs swirling my tongue into her bellybutton and then before she knew it I had engulfed her juicy clit in my mouth she heaved a big sigh and smiled and the tongue laid flat on her clit slipping down and into the crevice of her wetness I slowly slipped in one finger as well,her breathing became heavier but shallower as I worked the tongue from clit to asshole always stopping in between to dive in deep and she began to squirm as she was going to climax from all this tonguing, fingering licking, teasing and biting of her clit her pussy and her ass.

The door creaked open neither one of us looked up but we both heard it and there standing before us alongside the bed was T J's hubby he watched a little longer till J pulled him down upon her chest as I continued my sucking licking eating out her wet wet pussy he brought a hand over to feel my breasts and grabbed a nipple and fondled it between his thumb and finger all the while making out sloppily with his wife J. J moved abruptly and laid T down upon the mattress and took one look at me and I knew what was to transpire, she quickly undid his jeans and threw them aside and she grabbed his hardening cock in her hand and grabbed my hand as we both now laid our hands around his cock,,,,, with that we both sunk down onto our bellies and elbows and slowly started to lick the side of his cock one was going up on his cock while the other was going down he moaned quickly and gratefully we proceeded doing this a couple more times and when we came to stop, J and I were in a lip lock still stroking his cock as we shared one more passionate kiss so then J turned back at me and said I need some cock now do u mind and with that my nakedness went into the living room to check on D.

To be continued...............

werblow69 55M
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2/11/2009 1:38 pm


MrMikesMouth 60M  
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2/9/2009 8:25 am


You horny minx, you.


hardandhornyme 71M
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2/9/2009 6:32 am

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM damn your always so damned hot.

Your stories get me so hot LOL

hugs smoooooooooches and licks


Someday want to be one of your stories heehee mmmmmmmm oh yeah

greeneyes351972 50M/49F

2/8/2009 6:27 am

WOW. Hope you have just a good time in two weeks with us.

Bill and June
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