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From The Sedan Man Chronicles
Posted:Oct 21, 2020 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 12:37 am

From the Story "A Stripper Let Loose"

We drive for a little while and she has pull this club, which of course is a new strip
joint. I wheel into the valet area and a guy in a bright colored vest opens the door. A doorman opens the
passenger door, allowing Brandy to get out as well. I give the guy in the vest my keys and a twenty
dollar bill. She waits for , then as I walk her, she takes my arm into hers and we walk into the
club. As we near the door, she reaches her hand into my pocket. She slides her hand in flatly, then uses
her fingernails to lightly scratch at my flesh through the thin fabric of my pocket. Pulling her hand out,
my cock slightly reacts to the sudden attention, and I feel something in my pocket. I reach in and pull
out one hundred dollar bills that are folded in half.
“That's just a starter,” she says. “You're mine now.” She flashes a sweet, flirty smile. We walk
into the club, which is your typical strip club, the music is hot and the girls are hotter. We are escorted
to a table by the host. Immediately, a very cute waitress is at our table. We sit down and order drinks
(non-alcoholic for me), and the beautiful, scantily-clad female dancers seem to gravitate to Brandy.
They seem to know she is one of them. She pays for two of them to dance for her immediately. Her
eyes start to come alive with the faint hint of lust as she watches the two near-naked women slither
against her and each other.
The girls, one a sweet-faced blonde with a lean body and large fake breasts, also has a nice tan
and is wearing a pink string bikini. The other is a shapely redhead wearing a sheer, white lingerie top
and matching white thong. She has a more compact body, with full, large breasts and a round sweet ass.
She has a classic model face and drips of sex and lust. Her gaze seduces you to your very soul. The
girls run their hands along Brandy's shapely female frame, sliding their hands over her breasts
and over her lap. As the blonde moves her tits close Brandy's face, the redhead has her head in
Brandy's lap, reaching her hand under Brandy's skirt. Brandy slides her hips down in the chair
meet the redhead’s fingers as she simulates licking Brandy's pussy. The blonde then grabs at one of
Brandy's hard nipples and flicks at it through the thin fabric. The little show that I am watching is
having an effect on me, as I squirm in my chair hide the hard- starting build in my pants. The
song finally ends and the girls sit down with us talk.
Brandy tells them the name of the club that she works at, and both girls know it. She tells them
about the guy she has just broken with. Then they both look over at , “So who's this?” the blonde

