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Our past- how much should we reveal?  

MarikaAZ87 33F
635 posts
7/3/2015 10:32 am
Our past- how much should we reveal?

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author51 57F  
102610 posts
8/27/2015 4:28 am

in todays world you have to be forthcoming with your sexual history as it can have some dire consequences sexual health wise if you do not...sounds like her friends were judgemental, narrow minded people and she is well advised to stay clear of them. A true friend might not like what you do nor share the same opinions but true friends look past it all and love you unconditionally..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

cs1df2 38M
1475 posts
7/5/2015 4:13 am

I'd agree that honesty and openness are good things, but there are a great many things that I've learned that should probably be shared only when the time is right and the events of before (and the lessons learned - for good or ill) are directly applicable to the events presently happening.

I guess to best summarize it I'm going to share a mindset perspective I tend to keep: "I am what I am, which is neither what I was nor what I will be" .... which also reminds me that nothing in life is really static (even the perspective of our past - and the details remembered or forgotten).

Just my $0.02 (though it's actual value may vary)

shakeurbonbons 36M  
196 posts
7/3/2015 8:41 pm

Truth always works...

GimmeAThrill 51M
24486 posts
7/3/2015 3:09 pm

Full disclosure is a great way to learn nothing about who a person really is.

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Geminigirl1182 52F

7/3/2015 2:52 pm

There's a time and place for everything. Sharing your sexual history with someone should be a mutual decision, not one-sided, and not foisted on your partner without their first agreeing that this is information they actually want to know about you.

SamanthaCl 49F
116 posts
7/3/2015 2:49 pm

We seem to be in the minority in revealing our past.

I have always been open and honest about my past and I love others to be open with me. I even find it a form of aphrodisiac to reveal the source of our souls to each other (or is that therapy!)

But, on reading your post I thought about it a little more...

Yes, I love to be forthcoming about my past, but, I now think, maybe we should be a little more selective in what we reveal. We don't need to know everything! and we shouldn't ask for it. I now think I am being selfish in revealing my entire past!

Oh boy... If I start being selective in what I reveal, life is going to get really complicated!

I guess you should be honest and open about the things you feel comfortable with and be evasive about the others This is not the same thing as hiding your past, this is about respecting both your own privacy and that of your partners.

After all... the best lover is a sensitive lover


sphxdiver 70M  
21066 posts
7/3/2015 2:03 pm

The future is what it is, the future, the past is water under the bridge, so to speak.

wouldn't it be best to not disclose everything in one sitting ??

Try a wait and see approach, or until your really comfortable with someone might be the best way to go.

Just saying.

85 posts
7/3/2015 1:31 pm

today is today the past is the past .. grow from past experiences and move forward

s2ndegree 61M  
9731 posts
7/3/2015 11:34 am

Why harp on drama from the past.If you've learned something from it,use it.

I am more apt to think that those that read her blog are those that know
people that have had a lot of lovers don't stick around for very long and since it has become sex just for sex sake there is no emotion evolved.They probably are looking for a lover and not just a conquest or routine they've been through dozens and dozens of times before.

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