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From my fantasies.  

Medickforyou 29M
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8/26/2019 1:26 pm
From my fantasies.

It starts with a couple looking for a 3rd. I put nice shirt on, the silky , and nicest pants. I show up their place, the woman answers the door. She has red hair, a pale complexion, and a slender . The woman standing there in casual clothes smiles seductively, knowingly. The woman brings in and makes us a drink. She stands behind, rubbing shoulders. She says, "when you're done, we can start". I finish the drink and follow her to the bedroom.

Upon opening the door I am startled, there is a woman in nothing but panties and a bra lying down on the bed. The woman beckons me to the bed. As I get close, she grabs my shirt. She begins to undress me, her wife helps. The wife drops my pants and proceeds to<b> stroke </font></b>my shaft. The woman on the bed brings me closer, as she puts the condom on. I move closer and begin to caress her legs. Slowly I work my way up... the knee... the inner thigh... and then I tease her quivering lips.

I slowly move past her clit. First one hand, then the other are massaging where here pubes would be. I lick my way up each leg, stopping just before her delight. Finally I lick just above her clit. I move her panties aside and see her perfect pink pussy. I can't resist. I lick the sides, teasing her, then her clit. I roll her clit on my tongue. She's quivering. The woman says she wants me. I tease her with my shaft first but penetrate when she pulls me forward.

With each thrust I can see her gripping onto me as I slide in and . Slowly I rub her clit and massage her breast. I can feel her spasming around me. I look down and I am covered in her fluid. Ibnotice the wife looks antsy. I ask if she is alright and she says yes. She then suddenly says, "no, wait, wait... we brought you here for another reason... we need a... a donor." There is a silence in the room. I am unsure what do or think. The woman, starts grind on slowly. Then I pull . She reaches for me and rubs my balls. She enticingly questions, "so what do you think?".

I am still unsure. She slowly starts pull me closer and I penetrate her. Her hand remains on the base of my shaft. We both watch as I penetrate, we both watch as she slides the condom off with each thrust. Finally, it Is wrapped around the tip, the woman asks, "so.. what will it be?".

I pull and look at my soaked cock, the condom barely on. I look at the womans delight. Her vulva and clit are swollen. She is dripping her cum, her lips appear to be quivering, pulsing, as if to urge me back inside. I remove the condom and get close to her.

I proceed to rub my shaft over her clit. She moans and begins to with her breasts. I tease her with the tip. We watch as I enter her slowly. I can feel her squeezing me. I feel how warm and wet she is. We stare as her cum covers me again.

I slowly thrust deeper and deeper into her. I gently push against her cervix. I can feel the precum dripping of me, I use it to rub her cervix. Each gentle deep through causes her to clench around me. The harder she clenches the harder I become.
We both look at each other and she knows. She knows that I am about to burst.

I push close to her cervix and feel it building up. She nods and smiles. She knows. I push deep into her and she wraps her legs around me to bring me closer. I cum. Every spasm is amazing, every spasm spasms brings ger to orgasms. I can feel her involuntarily squeezing and letting go. She wants every drop she can get.

I rock back and forth slowly as I pull out, and raises her legs to hold my load in. I stare at her body. She is covered in our sweat and shaking. I ask her how it felt and she replies, "I feel tingly, I feel the warmth in my belly. I can feel your load moving around inside, and I feel wet, like a river of warmth is inside of me.

I start to put my pants on and get an idea. I ask the wife if she has a flashlight. I want to see inside. She comes back with a flashlight and we peer into her wife. Her cervix is covered with my cum, and there are little globs on her walls. It looks as if her cervix is pulling my sperm in. I am immediately hard again.

I lean to the wife and place my hand on her shoulder. I whisper in her ear, seductively and loud enough her wife can hear. "Do you care which one of you is pregnant?". They both freeze and I gently caress the wife's back. The wife on the bed reaches down and rubs her wife. Her wife is still silent. I gently pull her shirt up and unsnap her bra. Her wife starts caressing her breasts. The woman leans over to kiss her wife and asks, "are you sure". The wife on the bed giggles and says yes.

The woman unbuckles her wife's belt. I pull her pants down and see she isn't wearing any panties. Her pants appear wet. She was already turned on by watching me and her wife have sex. She moves onto the bed on all fours.

I get behind her. I run my fingers up her legs from her knees. I caress near her vulva. The woman with my load in her retrieves a little bit of it. She inserts her fingers into her wife. The woman tells me, "I think she needs more".

I insert my tip, and she lets out a little moan. Her wife is rubbing her clit as I penetrate deeper. I stick my thumb inside her. With her fluids lubricating my thumb, I begin to caress her anus. Each caress causes her to tighten around me. I push in a little and she clenches, her voice quivering. I push in and she grips me tightly, I feel her cumming around me as she let's out a scream.

Every thrust now comes back with even more of her cum. I begin to thrust deeper. I move my thumb in an almost vibrating fashion and she pushes back even harder. She reaches down and strokes my balls and says, "I know you want to. I want it, do it". I cum and she, too, spasms. She loves every pulse, as each one makes her warmer. She screams loudly and says, "I can feel your load being pumped out by your balls. I stay inside her for awhile, enjoying the warmth and softness of her. I occasionally thrust in and out slowly.

I grab the flashlight and look inside of her now, too, she also has her cervix covered. I accidentally mutter out loud, "I didn't even know I could cum that much".

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