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The Fuck-It List  

ManticoreEye 50M
268 posts
8/13/2021 12:29 am
The Fuck-It List

Let's see....a few years ago, I made a post which contained the following:

Everyone has a sexual bucket list. Some are short, and some are long. Some have cunts, and some have dongs. Not one of them is like another. Don't ask me why, go ask your mother.

So what's on my list? I'm not even sure anymore...so much has happened sexually to me in the past year or so that most of the things that used to be on the list are now crossed off (getting head outside, getting laid outside, getting head from a woman with a tongue piercing, giving a woman multiple orgasms, sex with a woman with a tattoo, going down on a woman with a shaved pussy, having more than two lovers in the same calendar year...).

So what's left?

-Going down on a natural blonde
-Sexual cosplay
-Using toys on a woman
-A MFF threesome (or FMF, whatever).
-A woman of a different ethnicity (I'd start specifying, but that sounds both racist, and like I have a fetish. I don't- I'm just interested in variety).
-A one-night-stand (I know I said I had one, but then I invited her back a few more times, so it wasn't really one night)
-Cybersex with a woman in another country (if you don't like IMC, pm me for my skippy number)
-Participating in an orgy
-Anonymous sex (Hallowe'en party, anyone?)

Let's see now....since then, I have gone down on both a natural blonde and a natural redhead (although, does it really count if they're going grey?). I've used toys on a woman (I prefer using my own dick, though....), and I have had several one-night stands. Most of which I thought were going to turn into at least short-term relationships, but no....just once.

Haven't tried a threesome yet, or anything with a group. Haven't had cybersex in ages, though....you would think that would have been very popular during the pandemic.

Any of you readers cross anything off the fuck-it list lately?

ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/13/2021 10:24 pm

Well, now. I tried hinting at how else one can get a hold of me, and the comment was denied due to hate/weapons/underage. I don't know if was the reference to the k!k app, or the handle kidne wyork (all one word).

But anyway, I do blame the lack of cybersex on the fact that AdultFriendFinder now charges points for IMC, and then deletes your points if you don't log in for a few months.

ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/13/2021 10:55 pm

And ethnicity....that depends on whether you consider a Danish-Canadian to be a different ethnicity than a German-Canadian or an English/Irish-Canadian.

One could pontificate for hours about what constitutes different ethnicities....whether the person in question looks different, or still speaks that ancestral language, but it's probably not particularly interesting in terms of sexual escapades.

ManticoreEye 50M
616 posts
8/15/2021 7:16 pm

Actually, I want to fuck a woman with puffy nipples. I dated a girl in high school (and then again in college) who had perky breasts and (from the one time I saw her in a T-shirt) puffy nipples. We never got intimate, and that's something I've often regretted.

Give me some puffy nipples!

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