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My dream root, my best, and my worst, a one handed salute!!  

MickyJay79 41M
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12/2/2019 9:26 am
My dream root, my best, and my worst, a one handed salute!!

Oh woe is !! Oh oh my....
What else could I possibly say about Thuy?
Except that she was the prettiest thing i could've seen with my eyes!
A voluptuous figure, a nice curvy waist,
i would have given anything be with her,
Thuy Ngyuen with her beautiful Vietnamese face.....
I had fantasised about this girl Thuy at work,
From the very first time I laid eyes upon her,
Her curvy hips and hot short skirts
And her heavenly legs, bodacious bum, and absolutely die for thighs on her!
My gaze very rarely ventured away from Thuy throughout my working days,
And the night she came up at the bar and asked if i wanted go all the way?
I nearly choked!
You see, when you strip away my horny fantasies,
I'm a really nice, shy, reserved kind of bloke!
But when she came up and cracked in
I thought all my dreams had come true all at once!
Even though i had a girl at home, and she had a man,
The truth is, they treated us both like unworthy c*nts!
And not a doubt entered my mind, once i knew I could, I thought myself "I CAN!!"
So that fateful night at the bar having drinks after work on a Friday night,
I nearly came in my pants at Thuy Ngyuen's advance, adn the sex in her eyes was a visual delight!
Oh Thuy....if only it could have worked out between you and me?
She was so sexy, such a beautiful sight!
Like an Asian Aphrodite, I knew i was in for a good night....
She said "Everything that I know you want do , come and do it...now!!!"
My cock got instantly rock hard in my pants,
And the only words that could come out of mouth was "OH FUCKING WOW!!
I knew by the way she was looking at me and the things she said told me she wanted to dance!
And there was no way i was ever going to turn this root away, I'd been itching for months just to get one chance!
She wasn't looking for love or romance.....
She just wanted me to take her home to gratuitously fuck her brains out!
I had waited what seemed like a lifetime just to get a glimpse of what she was packing inside her beautiful black underpants!
And I intuitively called her name out!
"THUY!!" I said....(albeit a little bit drunk and off my head!)
"You and me? Really Thuy? You know you have for so long now been my one and only fantasy?"
And she replied "YES! let's just go and have some hot sex!
I can tell by the bulge in your pants you've got a hot cock, so come back to my place and do the horizontal dance with me?"
(well maybe not in those exact words...but i can tell you, what she did say was hot!)
So in the car on the way back to her place, I put my hand up her skirt while she was driving, and felt her glorious hot twat!
I very nearly blew on the spot!
Here was when my cock really grew, and she finally got to see what I've got....
She pulled the car over on the side of the road,
And kissed me so sexily, and wrapped her hands around my choad!
Now normally I'm about eleven inches on the bar,
But i reckon i was about twelve or thirteen that fateful night in her car!
I looked at her in the eyes as my cock let out a little sigh
And I said "I'm going to turn you into a star!!"
A Pornstar was what I was really thinking!!
And I think i was triply aroused because i was a little bit high and had been drinking.....
But i knew what we were about to do
And I knew exactly where I wanted my cock to be sinkng!
So as I finger fucked her hot little pussy, I started kissing her again, without even blinking!!
"Come on let's get home, because i'm so hot for you!" she said....
So back to her place we went, and i even got her boyfriend's consent, so I took her straight into the bed!!!
At first it was a bit awkward having her boyfriend in the other room,
But they were obviously either fighting, or this was a usual thing, either that or it might have been a full moon?
But that feeling pretty quickly subsided,
And I kissed her deeply and passionately, then went to town going all the way down, and her pussy was so hot and tasted so sweet that i just wanted to be inside of it!
I devoured her sweet sexual flower,
I gave it every ounce and pressure per square inch I could muster up in my sexual power!
She tasted so good, and i knew I'd blow if I thought that I could
But all i could think about was going down on her and making her cum so hard, so hot, so heavily, so sweet, so divine, so good!
So I thought : NO I CAN"T!!! NOT JUST YET!!!"
But it was getting harder and harder to hold my load, because I was so aroused that i was rubbing my rock hard, drunken cock against the edge of the bed!
And then she finally came, and called me by name,
And after what happened next, I don't think I can ever look at myself in the mirror the same.....
I entered....it felt like heaven.... I thrust every inch of my manhood inside her hot body, every one of my eleven....
But then "IT" happened, please don't laugh or tell everybody....
One<b> stroke......</font></b>lush<b>..... stroke.......</font></b>"OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OH YES! OH YES! OH NO FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!"
I became known as the Victor<b> stroke </font></b>mower, i blew my load on only the second stroke, such was my rotten luck!!
She said "Oh no!! Can we get it back up?"
And I was too spent from blowing such a big, horny load, so replied "I don't think so babe. We can try" But do you think it would rise to the occasion? NUP!!
SO instead she went into the loungeroom and fucked her boyfriend Dave,
(Who I thought smelt a bit funny and really needed a shave!)
But he proceeded to make her cum by sticking his fat dick fair up her tiny little bum, and he rubbed it in and said "See Mick! It doesn't matter if you've got the biggest dic..this is how you make the bitch cum!!!!"
So Job done! What had i done?
My one chance bang the girl of my dreams, and I couldn't even make her come!!
Not even once, except for on my tongue!
So therefore my hottest, best fuck of my life was also m worst,
Just another day in the life of Destiny....Michael Youngxoxoxoox
I hope you enjoyed reading my candid little tale?
If you ever see Thuy Nguyen around, ask her can I go for round ? I promise her this time I won't fail!!
You see....I gave up drinking about five ago,
And making amends for such a shit fuck is something I'd really like do!
So attention all, especially you, Thuy Nguyen
If I had my time over again, I would bend her over and make her cum again and again and again then go down on her again and again and again until she squirted sweet punani juice all over my chin, and then I'd go back into he beautiful little blossoming quim, and fuck her so hard it would make all of her senses soar and her mind swim!
I only aim to please my squeeze! So if you see her around olde Melbourne towne, please tell her i asked nicely and said please?
I ain't ever gonna let myself live this one down
Until i get my second chance with this horniest, hottest, sexiest Vietnamese girl that ever could be found
And redeem myself from my worst, yet still my hottest ever fuck, and make myself once again proud.....
(That's if I'm allowed!))

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