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Drink me for her.  

Marriedlovingfun 44M/47F
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9/4/2019 6:39 pm
Drink me for her.

Chapter 1. Our first taste
We sat at a table near the bar, enjoying our time together. You looked absolutely stunning, your hair up exposing your beautiful neck and shoulders making me want to pin you against a wall and fuck you hard and deep. You knew what I was thinking and it made you wet and throb knowing you could turn me on so easily. While we Waited for our check we played a game called "Who here?" Meaning who here would you fuck and why. Games like this always gets us excited and I love to hear about what turns you on, I saw you watching a hot brunette taking an order, and I knew the look of your own hungry and sensual beast. "her", I ask, as you knod, in agreement without taking your eyes off her legs and perfect toned shoulders, I love watching you check out other women, you don't know that I watch you but I do and I almost always agree, much like the women we choose for our dinner table fantasies, we always learn about eachother playing our game, and it makes us want to fuck, wildly.
We are very much in love and commited to eachother, and we enjoy the idea of sharing ourselfs, Jelousy has no place in any of our fantasies, our ultimate goal is to experience eachother enjoying an erotic adventure, other people would involved would simply be sexual characters helping us indulge eachothers deepest desires on a whole new level, free of the usual limits, pure sex for sex. We had both decided to experiment along these lines shortly after hearing about a very exclusive erotic based fantasy game called ROOMS, made for exactly the type of experiences we were lusting and looking for. After we answered a questionare and compared answers we, received a welcome package telling us an invitation would arive inviting us to a secret location any where in the world, where someone can fulfill any sexual fantasy imaginable, each location would have multiple rooms containing a fantasy. Until the first invitation arrived, we were asked to complete a challange, it stated, "invite someone you both find sexually attractive over to your house for drinks and see what happens"" Excited to start our sexual journey, We invited a beautiful friend we had met through a neighbor. we had already used her for a fantasy during a "who here" game. Beautifully exotic, tight and toned we asked her to come over. We anxiously payed our bill and left. The ride home was electrical and horny we were excited to meet our challange and enter into a whole new sexual adventure.
We pulled into our driveway, greeted by our guest her amazing body standing next to her car. We made drinks in the kitchen, before heading outside by the pool to talk, I sat in a chair and watched both of you pull off your shorts to lay in the sun, you both looked amazing bent over, a luscious display of two beautiful bodies that instantly woke my cock up Both of you lay next to me spread out in the sun. You turn to me and mouth the words "oh my god" looking at me from underneath your sunglasses. you thought she was attractive before but know that she was here you could see that she was perfect to you in every way and it made it even sexier that we both really knew why she was invited. She turned you on and you felt a curiosity overcome you, a wet and hot curiosity with a pulses touch deep in your pussy needing a tongues special touch. Your lustfull stare didn't go unnoticed either, we both saw and she looked over at you and winked with a crooked smile making us both instantly feel hot and horny. Without warning she got up walked over to you with a sexy strut that looked like it was made for the moment, straddled your Beautifull body and kissed you, soft and intimate, her mouth leaving your lips wanting more. Her passionate breaths on your neck hardening your nipples and opening your neck, enslaving you as she licks her way down, her warm hand felt good on your body, you lift your hips to help her take off your bikini, Her lips and long hair feel erotic against your inner thigh as her tongue takes longs licks along the sides of your moist pussy and over your throbbing asshole, her tongue wets you, opening you for more as she slides her long fingers inside you, filling you, satisfying your inner needs. She draws out your cream, under your aching clit and under her nibbling tongue. Harder and harder she mouth fucks your tastey hole as her finger perfectly rubs your clit like only another woman could. Her moaning vibrates your pussy as it drips grool, pooling in your lusting asshole and commanding an orgasmic arch. You motion me to come closer, so you could feel me, your hand reaches out gripping my hard pulsating dick as I stand over her head buried between your thighs. I feel huge and warm in your hand, she looks up to watch you<b> stroke </font></b>me, licking her lips with wide eyes, her mouth towards my hard cock, your supprised at what her desire for me does to you, her lust becomes your lust, you love watching another woman turned on and moaning for my dick, it makes you want to feed her, my full hard cock given to her, by you. Your hands guide me to her open mouth, already wet with your creamy juices, I slide slowly over her tongue, as she closes her lips around me, our eyes never break contact from eachother and the look of my pleasure instantly makes you drip more, covering your deep plunging fingers in hot creamy cum, your clit pulses as you jerk off my cock tightly in her mouth, your own fingers matching each stoke, sliding deep in your pussy, bringing us closer and closer to ecstasy.
We watch eachother, mouths open with pleasure, our pulsing assholes building with pleasure before releasing our final orgasm an undeniably wonderful sensation overcomes us as you feel me in your hand, pumping a warm wave of cum into her gasping mouth, her moans muffled as her tight pussy orgasms to my hard veiny dick throbbing inside her. You continue stroking me, milking me dry inside her panting mouth. Watching her devouring my juices and enjoy me brings you to a splashing orgasm of your own. All eyes watching your beautiful body tremble, squirting and wetting your thighs in sweet juices. She leans down to kiss you again this time to share me, you taste me on her wet lips with a long wild lick and smile.

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