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A walk through time  

Maxadrum 53M  
68 posts
5/10/2020 10:22 am
A walk through time

A whisper from a far passes through my ears, as i raise my head look a beautiful redhead appears off in the distance..i gasp as she takes my breathe away with her beauty, it brings a smile as we walk towards each other along the beach...waves flowing lightly up the shoreline under a moon lit evening
As we are about to pass by I stop and say hello and ask if i may join in a friendly walk with her... She smiles and we begin a dialogue with each and slowly begin
to walk under a full moon along the shoreline water flowing over our feet..
As we share in a nice conversation I reach out my hand and ask if I may place a kiss on her hand as a gesture of interest.. as a increase of heartbeats begin and a warmth coming over bringing a horripilation over my skin , such a amazing feeling...
She brings a feeling of comfort as we begin get know each more in our walk, she has very interested in learning more of her and I know i cant hold back the desires I am getting as she intrigues with so much elegance and class.. i ask if we may share another walk in time as she smiles and walks away...
As I watch her walking down the beach I have a smile of hope that we will meet again...
Dreaming of a day I could hold her hand in a walk of life, I have a smile
as wide as the sun, never knowing if we will meet again as day pass by
A weekend morning arrives as a nice sunny day appears in the skies of blue
Dreaming of a chance see her again i decide take a walk on the beach in hopes see that beautiful smile, walking for miles I find myself a bit lost in time
I turn around find my way home..
Seems like days have passed since i seen that smile as i keep walking and suddenly i hear a faint voice saying hello... It sounded a bit familiar as i turn
look she appears and we start walk with a bit of happiness toward each other we smile and say hello to each as we greet in a hug..
I ask to take her hand in a walk and she obliges too and brings a nice smile to each
I asked her if she had thought of since we last met and she replied, yes I have had you on my mind a bit, I replied back her with mutual feelings and mentioned i appreciated her presence, and enjoyed our conversations when we met on that beautiful evening of chance..
Keeping it simple but yet wanting know more of her I begin ask more detailed questions of her which has my eyes glowing with her nice classy answers, I can see she is humble and a carrying person with a heart of gold...
Amazed and intrigued by her character I have make it known her that I want meet again and share in more walks as she brings smiles that have been so far away for years..
We agree have more walks as i ask place a kiss on her cheek she smiles and says that would be lovely...

As we shared a warmth of comfort as we danced the night away...each wanting the night continue we share in hugs and say our goodbyes keeping our eyes locked in place as smiles grow so fondly on each...

Finding a place in her heart means so much as we share in moments of a soft touch, deep thoughts arise as we find ourselves full of joy we decide to share contact information as the daylight sky appears in the distance... leaving footprints in my mind as we share time we begin walking our separate ways

Life's simple moments bring the special moments as dreams of her warm my heart at night as I lay comfortably numb...Seeing her in a light of day brings rays of light into my days leading to a path of beauty unseen before

Inspiration comes in many ways, and at different times through life, it for us to seek it and create the moments that feed are soul...

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