“Well, I've never really been with an older man,” Brandy confesses. “This is my long-time
driver, Max, who'll be fucking my brains out in just a little while.” The blonde raises her eyebrows and
smiles widely at me.
The redhead says with a chuckle, “Well, we will just have get her properly warmed for
you then, won't we, Max?” I get and follow the trio of girls as they have decided find a less
crowded spot in the VIP area. We are led over a table in a dimly lit corner. Brandy pays the VIP
room hostess hundred dollars. The hostess brings over a large bottle of champagne and opens it,
pouring four glasses of the sparkling beverage. I tip her forty dollars before she leaves the room.
The four of us are now secluded, hidden by mirrored pillars and walls. The girls immediately
strip off their tops as the next song begins. Then, the two dancers begin to move with the music, as they
dance close to Brandy. One of the girls then turns to me and moves my chair closer to the action. As
they dance for her, they also rub the fronts and backs of their bodies against me. The area stays
secluded as the second song starts. The redhead is close to Brandy and has pulled Brandy's tube-top
down exposing her tanned breasts. The redhead rubs her hard nipples against Brandy's. Then, she leans
over and lightly kisses Brandy on the neck, as she rubs Brandy’ nipples with her palms. The redhead
leans over, her ass rotating around the front of my body and near my face. The blonde is dancing with
her hips close to Brandy's face, and her back to the main VIP area. The redhead has worked her way
down to Brandy's lap.
Now on her knees, she pushes Brandy's jean skirt her hips. Brandy's crotch is now
exposed, as the redhead turns the chair directly into my line of vision. The beautiful redhead is now
concentrating her lips and tongue on the open, pink flesh that is Brandy's luscious pussy. The blonde is
now dancing close to Brandy's face, as Brandy takes turns watching the redheaded dancer lick at her
wet slit and the blonde, who has now pulled the front of her thong back exposing her shaved, tanned
pussy. The blonde puts her hand behind Brandy's head. Brandy looks her sweet features and
smiles as the blonde brings Brandy's face and lips her exposed, wanton cunt. The blonde rotates her
hips against Brandy's quickly flicking tongue. The music continues on to the next song, and the redhead
is still licking at Brandy's pussy as she wiggles her ass around in the chair. I see Brandy's hand reach
out in my direction as the blonde continues to hold Brandy's lips to her womanhood. I move my chair
right next to Brandy's, she feels for then, and reaches her hand down my lap and my throbbing
cock. Brandy pulls her lips away from the pussy nub that is the blonde’s clit.
She smiles slightly, her eyes burning with lust as I unzip my fly and allow her feel my rigid
male flesh. The redhead notices right next her and she also reaches out my cock, lightly
rubbing the head with the palm of her hand, as Brandy strokes and squeezes the rock hard shaft. As if
with a sharp pain, she sucks her breath in quickly then bites her lip slightly, as she looks down at the
redhead furiously licking her clit and down. Then, her eyes move back over the hard cock she is
squeezing in her hand. She closes her eyes and momentarily rolls her head back as a low moan escapes
her lips. Then she turns her attention back the hot blonde’s shaved slit. Searching with her lips for
the blonde’s wet clit, her hand still stroking my cock, as she bucks her hips a little harder against the
redhead’s face. The blonde slowly and forcefully slides her hips and down against Brandy's face.
Brandy squeezes my cock hard and holds it as she starts spasm. The blonde girl moans lowly, like
she is coming, and is rotating her hips. It takes everything I have not squirt a heavy load over the
place. The girls dress Brandy, while I put myself back together, trying to regroup and calm myself
From The Sedan Man Chronicles
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 1:05 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 12:37 am

From the Story "Working Girls Revenge"

