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Of the times past...
I enjoy writing real stories about the past. Many interesting different encounters, many different outcomes.
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One taste is all it took...
Posted:Sep 7, 2021 6:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:31 pm

As an adolescent, I did not have very much experience with girls. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by them at different points, as my family wanted me to be athletic and flexible, so I was a dancer. Tap, jazz, ballet, and ballroom, but I was all male in that role. It was interesting to go to dance conferences and be surrounded by hundreds of girls, and yet there was only a handful of guys. Of those guys, only a few were interested in the females they were encircled by in tight leotards and sexy bodies. Still, I was very inexperienced despite a number of advances by the ladies I worked with on a near daily basis, or the occasional new flirts at some event.

My sister was older, and had older friends. I was in that circle because I was the younger brother, and they would stay over at the house and hang out because we lived away from everyone else. One friend in particular, T, was a local who didn’t live very far. She was ever so beautiful, with brown curly hair and a petite frame, and a very pleasant face and average size breasts. I really liked her, and she doted on me from time to time when I was involved in their activities.

She happened to stay over one weekend, as was a normal event. Nothing too significant happened throughout the day, and I was the tagalong because I had nowhere to go and was told I had to stay at the house. This turned out to be a wonderful series of events, because someone was being very flirtatious for whatever reason.

I know that as a -year-old, hormones were raging. I was accustomed to walking around my house in nothing more than boxers and a t-shirt. Maybe I was sporting a hard-on at the time, or maybe she could see me watching her, but she decided to up the game. She was only 2 years older, but was a high school girl, and a Catholic school girl at that. I would listen to her talk about boys and the lack of boys at her all girls school. I must have really been into what was going on, but she quickly looked at me when it was just the two of us in the room, and she pulled up her shirt and flashed me.

Those breasts were beautiful. Perky with medium sized areolas, erect nipples that were already poking through her shirt. She winked and pulled her shirt down before my sister came back into the room. I was raging a full out erection, and I was trying to hide it with a reddened face. That image played over and over in my mind for the next three hours. I could think of nothing else.

So it was time to head to bed. My room was at the opposite end of the upstairs portion of the house, near the bathroom. I was still hot and bothered, and was working on manually unloading my issue, and my door opened. Obviously, this was startling and I quickly moved to cover my masturbation activities. T had opened my door and peered in to see what I was doing. She stepped in and closed the door. Apparently my sister had already fallen asleep, and she was making her way “to the bathroom.” “I know what you’re doing in here,” she say coyly. “Let me see it.”

So I threw back the covers, and my full erection saluted her in a very quick fashion. “So I guess you like my boobs,” she said very low. “Let me show you the best part.” She turned around and hooked her thumbs on the edge of her bottoms with her legs slightly spread apart and then preceded to bend over and uncover her beautiful ass and pussy. I could see that she was glistening around her now parted vagina. I wanted nothing more than to touch it or find the source of the wetness. This was the first real vagina I had ever seen. Magazines was the only other source of visual confirmation for me at the time, and I wanted that pussy.

She slid her bottoms off with the shorts and her panties all bound together in a heap on the floor. I could now smell a spicy and fragrant sweetness in the air, coupled with a half-naked woman in my room. She moved over to the bed, and I reached out to touch her. She didn’t want that, and gently brushed my hand away as she sat down on the bed. She pushed me back a bit, and then sat at the opposite end of the bed while spreading her legs wide apart. She lifted her shirt to show those beautiful pert breasts, and I did not know what to do.

“Suck on my tits,” she whispered. I moved across the bed, cock in one hand and gently reaching up to those stunning mounds and hard nipples. I grabbed the left breast and gently massaged from the base to the nipple, and she sighed ever so slightly. I released my erection, and slid my other hand on the other breast, mirroring the activity of the other hand. I moved my face closer, and gently reached out my tongue to flick at the tip of her nipple. I could feel her body tense, and then shudder a bit. I then engulfed the entire half of her breast in my mouth, swirling my tongue over the hardened end. I moved from one to the other, kissing my way across her chest.

