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What is Second Life?  

MarkDenman 72M  
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9/12/2021 10:33 pm
What is Second Life?

Note: I do not work for or own stock in Linden Labs, the company that created and runs SL. I am writing this strictly as a fan and user of Second Life. Since a lot of AdultFriendFinder members show in an interest in cybersex, they might be interested in my experience of Second Life.

I got into Second Life quite a few years ago. Although happily married, our sex life was less than I wanted. Not only had the frequency of our love-making dwindled to once every two or three weeks, but my wife did not like oral sex so that was never part of our repertoire.

While I watched porn online occasionally, it is somewhat impersonal. Then I heard about Second Life and decided to check it out. I was hooked right away.

Second Life is a virtual world where you are represented by an avatar. When you join Second Life (it's free to join), you select a user name and can choose from a number of avatars. Then you download and install the Second Life Viewer, a special browser that you use when you play in Second Life.

After installing the viewer, you launch it and then enter the virtual world using your ID and password. You are immediately whisked into a welcome center for new members. There you can learn a bit about SL and how things wor

It is literally a virtual world. It has land masses, oceans, and skies. SL has a virtual economy. Although you will always be able to find lots of free stuff in SL, you can, for a fee, be an entrepreneur and develop land, design clothes and other artifacts and participate in the virtual economy.

There are universities online in Second Life and the territories - called sims - are rated G, M or R. Residents under 18 are supposed to be restricted to G sites. R sites are openly sex oriented.

There are games online including GOR which is a sex-based dom/sub game.

The sub-culture in SL is vibrant and wide-ranging. Every imaginable kink can be found there including your standard hetero sex, oral, gay, BDSM and even bestiality. You can have a or a or other animal as an avatar and/or you can have sex with animal avatars.

The avatars vary in detail and complexity. The standard avatars are very good. But if you top of the line, many people go for what are mesh avatars. These are highly developed and more realistic avatars, but they cost money.

The currency, the Linden converts at about 2500 lindens for US$.50. The exchange rate fluctuates but is fairly stable at about that rate. A full mesh avatar will cost up to 5000 lindens or about US$21. But you don't need one to play.

Men, however, do need to buy a penis. The standard male avatar is like a Ken doll - no genitals. The standard female avatar has a slit. While you can find freebie cocks, they are pretty lame and it is worth buying a good one. There are various competing brands at varying prices. I generally prefer the VAW Cock which looks fairly realistic, is adjustable in size, and has six stages of erection from flaccid to fully erect. When you are clothed, you can hide the cock, so to spea

There are night clubs for dancing and a lot of sex hangouts geared to various kinks. You can find gang bang clubs, clubs catering to masturbation, gay locales, furry and bestiality locations, and much more.

Creative entrepreneurs (some people have become millionaires in SL ) have designed all sorts of housing and<b> furniture </font></b>including sex beds and other sex<b> furniture. </font></b>Good sex<b> furniture </font></b>can include dozens to hundreds of poses. All are animated. You control a menu to control the animations.

While engaged in sex in SL, you can communicate with your partner by messaging which shows up in a box in the corner, or you can use voice and actually talk to your partner in real time. I find voice chat, when i am able to use it, very erotic, especially when you can hear your partner breathing heavily, moaning and making other sex sounds.

While SL is an elaborate cartoon world, it is fairly realistic and because the sex is interactive, it is far more enjoyable than watching porn. You control your avatar and what he or she says and does. You interact with the real people behind the avatars.

You are also able to have more than one avatar. I have four myself including one female avatar. When I started out in SL, I was too cheap to for a membership which includes a weekly allotment of lindens (currently at 300 a week). And I was too cheap to just buy lindens on the open market. I was worried about my wife seeing them pop up on our credit cards. So in order to buy a good penis for my avatar, I got a female avatar and used her as a in SL to get the money to buy a penis. After she made the money, she would transfer it to my male avatar and he would buy a penis. Then I'd more or less leave the female avatar in limbo until I needed money for something. My wife doesn't go into our finances any more and our credit card statements come online so now I just buy lindens when I need them.

is popular in SL and a lot of women in eastern European countries are fulltime SL prostitutes and convert their lindens back to real world money.

Anyway, that is my introduction to SL. I've noted that a lot of AdultFriendFinder members enjoy cybersex. Second Life is, in my opinion, the best cybersex to be had on the Internet.

In future posts I'll take you on a tour of some of the places you can find in SL, both and non-. And I'll offer some transcripts (with the names changed) of encounters I have had in SL. Here is a link to Second L:ife online: https://secondlife.com/

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