Instead of getting into the back seat, she opens the passenger door and slides
in next to . The front seat had been moved forward accommodate them in the back, so her
knees were touching the dash board. I had to reach across her body to put the seat back. My arm
instinctively tightened as the back of it lightly brushed her breast.
“So, your name is Max?”
“My name is Cynthia. Do you like wine?” she asks.
“Yes,” I reply with a knowing smile.
“Do you live alone, Max?” she asks softly, seducing me with her beautiful, deep green eyes.
“I do,” I say while trying not to melt into this woman’s amazing gaze.
“Do you live close?” she asks inquisitively.
“Not far,” I say with a wink.
“Show me,” she says with a whisper in my ear and then a kiss on my cheek. My head starts to
spin at the possibilities to follow. She fiddles with her hair, talking and flirting with me as I drive.
Finally, we get to my condo. I let her in and ask her to have a seat on the couch. I check a few things
and light a couple of candles in my room. I go to the kitchen and open the bottle of wine, then come
back to the couch with the open bottle and a couple of glasses. I take a seat next to Cynthia, who has
already taken off her jacket and shoes. I notice that she has great legs and her shiny hair is lying across
her bare shoulders, covered only by the spaghetti straps of her top. I lean back and take a sip of wine.
She leans close to me and looks in to my eyes. She puts the back of her hand softly against the two day
razor stubble that covers my face, running the back of her hand over my lips. She leans in and our lips
meet. I kiss her softly at first, but I can tell that's not what she wants, as she starts to bite my lip with a
medium amount of pressure. Then she whispers in my ear, “Are you a kinky boy, Max?”
Instead of answering, I stand up and lead her to my bedroom. The lit candles cause the room to
smell of sweet hazelnut cream. I motion for her to finish her glass of wine, then I take it from her and
set it next to my own drink on my dresser. I take her arms and wrap them around me, then wrap myself
around her as we embrace locking our lips together. As I continue to kiss her, I slowly back her up
against the wall, holding her arms above her head with her wrists together. I squeeze her wrists a little
as I push her up against the wall. Not too hard, but with enough force that she knows she is being taken.
Even though I have her up against the wall with my body tightly up against hers, my kisses are still soft
and teasing. My passion for Cynthia rises, as the moment begins to take hold of me. I leave her lips and
start to kiss down her neck, more forcefully. I am feeling that I am in complete control of this amazing
woman and confident that she will love everything that my kinky mind has to offer.
I let go of her wrists, but tell her not to move them. I again press my body close to her,
smelling her perfume on her neck, as I enjoy its contours with the tip of my nose. I run my hands
tightly and with purpose along the sides of her gorgeous female figure. Then, stepping back just a little,
I run my hands over her breast, lingering for a moment to feel the full mounds through her bra. Our eye
contact is lustful and intense, as I look deeply into her clear green eyes. I clench my jaw just a little and
harden my gaze upon her. My hands have been lingering around the opening of her blouse, feeling the
buttons as my fingers grasp the two openings for her top. As I hold the fabric, I forcefully yank her
blouse apart with a quick, forceful jerk. The buttons fly everywhere, as I rip her blouse open. She gasps
first, then sighs, tilting her head back a little, as she closes her eyes in relief at the sudden show of
sexual force. With my left hand I reach around and unhook her bra, freeing her very beautiful breast,
aching from confinement and excitement. Her ivory breasts are firm and a bit larger than medium, they
are full and the pink nipples point skyward prominently.
She starts to lower her arms, “Leave your hands up!“ I order in a low growl. She immediately
snaps to attention. Then I lower my face to her tits. I flick my tongue at one of the hard pink buds
before taking her nipple in to my wet mouth. My mouth stays open just a bit as I suck her into my
mouth allowing a little flow of air as I suck in, creating an added sensation for her body to enjoy. Then,
I reach around with both hands and grab her tight, round ass cheeks, pulling them towards the hardness
in my pants. I suck as much of her breast as I can into my mouth, opening my mouth wide to
accommodate her breast flesh until I can feel her nipple at the back of my throat. I flex my throat
muscles as I continue to suck keeping most of her protruding flesh in my mouth as a sort of tit deepthroat. I have found some women can even orgasm from this. Her breathing begins to get heavy and I
can tell she wants more. Is she prepared for what’s next?
“Leave your hands up and don't move,” I command. I reach into the closet door that is slightly
ajar, pulling out a couple of silk ties that I have tied together. I step in front of her, tying a loop into one
end. Then I show her the restraints, her eyes widen with excitement. “Do you still want kinky?” I ask in
a low, deep voice.
She opens her mouth to try and speak but her breath catches instead, her voice fluttering as she
begs, “ yes, Max, please!” She exclaims. “Please use ,” as she continues beg, pleading for
sexual fulfillment.
“I want you over here,” I say in a demanding tone. I move her to a spot in my room near the
window where I have a plant hook anchored to the ceiling. With her wrists still and together, I drop
the large tie loop over her hands and in one motion pull and tighten the restraints around her
wrists. I pull her onto her toes, then grab the chair that I keep in my room, and tie the other end of
the silk ties to the plant hook. She is now on the balls of her feet so that her heels can not touch the
ground. I open the window shades just a bit. The somewhat bright street light shines into the room
through the shades and creates a diagonally streaked pattern against her now naked body. She looks
incredibly sexy causing my mind’s eye to burn this amazing site into my memory forever. Kissing her
cheek I grin then say, “I'll be right back, don't go anywhere.”
“Hurry, my Master,” she says softly. I go into the kitchen and get a tumbler glass, filling it
halfway with ice, then add water to fill the glass to quarters full. I bring it back into the room and
take a sip as I walk back her suspended body. I kiss her shoulder, allowing a small amount of the
water escape from my mouth and drip down the inside of her shoulder and past the outside of her left
breast. I step back from her and shake the ice cold glass a little hear the clinking sound. I then lightly
