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Meow_Mix 26F
261 posts
10/4/2012 1:25 am

She is not yours and this you know but how can you stay away when she is reeling you in.Her heart is racing within her chest.Restless hunger.Running from the man who will take her life when he takes her hand.She calls to you in distant dreams.Her lips lingering upon yours.Exploding thoughts.Desire.Driven and irrevocable irreversible attraction.Love is not what she aches for just the company of someone who will suffuse the demon dancing in her soul.He scraped the obedient angel from her essencel and gave something sweet sickened fantasies.Her tears seeping down a dress of blackened lace.You lay in the cold thinking of the fire she sends surging your veins.You want to hear her voice again.She waits for you with impatience.Pushing him away to be so so close.

boone56 62M  
60 posts
10/4/2012 3:57 pm

Wow!! Sooo poetic!

Meow_Mix replies on 10/7/2012 3:14 am:
My life is a poetic disaster=)

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