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those words of fantasies  

MelbLife 56M
196 posts
8/18/2021 9:02 am
those words of fantasies

those words of fantasies
Find the time to talk
Your voice grows husky
As you nurse the heavy glass
As you lean forward across the table
Speaking those words of fantasies
The things you wish to explore
How this talk makes you wet to the core
My hand on your thigh warmly strokes
My fingers reaching feel your heat rising
Moisture and sight stickiness of fact
Is this another fantasy
In this public place to find
As fingertips slip across lower lips
Gather dew and lightly run it into
The<b> bare </font></b>skin of your thighs
The slight roll of your belly
and I think I can almost smell
above the bar aromas historical
your aroused exotic scent
and as I say you lean forward again
talking through urgency of kisses
sucking on my tongue as I suck on yours
almost choking mid kiss as hit by a shock
a finger reaching in and under and upon
lightly brushes over exposed swollen clit
and you shift in your chair closer
so my hand can reach more agilely
and deeper my enquiring fingers stroke
as you hold onto my arm tight
and you press your face into my shoulder
to someone else might appear we are cuddling
but you are smothering murmurings of pleasure
holding yourself as still as you can
as the ecstatic pleasures ripple through you
one of your shoes falls off
you clamp your legs upon my hand
as fingers lightly press and stroke
until the dam of desire by caressing broke
and you bite upon my neck
as a fantasy often considered and never done
is completed and we have only just begun.....
you gather breath and eyes sparkling
declare we should leave so we can begin
and tonight a train take back to your apartment
so many places and so far to go
where we can explore the exhibitionistic fervor
of these fantasies of freedom and rebellion you harbour.

MelbLife 56M
210 posts
8/18/2021 9:04 am

find the truth within, the secret thoughts leaking out, is not the wine or the night or the mood, is the kisses and the confidence, that sensually shared together great freedom of natural loving shall we erotically sing....

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