caress the outer contour of her breast. Her wide eyes watch my movements and her body trembles as I
move the glass from side to side until I am almost touching her breast with the ice cold glass. She gasps
as I tilt the glass allowing a small amount of ice cold water to touch her warm nipple. A drop lingers on
her nipple as my hot mouth sucks in the taut, pink bud. I then take a small piece of ice into my mouth
and lightly rub it all over her hard nipple before dropping it back into the glass. I suck her wet nipple
into my mouth, sucking it deep until I feel it on my throat again.
I start to lightly run my fingers along her inner thigh. Slowly, allowing the tips of my fingers to
get closer to the opening between her legs, but not touching the wet gash that waits for my attention. I
continue to kiss my way down her body, to her stomach, dripping the water, then licking it as I go. I
make sure that little bits of water have dripped their way down to her crotch, and to her, what must be
very throbbing by now, pussy. Finally, I allow myself to touch her slick opening with my finger tips.
“My, you are a very wet little girl,” I coo into her ear.
“ yes, my Master, you make very wet,” she whimpers. I get my knees, lift her off of
the ground, and hold her by her thighs. I kiss her inner thigh and lightly trace a straight line with my
tongue her thigh her female folds. I lick one of the outer lips upward until I reach her clit but
teasingly, only flick at it slightly. I repeat this and each time I start closer her pussy and linger longer
until I am kissing, licking and sucking her sweet, tangy pussy. I literally have her juices all over the
lower part of my face and chin, and am loving every minute of it. Finally, I focus on her now
pronounced clit. I lick and down, and side side quickly flicking my tongue directly on her
protruding pussy bud. I lightly suck and then rotate my tongue doing circles around and on her slippery clit. I pull her legs and set her thighs onto my shoulders. My hands are now free as I lick her tasty
slit. So, with my right hand I reach over her leg and start to rub her clit as I stick my tongue as far as it
will go her love tunnel.
She likes this, and starts buck herself forward into my tongue, her legs are against my upper
back and she uses it as leverage to start slamming her cunt into my face. She has had a couple of what I
would call small orgasms. But, she has much more than that to offer her “Master”, as I am sure we are
working towards a major orgasm for her. I move myself under her a little more, so that she is almost
sitting on my shoulder and so I may reach her love tunnel with my hands as I continue to lick and suck
at her pussy folds and the nub of her clit. My left hand is now rubbing the top of her pussy just above
her clit as I now lick it with a consistent rhythm. I then bring my right hand up and insert my middle
finger into her wet slit. I turn my palm upward as I reach my finger for a spot above her pelvic bone on
the inside wall of her body, opposite of the nerve endings connected to her clit. She feels the connection
deep within her and instantly screams, “ my god, right there!”
Again using her legs as a base against my back she grinds hard against . The finger I have
inside of her is rubbing her G-spot, my fingers the outside rubbing the top of her pussy in a circular
way, my tongue and my face going side to side as I lick her clit in rhythm with my hands. I am on my
knees and she is literally riding my face and hands. Her arms and hands are straight as she bucks
and writhes against her restraints, fucking my face for she can. Her hot little ass is popping and
down as I lick her clit from side side. Finally, she slows down and starts grind against my face and
hand really hard. Her moans and cries of ecstasy become more desperate. Then, all at once her body
starts jerk and clench as she screams in rhythmic spasms, she is having multiple orgasms and they
are coming in waves as she squeezes my head between her legs.
Then, in a deep wanton voice, “I want you inside of ” she gasps between breaths. I lift her
trembling legs over and off of my shoulders. Then I stand, lifting her by her ass and thighs, while she is
still tied , and guide her body and her hot cunt my cock.
I hear myself groan loudly as I thrust myself deep inside of her. I lean back slightly as we
quickly find the perfect rhythm between us. I hold her hips tightly as I rotate my hips, sliding my cock
in a circular motion deep inside of her. Hitting one side of her vaginal wall as I enter her and hitting the
other side as I exit, reaching my cock deep inside of her throughout. I manage keep a very deliberate
pace as I am pounding harder with every stroke. Soon, she is bucking and writhing as she impales
herself on my cock, crying out loudly, she clenches internally as she goes into another wave of
orgasms. Watching this beauty, totally suspended in the air, fucking herself onto my cock is an
awesome sight, let me just say. Soon, my balls start to tighten, I am getting close. She sees my twisted
look of agony and ecstasy.
“Baby!” she cries out. “Pull it out and spray it all over me,” she begs. “I want to go home with
your cum all over me!” I gain renewed stamina from this idea as I start to fuck her faster and harder,
slamming her onto my cock with renewed gusto, and as I do, she starts talking dirty to me. “What a hot
guy you are, Max” she coos. “Fuck me with that thick cock.... harder big boy,” she continues. “
baby, your cock feels sooo good!”
That does it for , my balls tighten, I tense real hard and pull my cock out of her silky
wetness. I lurch forward in rhythm and slide the base of my cock the top of the slick wetness of her
pussy. Then, start to shoot hard streams of hot cum over the place, over her and her tits. I moan
and growl as she cries out the same vocal harmony and it sounds unbelievably sexy. We slow our
mutual rhythm, and finally come a stop. I untie her wrist freeing her from the restraints. She falls
into my arms and we kiss very deeply, rubbing the still warm male ejaculate between our bodies. I lead
her over to my bed, lay her down and go to the bathroom. I return with a warm wet towel and proceed
to clean my jiz off of her body and mine. I then dry her body as well as mine then, get into my bed with
her. She crawls my chest as we intertwine our exhausted bodies in the afterglow of an amazing
sexual experience.
In the morning, we cuddle and laugh, before engaging in some normal, but heavy morning sex.
before giving her a ride home. A week later I get a call from her, telling me she was moving out of
town, but that she will always remember our night together. So will I, Miss Cynthia, so will I.
From The Sedan Man Chronicles
Posted:Aug 23, 2020 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 12:37 am

