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From The Sedan Man Chronicles  

Maxmann_159 58M
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1/23/2021 12:53 pm
From The Sedan Man Chronicles

From the Story "The Doctor and his Assistant"

“I have a fantasy,” she confesses. Would you like to help with it, Max?” she asks, looking
into my eyes. “I want to be with two men the same time.”
“You want two cocks inside you the same time, don't you?” I ask, already knowing the
“Oh my god, your thick cock and Dr. Lee's long cock would be so awesome inside me the
same time, I can't even think straight.”
“You want this tonight, don't you?” I ask, again already knowing the answer. The pleading
in her eyes tells everything I need to know.
“Well, I did say, ‘anything’ didn't I?” I reply with a grin. She<b> kisses </font></b>on the cheek and
squeezes my arm as we walk back into the strip club. When we get back inside, the doc has already
the tab and is ready to go. I figure he already knows what she wants and is just letting her get it set
up with . The ride back to her apartment is quick, and although they are in the back seat, every once
in a while she leans up and<b> kisses </font></b>my cheek, reaching around to squeeze my nipple through my dress
We get to Nikki's apartment and go inside. Dr. Lee starts to mix some drinks with vodka. Nikki
walks into the bedroom, and leaving the door open, I see her slip of her clothes and into a sheer,
silk, one-piece teddy. Soon, she is waiting the door of her room, with the candles lit and says with a
lustful grin, “ ready, boys.”
The doctor and I walk toward her door with our drinks. I unbutton my shirt and take it off
before reaching the door. The doc is already stripped down to his boxer shorts. I approach Nikki from
the front, kissing her lips and reaching for her perfect tits, as the doc takes his position behind her,
rubbing her ass and kissing her neck. She reaches for my cock, but I stop her to take off my dress
slacks. The doc is now pulling her teddy over her shoulders and off of her shapely body. All of us are
now naked in her room and she leans down in front of , to suck my throbbing hard-on into her
mouth. The doc is still behind her, fingering her pussy and ass as he gets ready to enter her from
behind. Soon, the doc is sliding himself in and out of her pussy, as she slurps my thick cock in and out
of her mouth. We continue this for a few minutes, but it is not what Nikki wants, so she orders onto
the bed. Then she crawls up on top of , laying her back against my chest.
Suddenly I feel a very slick liquid on my crotch area. I feel her hand on my cock, squeezing and
lubing up my hard cock. I then see the doc has crawled up onto the bed and is now leaning over Nikki,
though not really touching her. I feel a tight pressure against the head of my cock, then I feel myself
slip into the silky tightness of her ass. Slowly she begins to open herself up to my thick cock. The doc
is now on top of her and I feel the added weight. I feel a new pressure along the front of my cock and it
pushes her ass hole wall against my cock. The feeling is very stimulating. I have heard guys this
the ultimate bonding and I get it. Feeling the doc slide his shaft in and of Nikki, hitting the
front of my cock, causes a sensation I’ve never felt before. Nikki now starts to wiggle and squirm up
and down on my cock as the doc begins to slam himself inside of her pussy. Her quivering ass is now
shaking her whole body.
I move my head to the opposite side that the doc is on and begin to suck on Nikki’s neck as she
hops up and down on my shaft. The feeling of the doc's cock sliding against mine inside of Nikki is
now more than I can take. Nikki's body tenses up as she screams in sheer ecstasy. I grunt loudly
with a growl as I start to fuck Nikki's ass hard. The doc starts yelping as he feels my cock against his,
inside of Nikki, shaft to shaft. Nikki is now literally flopping around like a fish of water as she
fucks herself against the two hard cocks she has impaled herself on. Her rhythmic cries echo the grunts
and groans from the doc and I. We continue this rhythm for several minutes as Nikki is now howling
and convulsing uncontrollably. The doc comes loudly, pulling his cock and spraying the front of
Nikki's body with his thick juice. I blow a large load into Nikki's ass as her tight bung has squeezed as
much pleasure as possible of my cock.
Completely covered and filled with , Nikki now lays on top of without moving. The doc
has pulled out and is now off of her. But she asks not to move for a minute while she continues to
come in little waves that are still sweeping over her body. A few seconds later, the doc comes back with
a towel for Nikki. She finally pulls her ass off of my cock, cleaning my manhood before letting me get
up to get my clothes.
After using the restroom, Nikki comes back and I can see that she is exhausted, the doc sees
it too. I say my goodnight to Nikki and I leave, allowing the doc to have his time with his assistant
while I walk to the car. He comes several minutes later and I proceed to take him home. He is
pretty tired as well, so we really don't say much, other than agreeing on how much fun we just had. I
get him back to his vehicle and he pulls his wallet to .
“Doc, this night is on ,” I say. “I had way too much fun tonight to it work.”
“You know I'd you, Max,” he says.
“I know, but you sharing your assistant with is payment enough,” I reply.

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