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From The Sedan Man Chronicles  

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10/21/2020 2:20 pm
From The Sedan Man Chronicles

From the Story "A Stripper Let Loose"

We drive for a little while and she has pull this club, which of course is a new strip
joint. I wheel into the valet area and a guy in a bright colored vest opens the door. A doorman opens the
passenger door, allowing Brandy to get out as well. I give the guy in the vest my keys and a twenty
dollar bill. She waits for , then as I walk her, she takes my arm into hers and we walk into the
club. As we near the door, she reaches her hand into my pocket. She slides her hand in flatly, then uses
her fingernails to lightly scratch at my flesh through the thin fabric of my pocket. Pulling her hand out,
my cock slightly reacts to the sudden attention, and I feel something in my pocket. I reach in and pull
out one hundred dollar bills that are folded in half.
“That's just a starter,” she says. “You're mine now.” She flashes a sweet, flirty smile. We walk
into the club, which is your typical strip club, the music is hot and the girls are hotter. We are escorted
to a table by the host. Immediately, a very cute waitress is at our table. We sit down and order drinks
(non-alcoholic for me), and the beautiful, scantily-clad female dancers seem to gravitate to Brandy.
They seem to know she is one of them. She pays for two of them to dance for her immediately. Her
eyes start to come alive with the faint hint of lust as she watches the two near-naked women slither
against her and each other.
The girls, one a sweet-faced blonde with a lean body and large fake breasts, also has a nice tan
and is wearing a pink string bikini. The other is a shapely redhead wearing a sheer, white lingerie top
and matching white thong. She has a more compact body, with full, large breasts and a round sweet ass.
She has a classic model face and drips of sex and lust. Her gaze seduces you to your very soul. The
girls run their hands along Brandy's shapely female frame, sliding their hands over her breasts
and over her lap. As the blonde moves her tits close Brandy's face, the redhead has her head in
Brandy's lap, reaching her hand under Brandy's skirt. Brandy slides her hips down in the chair
meet the redhead’s fingers as she simulates licking Brandy's pussy. The blonde then grabs at one of
Brandy's hard nipples and flicks at it through the thin fabric. The little show that I am watching is
having an effect on me, as I squirm in my chair hide the hard- starting build in my pants. The
song finally ends and the girls sit down with us talk.
Brandy tells them the name of the club that she works at, and both girls know it. She tells them
about the guy she has just broken with. Then they both look over at , “So who's this?” the blonde

“Well, I've never really been with an older man,” Brandy confesses. “This is my long-time
driver, Max, who'll be fucking my brains out in just a little while.” The blonde raises her eyebrows and
smiles widely at me.
The redhead says with a chuckle, “Well, we will just have get her properly warmed for
you then, won't we, Max?” I get and follow the trio of girls as they have decided find a less
crowded spot in the VIP area. We are led over a table in a dimly lit corner. Brandy pays the VIP
room hostess hundred dollars. The hostess brings over a large bottle of champagne and opens it,
pouring four glasses of the sparkling beverage. I tip her forty dollars before she leaves the room.
The four of us are now secluded, hidden by mirrored pillars and walls. The girls immediately
strip off their tops as the next song begins. Then, the two dancers begin to move with the music, as they
dance close to Brandy. One of the girls then turns to me and moves my chair closer to the action. As
they dance for her, they also rub the fronts and backs of their bodies against me. The area stays
secluded as the second song starts. The redhead is close to Brandy and has pulled Brandy's tube-top
down exposing her tanned breasts. The redhead rubs her hard nipples against Brandy's. Then, she leans
over and lightly kisses Brandy on the neck, as she rubs Brandy’ nipples with her palms. The redhead
leans over, her ass rotating around the front of my body and near my face. The blonde is dancing with
her hips close to Brandy's face, and her back to the main VIP area. The redhead has worked her way
down to Brandy's lap.
Now on her knees, she pushes Brandy's jean skirt her hips. Brandy's crotch is now
exposed, as the redhead turns the chair directly into my line of vision. The beautiful redhead is now
concentrating her lips and tongue on the open, pink flesh that is Brandy's luscious pussy. The blonde is
now dancing close to Brandy's face, as Brandy takes turns watching the redheaded dancer<b> lick </font></b>at her
wet slit and the blonde, who has now pulled the front of her thong back exposing her shaved, tanned
pussy. The blonde puts her hand behind Brandy's head. Brandy looks her sweet features and
smiles as the blonde brings Brandy's face and lips her exposed, wanton cunt. The blonde rotates her
hips against Brandy's quickly flicking tongue. The music continues on to the next song, and the redhead
is still licking at Brandy's pussy as she wiggles her ass around in the chair. I see Brandy's hand reach
out in my direction as the blonde continues to hold Brandy's lips to her womanhood. I move my chair
right next to Brandy's, she feels for then, and reaches her hand down my lap and my throbbing
cock. Brandy pulls her lips away from the pussy nub that is the blonde’s clit.
She smiles slightly, her eyes burning with lust as I unzip my fly and allow her feel my rigid
male flesh. The redhead notices right next her and she also reaches out my cock, lightly
rubbing the head with the palm of her hand, as Brandy strokes and squeezes the rock hard shaft. As if
with a sharp pain, she sucks her breath in quickly then bites her lip slightly, as she looks down at the
redhead furiously licking her clit and down. Then, her eyes move back over the hard cock she is
squeezing in her hand. She closes her eyes and momentarily rolls her head back as a low moan escapes
her lips. Then she turns her attention back the hot blonde’s shaved slit. Searching with her lips for
the blonde’s wet clit, her hand still stroking my cock, as she bucks her hips a little harder against the
redhead’s face. The blonde slowly and forcefully slides her hips and down against Brandy's face.
Brandy squeezes my cock hard and holds it as she starts spasm. The blonde girl moans lowly, like
she is coming, and is rotating her hips. It takes everything I have not squirt a heavy load over the
place. The girls dress Brandy, while I put myself back together, trying to regroup and calm myself

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