From The Story Dispatcher Delight

As have said before, one the most important relationships for any driver, is his relationship with the dispatchers. I learned this the hard way, as I would be somewhat combative with some of them as I started to figure the system that we worked . So, as my on the job training progressed I came to realize that keeping them happy is a must if you want to get any good runs. Well, about 6 months after I started to drive for this company, they hired a new female dispatcher a very cute but, somewhat thick named Kimberly. Being a bit of a thick Kimberly had some very large breast and every time I was in the office and she was working she'd catch me looking at her tits. But, instead of getting all bent of shape she would just smile and without any sound, mouth the words

“You're soooo busted” then she'd wink and go back to work. I didn't really have to wonder if she liked , I just wondered when I might get my chance.

Well, one night I had to go into the office to get something. Now, normally we have a dispatcher working at night, partly because there is no one else in the office at night except for a driver once in awhile. On this night Kimberly is filling in for the night guy. It's about thirty on a slow, week night when I get to the office. I must have startled her, for as I walk in, I see that she is fumbling around with something her desk. She sees that it's and gets a sheepish grin on her almost red from embarrassment

“What are you doing” I ask. Her eyes get a little twinkle in them

“Would you like to see? She asks. I start to get a big grin on my

“Sure” I say

“Well, get around here then” she says impatiently, I walk behind her desk I see that her shorts are down by her ankles, she slides her chair back just a bit to expose her white, sheer panties not at all hiding her fairly thick mound of pussy hair.

“I was thinking how cool it would be to get my pussy licked from here while I was working. She admits. Then, I started to get real horny and decided I needed to do something about it”

She explained “I really didn't think anyone would be coming in” she continued.

”Well, as long as here” I suggested “But, first I think, I'd like to see what you were going to do if I hadn't come in” She smiles widely

“You like to watch, do you? She asks as she pulls her sheer panties down and pulls one leg of them. She then, spreads her legs wide, pulls her hair covered pussy lips back exposing one of the largest clits I've ever seen in my life. She takes two fingers into her mouth and lathers them up real good. Her eyes are now burning as she stares at , while she rubs her wet fingers all over her large clit.

