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Help me decide
Posted:Jan 10, 2021 11:44 am
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 3:33 pm

I got a 3 day load backed . I'm well rested and going release it tonight with my partner in crime, Baby Doll. I'm trying to decide if i should cream pie her or let her earn the milky reward she appreciates. Either way I may even broadcast the action around 9 or so tonight.
So I figured I'd take a poll to help me decide for whatever its worth. Thanks in advance if you respond or comment. Love the feedback.
Cream PIe her?
Let her swallow every drop!!?
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When it rains it pours
Posted:Jun 22, 2020 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2021 3:38 pm

The last several months have been tough on everyone. It's been very tough for me because I find sexual play is great therapy for my stressful employment. I was responsible and avoided people and sex up until a couple weeks ago.
Finally I was going to have sex. I made arrangements to meet a couple I have known for quite some time. I couldn't wait to see them as I've always had a good time when we hook up.
When I got to the hotel we meet at it was business as usual. This particular couple doesn't like to waste a lot of time on small talk so within minutes we were all naked. I have no idea what came over me but for some reason i found that I wasn't really into it. I soldiered on and got through the double vag that this couple likes to engage in. After I had my orgasm we sat and chatted a bit. In the back of my mind I had hoped a little break would do me good and we would be back at. As we talked i realized it just wasn't going to happen. I apologized for not being myself and went on my way.
Over the next couple weeks I began talking directly with one of my favorite lovers. Taz. Up until recently my experiences with Taz have been arranged by her husband. I hadn't hooked up with her since January and had the feeling it was mostly because of dealing with her husband versus dealing with her directly. He was gracious enough to give me her number a few weeks back and gave me his blessing to deal directly with her.
It didn't take long. As i suspected she missed me as much as i missed her. For a couple weeks we talked about making a couple different arrangements but none of them panned out. Last Tuesday we talked for a bit about hooking up. She wanted to hook up that night but I was hesitant. I asked If we could wait until Wednesday as that would be better for me. She was disappointed as Tuesday was much better for her. She was even willing to come to me so I would not have to make 30 mile or so trip.
Finally I said fuck it. I'm getting a room. This was simply an opportunity I couldn't pass up. She was willing to make the trip and was very clear in explaining that she really wanted to fuck me without her husband watching. How could I say no?
I checked into the hotel and waited. She arrived within a half hour and she looked sensational. The night we shared was spectacular. We had sex over and over again until 2am. Taz is my favorite lover because our bodies are just so in tune with each other. Sex with her is really like no other and she feels the same about me. It's hard to explain but with each stroke the connection we share is truly palpable.
I went to work on Wednesday and struggled through the day on 2 hours sleep. Although I was very tired I knew I was off Thursday and would be able to catch up on my rest.
Come Friday I was back to work and well rested. As I checked my messages here i noticed and inquiry from a woman about 80 miles away. I didn't think much would come from it as I have no intention of making that sort of trip. As we chatted things progressed to the point of me providing her with my number. I explained that I simply don't travel that distance to meet people and she explained that she was more than willing to come to my place.
Once again, how could I say no? If she flaked out I was out absolutely nothing so I gladly gave her my address. She said she was on the way and would arrive in about 2 hours. She kept in contact with me her whole trip providing me updates as to her location.
When she arrived I was pleasantly surprised. She looked very good and her pictures were accurate. You never really know until you actually meet someone. After the usual introductions she jumped in the shower. When she came out it was clear she was not about to waste time. We got right down to business.
This chick turned out to be a total freak! After our first session I asked if she was comfortable with broadcasting and she said absolutely. I fired up the laptop and pulled off a couple more sessions for the live audience. Without getting into details I will just say that this chick was without a doubt the freakiest chick I've ever had the pleasure of hooking up with. I sure anyone who caught the broadcast would agree.
So..what a crazy week it was! Pretty much out of nowhere I pulled off two of the greatest sexual experiences I've had to date!
Perseverance pays off!
Perfecting the O
Posted:Apr 19, 2020 5:18 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2021 9:35 pm

