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Meet me at midnight  

Meow_Mix 26F
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10/21/2012 3:05 pm
Meet me at midnight

From the balcony you watch me with such curiousity of why I only come prowling only when the clock strikes twelve. My dress of black billowing like a spider's twisted little web in the moaning of the moonlight. My eyes so intense cut straight through someone as misunderstanding as you.Addicted to the curves that become evident when I am walking in spiked combat boots into the night that sings to me its unsated delight.I gaze back at you from the rain drenched slick city streets of hell.I draw you in again.

You run down those stairs so fast you surprise yourself. I can tell you want to fuck me because your own endowment betrays your need to try something you never will tame. I touch your lips and you submit your will to me.Our lips fused in flames.Your yanking at the fishnet dress to find that I am not wearing anything beneath and you let me wrap you up in my own web.Your whole body vibrating into that dominant fairness. You spank my ass as you bite me repeatedly and bring the blood from my back.I move your briefs down to the pavement as we make our way into the darkened alley.

We move as wax melting onto tender skin.You thrust into me and I purr my satisfaction.Playing with your nipples as you pin me to the brick of a wall.My back bleeding in the bliss of every painful penetration.I run my finger over your firm ass.Sliding a finger in until your cum comes rushing in. You continue to move slowly inside me.And I kiss you one more time. I hold those lieing emeralds with my shattered blues.And I whisper"Goodbye"

We pull apart and I hide from your view because every night at the same time this is where it all ends up.And I know if she caught us you would lose everything because your wife hates me but what do I care when she took you away.Life goes on and I get to taste the poison because know matter how tough I pretend I am.You will always have a soft spot in my stone cold heart.So meet me here at midnight and let's take it farther than we ever thought we could go because I have dared the devil too many times to turn back now.

Meow_Mix 26F
171 posts
10/23/2012 1:22 am


boone56 62M  
60 posts
10/22/2012 7:25 am

Absolutely amazing! Little wonder why men want you so....

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