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No thank you and YES I want you to  

Melisa4u69 43F  
3017 posts
2/6/2020 5:20 am
No thank you and YES I want you to

I never really wanted to be the kinda girl you make sweet love to,
I always love to be the kinda girl why we have expressions like I FUCKED THE HELL OF HER !

shoeman21 68M  
6 posts
2/6/2020 5:25 am

You are definitely the type of woman I would love TO FUCK THE HELL OUT OF!!!!

JustLookn439 54M
498 posts
2/6/2020 5:34 am

Given a chance...that is EXACTLY what I'd shout!!

1salesman3 65M
4729 posts
2/6/2020 5:34 am

Melissa, you would be a dream come true fuck buddy.

Man2ManNakedFun2 45M
18 posts
2/6/2020 5:43 am


PoppyCockUr 61M  
132 posts
2/6/2020 5:47 am

totouchu1966 54M
3 posts
2/6/2020 5:52 am

I need to fuck the hell out of you

neunundsexzig 59M  
56 posts
2/6/2020 6:01 am

Looking at your pictures I am 100% sure you will never lack for opportunities.

purpleman2986 45M  
131 posts
2/6/2020 6:19 am

I’d definitely love to fuck the hell outa your pussy!

bigsteve53 60M  
131 posts
2/6/2020 6:23 am

yes I would fuck the hell out of you.>>!

luvstongueuse 63M
108 posts
2/6/2020 6:41 am

Whew !!! Ohhh Yeah...Fuck & Eat You so Good You'd Have to Prime Yourself to Pee !!!!

forgotforgetting 53M
6965 posts
2/6/2020 7:30 am

Bravo! Well said.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Trouble4018 41M
2 posts
2/6/2020 7:38 am

Girl, not only would I giving hell out of you, but you wouldn't walk right for at least 2 day. Then once you got your strength back, we'd do it again just so you'd know it wasn't a dream.

MrNoName4816 51M
17 posts
2/6/2020 7:50 am

Omg, we would be in the floor drenched in sweat out of breath, look at each other an giggle. Then I'd say "are you ready for round 2", just like shampoo instructions only better. Lick, suck, fuck then cum and repeat. Until neither one of us could move.

mn_jackhammer 48M
576 posts
2/6/2020 8:32 am

I would like to try both and compare the two

FistfulOvDollarz 37M  
5 posts
2/6/2020 8:45 am

A large cock should be draped over your face in all your pics

A1Xpleaser 61M
372 posts
2/6/2020 10:07 am

And would fuck the hell out of you!

Trapper69 62G  
2463 posts
2/6/2020 12:06 pm

That's just what I want to do with you Melisa..... Now bend over the table, so I can drive it deep, fast and hard into you.....

rolledHere 33M
109 posts
2/6/2020 12:51 pm

You have a sweet face which is misleading...at least when it comes to how you enjoy sex

hot4milf469 52M  
39 posts
2/6/2020 1:17 pm

Littledogforsex 50M
28 posts
2/6/2020 1:18 pm

humm okay take it everyway

Billforme7 59M
53 posts
2/6/2020 2:31 pm

The lucky guy that gets to play with you, and to think I was in NYC last week, missed opportunities.....

306krusty 51M  
108 posts
2/6/2020 3:14 pm

any guy would be lucky to have u.

Pilot747767 63M
286 posts
2/6/2020 8:09 pm

Oh yes, I would love to fuck you!!

hornyhusband1969 51M
46 posts
2/6/2020 8:15 pm

Fk yes.

dogslife2live01 67M
1783 posts
2/7/2020 2:50 am

ok... but only if we can stop for a bite when the devil passes out?

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

jerseyjimi 55M  
55 posts
2/7/2020 3:04 am

If you have kik chat say hello......same username.

Strutt83 36M
4 posts
2/7/2020 11:29 am

Very nice

Strutt83 36M
4 posts
2/7/2020 11:30 am

I agree you will never struggle getting cock

Sexczy69 65M
2802 posts
2/8/2020 7:54 pm

Lets do it and see!!!!

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