The shit going on in the world right now. For 3 weeks I've been saying I haven't had sex in 3 weeks so I guess that actually makes it 6 weeks now!!!
I've been doing my part by the rules. I go work, come home, and avoid my friends and lovers. But seriously how much can a man take!
The biggest problem for me is that sex is my release. I work a high stress job and find the best therapy for me is uninhibited sexual with various people in various situations. So for the past 6 weeks there has been no therapy for !!
In the meantime I have been broadcasting on here much more often than I normally would. I enjoy being on here talking people from all over the globe. Along the way I've met some great people and become quite close a few in particular.
In addition hanging out I often times will be masturbating for the "public". I enjoy that others like watch and get themselves turned on watching . I've found that my experience is much better when people I have talked and gotten know are enjoying pleasuring myself. So far I've found this be the best surrogate for no actual "therapy"
It astounds how many people will only be in my room when I am naked but that is certainly a subject for a totally different blog. I don't mind people watching at all but I will say the experience is much better if they would take the time to learn about each other. But anyway...
I think it was just about a week or so ago I was on cam having a great time. A couple people I've come to know quite well were hanging out with me and everyone was in great spirits. Many people were participating the general conversation and it was fantastic. I decided it was time to get naked and address the raging hard on that was stretching the seams of my underwear.
I was feeling so good. I writhed and moaned very much enjoying the fact that others were feeling the same vibe. The vibe in the room was palpable. I found myself so excited. I announced that i was ready to release and the tension built like never before.
I wiggled and moaned, my breathing became erratic as i summoned the semen from the deepest depths of my being. I began to shake with extreme pleasure as my cock began leaking pre-cum like never before. This went on for several minutes as I enjoyed the wonderful breathtaking experience it was. Finally the climax was reached and I exploded and loudly moaned in pleasure.
Now, I've had great orgasms before but never one like this. I discovered that I was able to experience several minutes of actual orgasm without actually releasing. Since that first time I've had several more such experiences that make me feel as though I've learned how to control and prolong my orgasm to a point I never knew possible.
So I suppose if there is some silver lining to the whole state of the world right now it's that I've learned how to have the best orgasms of my life. I don't really know if I'd ever develop the way I have without the necessity to be on cam so much.
Round 3 with TAS
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 10:08 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 1:13 pm

Back at the beginning of November I finally met Tas. Tas is the female half of a couple I was introduced to thanks to this site. It took a couple months to finally work out an arrangement to meet these folks as often times it does.
I'm sure many of you know how it takes time to meet people for the first time. At first i was skeptical. Often times after talking with someone for a bit of time I discover that the "couple" is really just a man. Although this becomes frustrating I've learned that persistence and determination will payoff as I've been fortunate enough to meet several great couples and single ladies over the past few years I've been here.
After my vetting process was complete I was finally comfortable enough with these folks to arrange a meeting. The first time we met everything went as planned. These folks were genuine and there were no "surprises". This particular couple is one where the male just enjoys watching the activity and snapping some pictures and recording some video. Everything went well and Tas liked me enough to have her husband invite me back for more fun about a month later.
Our second encounter was even better than the first. Gone were the anxieties of wondering exactly how the activities would unfold. This particular couple is the type I generally prefer. There is little small talk and we get right down to business soon after I arrive. Tas had her way with me and literally wore me out. I don't meet anyone unless i am well rested and in optimum condition to perform. The fact that she was able to wear me out was quite refreshing. I have met people many times before who can talk the talk but several minutes in are ready to be done already. Tas was not one of these type people. She reminded me of an old Ford 8n tractor I once owned. The more beat on that tractor the more it wanted. It just kept going. Now, obviously, I wasn't "beating" on Tas but you get the idea. She just kept wanting more until I had nothing left to give. I swear, it took me a couple days to recover.
Once all the holiday activity ended we decided to meet again for round 3. I'm sure many of you agree with me when I say that I find sex is much better the more comfortable and familiar one gets with someone. I was really looking forward to our third meeting. We decided we would broadcast our encounter to add an element of excitement that Tas had never experienced. Although we tried to broadcast we were having trouble getting the site to cooperate and unfortunately ended up giving up.
When I arrived, Daryl was watching football and told me to go up and get started and he would be up after the game. He enjoys sort of being a fly on the wall and wanted to come see us once we were well under way. I sat down and chatted with Tas long enough to allow my hands to warm up from the cold air outside. Soon after that things were well under way. The comfort level we had achieved with each other was paying off. After awhile we had found ourselves settled into the missionary position enjoying each other very much. We both were moaning quite loudly for several minutes which must have cued Daryl to finally come up stairs to see what was going on. And then...it happend. Just as Daryl entered the room Tas was experiencing a squirting orgasm!!!
Now let me say, this is something I've never experienced. Obviously I've seen such a thing in porn and have always been interested in experiencing what it was actually like. It was absolutely spectacular! It was also the first time Tas had experienced such a thing. She said she has squirted before but never from intercourse. We both were amazed at what an experience it was.
I can happily say that I can now cross that one off the bucket list. I only hope that we are able to meet many more times and perfect our technique so that we may broadcast the experience live for those of you who would enjoy seeing such activity. I'll be sure to keep you all posted!!
Another Thanksgiving without Mom
Posted:Nov 28, 2019 8:42 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2020 9:48 am