“I like this,” she hissed, and she decided to lay back on the bed. I moved forward and continued to nipple, suck, and caress all over her chest. I moved my head forward and thought I might attempt a kiss, something I had not yet experienced, but she said no and I went about the task I was doing. It seemed liked hours, but I’m sure it was only minutes or so. I could smell her muskiness and feel her body slightly twitching as I engulfed each breast. I decided to reach my hand down and find out what all the excitement was about.

She was unshaven and as my hand brushed at the top of the hair outcropping, she pulled her legs together. I took this as a negative sign, and then gently brushed my hand and fingers across the top of her bush. Slowly, she started to spread her legs again as I continued to place my attention on her breasts. I didn’t know very much, so I did not move to her hole but instead stoked my fingers in the space of her labia, finding her very erect clit. She had one of those super erect kinds that shot out as she was excited like it was its own small penis. I slowly moved my fingers around it, feeling her tense and move with each successive motion.

I explored with my fingers with constant motion, eventually reaching down to her wetness and dragging the secretion up and around her clit. Up and down motion was moved to a more side-to-side action as she guided my hand with hers. It was at this point she reached over between my own legs and brushed my penis and testicles with her hand. That was intense, and I was ready to roll. She didn’t want that, and preferred to just graze the head and make light strokes up and down my coc

Her body was moving now with every suck from my mouth and motion from my hand. I slowly reached down further and my fingers were at the source of ultimate wetness, and I decided to let my finger plunge a bit deeper. It met no resistance, and was so wet that it went in effortlessly and I could now feel the heat inside her body. Almost immediately, she tensed a bit and then started moving her pelvis with her heels locked down on the bed moving rhythmically with my finger thrusts. I had my middle finger deep inside with the palm of my hand up higher by her clit, and now she had my wrist and was making the moves. I started sucking a little harder on her breasts which elicited light moans and more body motion. She had her right hand on my hand between her legs and her left hand now fully wrapped around my cock stroking in rhythm with her direction.

She tensed from inside, gripping my finger tight with her vaginal muscles, quivering and shaking through most of her body. This lasted for a minute or two, and I continued to follow the direction I had been given. She then pushed my head off her breasts and moved my hand outside of her moist center, still holding on to my coc “That was wonderful. You’re really sweet,” was the response in between her catching her breath. I didn’t know what to do, as my hand was coated in her juices and my cock was raging and ready to go. She stroked me a few times, and then said, “Jerk off for me. Shoot it on my belly.”

That did not take long, as I was already on super arousal. I took the hand that was wet and pulled it to my face, smelling and tasting. That was it, and I was pumping a load on to her stomach as forceful as any orgasm I had experienced. She tasted sweet, a little spicy, and the smell was wonderful. She started playing with the trails of white cum on her stomach, and dipped a finger to it and touched it to her own tongue. “I’m not really a big fan of cum, but you’re isn’t too bad.”

I was collapsing, and she moved off the bed and began to put her clothes back on. I laid there, almost passing out from the experience. She fully dressed, bent over and kissed me on the forehead. “You’re going to make some woman very happy one day,” she quipped as she quickly and silently moved out of my room. I fell asleep, relishing the experience that had just happened.

I was always on the lookout for her when she stayed over a few more times that summer, but she never did come for a repeat visit. She and my sister fell out of favor, and I would only she her around town every once in a while. She would always smile, give me a hug, and brush her breasts against me and wink as she left. What a tease.

I did eventually spend 4 torrid days with her when I was home from college. I saw her at a bar, and she reengaged in conversation and I told her about how that particular evening affected me. “I want to fuck that cock right now, meet me in the bathroom,” was all she said. That was the beginning of fall break, and the last time I have really seen her at all.
A time to write...
Posted:Sep 7, 2021 4:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2021 4:16 am
I enjoy writing about the life I have enjoyed, and the experiences that have come from it. Stay tuned.

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