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Sex yesterday and up coming birthday, I’m turning 40!  

Metalpunksfuck 35M/40F  
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10/28/2019 11:05 am
Sex yesterday and up coming birthday, I’m turning 40!

I turn 40 on Nov 6 and I’m finding that it’s no joke a woman sex drive can come bac Come back? Fuck that. It’s CUM ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I feel like a boy who finally reached puberty and wants stick his dick in everything. My hubby loves it, but I done wore him out. My wants have changed, increased want for pussy, more submission and I want so many new sex toys( hubby is in absolute agreement with that one). Ladies, have you ever been restrained, while your ass was plugged, vibrating cock in your pussy, with a body massager on your clit, all attached some way to your body? Or guys, ever do that to a woman? Holy fucking goddamn, is all I got. Hubby did me yesterday like this, 30 minutes. He put a multi speed vibrating cock in my ass that had a vibrating bullet attached that conveniently inserted into my pussy, then a speed massager attached my clit. He attached all of them tight my leg with a leather belt intertwined between them all that held into place too perfect and restrained my wrists to my ankles and had hold the end of the belt. Well how he figured this shit out I don’t know but fuc holding the belt was the best pleasurable torment. The first time I came was intense because whenI felt it coming I stared to move, which made me pull on the belt and it pulled and tightened at the toys which made me cum and squirt so hard over and over. There was no way to allow my clit or pussy to calm down and with my ass plugged made it even more intense. He allowed this for 20 minutes. I was in the best, pleasurable, shaking, pain ever. After the 20 minutes, he increased the cock in my ass to the highest speed, turned it to get the bullet out of my ass, and shoved his cock in my pussy and fucked me until he came. We both agreed that it was the best and hardest orgasms and the hardest we both have cum, EVER. I don’t know how I squirted non stop for 30 minutes straight not where it all came from. After he untied me, all I did for an hour was lay on the bed and shake. Talking was pointless because it came out jibberish. It seriously fucked me retarded that I laid in my own cum for an hour.
He told me when our friends ask what I want, I’m to tell them just sex toys and proper restraints and let them know to give you them before this Sunday. That’s when he’s celebrating my birthday with just us. I’m like sweet Jesus, I can’t tell them that, some yeah but not all. He said ask for donations because the more ya got, the better. I already kinda went crazy with buying toys and they don’t last to begin with and I’m down to what he used yesterday. I figured, here would be the place because we all enjoy fucking and getting off and here might be knowing where I’m coming from, (pun intended) and donate for presents.
I’m not asking or begging, I am just putting it out there, a different variety and stuff we’ve never used would be awesome., so if there is anyone interested in doing so, message us or tip us so the purchasing can begin. This Sunday, Nov 3, he said is his day so if ya want let us know. It would make my 40th more interesting and a turn on knowing that strangers are helping me cum. See, hormones have my wants really fucked up, I’m not a person who does blogs or shit like this especially posting about sex toys and all Lol. 🤦‍♀️😈🍆🥺💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

eatitallday22 50M
9 posts
10/28/2019 12:00 pm

Damn your man is so lucky!

Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:39 am:
My man has started avoiding my ass in fear of getting jumped no matter who, what or where. I feel bad because it's all the fucking time. I want a chick again so bad, I'm worried Imma tear her apart. LOL

gudtimez2cum 42M  
14 posts
10/28/2019 12:25 pm

Yupp.. the sex drive has awakened!!! Lol

Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:37 am:
Hmmm... glad you think that's funny, sir...LOL I don't know what the fuck to do with myself. Something horrible could be going on and all of a sudden, I'll find myself on a porn site or looking at toys and getting all horny. I'm like WTF?? Really? Right now? JEsus Christ.
I honestly think he's doing this as payback for wearing him out.

looking4u69ca 59M
4155 posts
10/28/2019 12:32 pm

Hot blog. Have a happy birthday.

Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:33 am:
That blog was my life last Sunday, lol and thank you for the bday wishes!

12761 posts
10/28/2019 1:34 pm

Hey, Mpf.

*You're A Sexy Hottie*

Hope You Have A Happy Birthday!!


Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:32 am:
Thank you! My bday has my anxiety through the roof. LOL

Love2licku0279 41M
30 posts
10/28/2019 2:24 pm

Happy birthday!

Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:31 am:

luvsanicebooty 48M
25 posts
10/29/2019 7:39 am

Happy birthday! You sound like a fun and freaky couple

Metalpunksfuck replies on 10/29/2019 9:30 am:
Honestly, we've watched it in porn and said to him that must be the best, pleasurable torment you could ever experience. I guess, that was the one time he decided to listen. Well, I'll take it! My anxiety is up tho for what he has planned for Sunday. If he is suggesting new toys as gifts, then there is no telling. I went dumb after this one, wth is gonna happen if I end up getting new, faster, thicker toys as gifts and I'm sure he will have it be more than 30 minutes. I told him I posted this and he said that if anyone does donate, he will post a video of Sunday, on Monday the 7th. Yeah, my nerves are through the roof.

wanamakeuwet 52M
9 posts
11/16/2019 5:29 am

Damn i wish i had seen this in time!

Metalpunksfuck replies on 11/30/2019 10:28 am:
In time? lol I'm still 40, still horny, still have a guy who enjoys fucking and all. lol There's always time..

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