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Melisa4u69 43F  
2188 posts
1/18/2020 8:19 am

So I am sucking this guys cock giving him one awesome blowjob and he cums in my mouth which I love, he looks down at me and says "fuck, can I cum again".
So I made him cum again.
Then I sucked his friends cock and got him off too.
Went to bed with both of them with me in the middle of them and I was awakened by them both still being horny and wanting to play some more so of course I obliged them and they DP'd me with one cumming in my ass and the other in my mouth again.
It is not just FUN, it is what I LOVE !
Fucking, sucking and LOTS of cum.
I LOVE TO GIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leegs2012 47M
50231 posts
1/18/2020 8:20 am

I adore you!!!!!! You are so much fun!!
I wish I was there!!

Melisa4u69 43F  
17 posts
1/18/2020 8:24 am

Well, you and that nice cock are always wellcum !

poloarmani 61M
88 posts
1/18/2020 8:42 am

so tempting lol.................................

undercover_bi469 55M
560 posts
1/18/2020 8:51 am

You are beautiful, with a great attitude. I would love to be your cuckold and kiss you and lick you clean after every guy you service.

ClassicRock2015 66M
598 posts
1/18/2020 9:11 am

Very sexy lady...such a hawt story !

rodeo351 61M
173 posts
1/18/2020 9:34 am

I am on the wrong coast

TIGER19622013 57M
1233 posts
1/18/2020 9:38 am

... and YOU and your nice titties , ass , hairy cunt and asshole are very wellCUM too !!!

thecannaman247 42M
20 posts
1/18/2020 9:40 am

I will give you many of my huge loads! In your mouth, pussy, and ass!!!

hornyman20061 55M
33 posts
1/18/2020 9:54 am

Nice story

GrtGuy1974 45M
22 posts
1/18/2020 9:57 am

Great Story

Ivestillgotit69 100M
12 posts
1/18/2020 9:58 am

I’ll bet you could even get this old guy to cum!!

Lenardhornydaily 27M
17 posts
1/18/2020 10:02 am

cool pics

BullforWivesMia 35M
9 posts
1/18/2020 10:44 am

Damn you are amazing!

dh4fun87 32M
4 posts
1/18/2020 11:03 am

wow. Incredible.

hot4milf469 52M  
39 posts
1/18/2020 11:27 am

1 question how in the world did they ever let you go to sleep if you was in my bed there no way in hell i could an there for you have no hope to fall asleep like they say time an place for everything an that be the time for absolute pure sexual pleasure

Sexczy69 64M
2673 posts
1/18/2020 3:51 pm

Fucking one in the ass is great but cumming in one mouth is a dream...

badboy70033 69M
96 posts
1/24/2020 1:11 pm

Great story love your attitude you are the Best hope one day our paths may cross

polla20mlf4 45M
58 posts
1/29/2020 10:11 am

I would to fuck with cock your pussy, ass, mouth and to cum in your mouth, pussy, ass and tits mmmm

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