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How should I do this  

MatthiasBernael 53M  
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9/11/2021 4:10 am
How should I do this

Ok. I think I'm high enough do this. It's frakkin' early in the morning but I'm not sleepy yet. I think I'm just going do this kinda as it pops in my head. That way I'm not overthinking things. I do that a lot.

I gave myself a challenge today. How many people at the store were wearing glasses. It was to force myself to look up from the ground and look in front of me. I was halfway through the shopping before I remembered. So I started then and discovered that I could not do it. I could not look at strangers' faces. Which I thought was<b> weird </font></b>because I can make eye contact when I'm talking to someone face to face. I think I'll try to practice that at work. It's hard when you're used to looking down all the time.

This is a<b> weird </font></b>place for me to be writing this, but part of this is to let myself be as real as possible. Even though online is easier than face-to-face, it's still hard for me to talk to people. And I feel like this gives me. the freedom and anonymity to be able to be open and learn more about me and creating friendships and -ships.

I discovered AdultFriendFinder's IM and it pretty much blows. I can't respond pretty much anyone so far. At least with the messages, I can respond a few.

Ugh, it's later than I want it be. There's more I want write. I hope I remember tomorrow haha

Fuck, I'm horny. A favorite side effect of being high haha

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to jerk off and blow a well-deserved load

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