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Views of desire  

Maxadrum 54M
71 posts
8/7/2021 3:08 pm
Views of desire

Laced in desire as she stands by the window in a silhouette of candles that enhance the curves of her body...Ass is perked out as her heels bring out the
beauty of her toned curves with black<b> lingerie </font></b>forming tightly to her body.
Walking slowly past the window along the walkway as she glows with elegance
Wondering the softness of her body, i stop and turn my head as she is still poised in the window, as i make my turn around she is out of view, walking to the door as i reach to knock it opens and there she is covered in a robe...
She invites me in as i enter she grabs my head and places her wet moist lips all over mine and we kiss deeply in passion at the doorway...
I pick her up and close the door with my foot and walk her into the living room and lay her on the couch and admire her body and slide my hand back around her head and kiss her as hands roam her body.
Skin so soft it is arousing as she caresses my back with her hands and pulls my shirt off, the softness of her hands on my back brings stimulation with chills of desire..
Her hands roaming as they make their way to my waistline as we suck tongues with lust, i gasp as she unbuttons my pants and feel her hand slide over my boxers, bringing a rise of my cock into her warm touch, grasping it firmly she slowly strokes it and teases the tip with her soft fingers, Her body is so warm as she begins to mount the top of me looking stimulating in lace, i reach to caress her c cupped breast and ease my fingers along her bra line...Her eyes glisten as she entices the moment with her eyes so wide open, Pulling her down to me in a kiss of passion i reach behind to undo her bra and expose them rock hard nipples i desire so much, licking my fingers as i slowly place the index finger over her nipples and tease them with soft pinches, she moans with pleasure when i begin to suck on each one with lusting erotic tongue lashings over the nipples, as she quivers and leans back while straddling me still, reaching to caress them soft silky panties and feel her wetness as her panties are soaked, tasting my fingers as they're covered with her love juices...
She cries for penetration as i play with that shaved pussy playing with her vagina lips and feel her juices soaking my hand, easing a finger inside her lovely pussy she moans with pleasure, as the pulsations rapid in motion i get deeper in her with three fingers now, her body shaking with pleasure as i feel her legs wrap me tightly
Moaning loudly as I slow the pace and pull the fingers out, her sighs of enjoyment fill the air
I roll her over in motion exposing her nice wet vagina. lowering my lips to taste her pleasure pulling her hips into my face as i lust my tongue deep in her she quivers with passion and presses my head down more as her wall swell so nicely as her pussy is so puffy

author51 58F  
126433 posts
8/8/2021 1:20 am

Beautiful read Hun...xoxo

RayleneRich 45T  
5 posts
8/10/2021 10:35 am

O.K. Maxi, this is really well written. Good job!

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