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Sweet sexy dream  

MichaelARaven 59M
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7/30/2020 11:51 am
Sweet sexy dream

It was around 3:00 in the morning when I finally fell asleep, and with it came a sweet sexy dream.

We met in the park down by the river. As we were walking along the path, I stopped, took hold of her hand, leaned in close and brought my lips to hers. She wasted no time sliding her sweet tasting<b> tongue </font></b>into my mouth. There we stood, locked in each other's arms, tongues weaving in and out. Neither of us caring who was there or who was watching.

As we continued to kiss,  I backed her against a tree. Her hands worked my belt buckle and pants button, getting them undone and how I moaned in her ear when I felt her fingers probing the tip of my coc There we stood with the wind whistling through the branches and leaves above our heads. Neither one of us caring for anything but each other.

While she had one hand sliding and down my hard cut cock, I dipped one of my hands deep inside her tight capri pants and at that moment, I could feel her entire body go very hard, and a long soft groan of delight came up from somewhere deep inside me..

As I began feeling through the outside of her thin satin thong, my fingers began explore her wet slit, and she moaned as I began rub it gently. I moved my middle finger inside the fabric of her thong and probed her wetness and I began rub her clit in slow circles while we kept kissing and nibbling each others lips.

It was now becoming apparent that both of us wanted strip each others clothes off and spend the afternoon fucking each other heaven and bac So we simultaneousIy pulled away from our kissing, removed our hands and fingers from deep inside each other's clothing and went off find somewhere more private ............

author51 57F  
100548 posts
7/30/2020 11:28 pm

Looking forward to reading more...xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

lighthousecollec 58F  
668 posts
8/2/2020 5:35 am

That got me wet. More please

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