“Wow, That's one of the coolest things I ever seen” I say. She smiles very sweetly and says

“You like that”

“Very much” I say, she slides her hand down past her stomach rubbing her fingers around and then inside of her very wet pussy, then, she brings her fingers to my lips, I suck on them of course and say,

“I think I'd like to kiss it” She smiles and says

“Yes, you should probably get down there and kiss it” She rolls her chair back so that I can get the desk. She slides her ass to the front of the chair and she leans back. I slide my hands up her inner thighs and take turns touching her pussy and that awesome clit with each hand making sure I linger a little longer each time, until I am rubbing her clit constantly as I switch hands. Finally, I start to kiss my way up her thigh. I then, pull her close to me and with both hands I pull her pussy lips back exposing her very large and now swollen clit. It's so cool that I rub the tip of my nose on it. Finally I up and say

“This is way too cool to be hiding it behind all of this hair”

“Well” she replies “that area hasn’t been getting much attention lately so, I figured why bother”

“That’s too bad, maybe I can change that a little” I say with a shrug then, I smile as I gently place my lips around it and slowly start to roll my lips around this large clit. I reach for it with my tongue as I keep my lips close around it.

“That's perfect” she purrs. I up to see the sweet of pained pleasure all over her . Then, she reaches for my head to run her fingers through my hair as I suck and lick this thick girls' awesome clit. I pull my lips away from the large nub and watch in amazement as it glistens and quivers almost as if this beautiful pussy nub is spasming on its own. Then, I start to lick lower on her pussy so that I can rub this amazing clit with my nose. I then start to rotate my whole as I have my tongue buried in her pussy tunnel and rub her clit with my nose as I do so. She loves this, and as she finally start to , she cries

“Please suck my cunt, please suck my clit ” I again wrap my lips around her amazing clit and I start to bob my head up and down on her large swollen clit.

“Oh my god, that's it” she cries bucking her hips and grinding her pussy into my . She comes hard clenching her body tightly in a rhythmic spasm as she holds my head and against her crotch.

Finally, she calms down and I crawl from her desk. She pulls her panties back on then her shorts. After a few minutes of giggling about what had just happened she informs she would like to return the favor away from work.

“Tomorrow is Tuesday” She says smiling “can you take the night off? It will be worth it I promise” She assures with a small kiss.

‘Well, when you put it that way” I say with a wink “, do I really need a night off”
From The Sedan Man Chronicles
Posted:Aug 23, 2020 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 12:37 am

A Sample from the Story Canadian Businessmen

As I get done with my phone a stunning beauty in auburn hair and green eyes approaches , she takes by the hand and leads to a secluded area, I tell that I am the driver, she nods her head and says she knows and that she has been to take very good care of for the next 6 songs. I swear some of these girls just like exposing themselves. Amazingly, she starts to dance for me and as she did, every time she ran her hands or fingers near her crotch she would pull the fabric back exposing her beautiful, completely shaved pussy. When she isn't showing me her perfect little slit, she was grabbing and squeezing my cock. Now, this is a topless only place so, this is a risk for her, although not much in this part of the VIP area. Finally, she pulls her g-string back and leaves it that way, so that as she sits on my thigh with her amazing tits in my , her bare flesh is slowly grinding against my leg. She then leans close to , her cunt still on my leg, she takes her hand that is close to the wall, reaching down she unzips my fly. Then, reaching in, she pulls my cock through the opening in my boxer briefs.

“Do you want to make you come?” she whispers in my ear. All I can do is whisper back,

“Please, ” for the next two songs she stayed in exactly the same position, riding my leg and stroking my cock. Soon she grabs a couple of napkins from the table.

“Are you ready to big ” she coos.

“Oh my god, yes” whispering my reply

“Good, too” she whispers and with that she began squeezing and massaging my cock like I had never felt before in my life, she slid her ass back a bit on my leg so she can rub her clit against my thigh and as soon as she did, her breathing became very heavy

“ coming” she sighs and with that I blew my load into the napkins in her hand. She continued to thrust herself on my leg slower and slower but, still very force full. Finally, she looked down on to my , kissed very lightly and said “Thank you, ”

“Thank you, as well” I said with a smile.

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