Happy Thanksgiving all.
For this is a bittersweet holiday. has been gone 5 years now. Mom was known as an excellent cook and an even better baker. This was her holiday for sure. Nothing brought joy her more than providing a fabulous spread for myself, my four siblings, and all of our clans.
Mom was a very spiritual person. I'm happy say her spirit thrives each of siblings and myself. Today I will visit my and have a wonderful meal. We will sit down and be thankful moms spirit lives on.
✌ Mike
The Dating Game
Posted:Oct 22, 2019 2:27 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2021 4:14 pm

In addition this site I use a couple others seeking women date. I use this site seeking only hookups and fwb situations. I'm sure the possibility exists of meeting someone date here but it's not what I'm here for.
One particular site I use has become almost comical. The profiles are all very similar. Woman seeks nice man for dating. Nearly everyone of them goes on further clearly state that they are NOT looking for hookups or fwb situations.
I have no issue with these women stating they are not seeking sex. The fact is I'm not using the site for sex either. I've been fortunate over the past couple years meet enough people that sex is not a problem. The problem is finding someone go out and do things with from time time. I really could care less if we have sex or not.
be clear it's important note that I'm much more particular about someone I'd consider dating versus someone I just see for sex. It makes sense really. I don't need have a lot in common with someone for sex. I don't expect a ton of conversation or mutual interests with someone who is merely a sex friend.
With that being said, I've found that very few women on the dating site that interest me. If I'm going out with someone I prefer them to be very attractive and have similar interests. After all, if I'm investing a bunch of time and into something that could become serious some day, then I'm going to be very picky.
Every once in awhile I come across an interesting profile. I reach out to these profiles in the fashion of a true gentleman. It seems 9 times out of 10 the women who do respond are immediately stand offish. It seems they are tired of men who are only reaching out to them in hopes of getting laid.
Fighting off the tendencies of the general population and proving one is different is a constant challenge it seems. all the men out there who seem have no clue how approach women I say please learn a better approach. The only thing you are accomplishing is making it more difficult for any of us meet women.
This past weekend I actually got into decent conversations with 4 different women. I couldn't believe it really. I'm usually lucky if I get one decent lead a month. I actually progressed to texting with of these women.
Before knew it a funny thing started happening with these women. As I tried be nothing but a gentleman they kept trying steer the conversations toward...you guessed it...SEX.
What the fuck is happening here! Their profiles clearly state "not looking for sex" but after talking to them for a bit it became clear that is exactly what they were looking for!
Ok, ok, so...what's the problem you might as The problem for is quite simple. They want a steady exclusive boyfriend. They require some sort of promise be serious in exchange for sex. What the fuck!! After 2 days of talking these women want fuck but only if I want be their boyfriend??
So now what do I do? I can't bring myself leading them on. A part of wants lie and the game but I just cant do that. After all I'm really not there for sex but truly seeking someone date. I don't know when they became one in the same.
I guess the bottom line for me is that it's all so confusing. I'm there seeking someone to date. If over a decent period of time it leads to sex and something serious I'm ok with that. The women there mostly make the same claim but I've come to find out that they want it all and they want it NOW.
I suppose I'll stay off that site awhile.
I'm afraid I may never FEEL again
Posted:Jul 14, 2019 7:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2020 3:54 am

Well it seems I've come to a fork in the road. With a knife and the breeze my back. No way to move forward. Really no way to turn back!
Once again I've lifted the lyrics of Aaron Lewis.
So many seem to hit home with me.
Anyway I've found myself a bit worried about something. It seems as though I have become a very cold person. For some reason I've had a very hard time having any sort of real feelings for anyone.
Some of this stems from my job. I have 19 employees ranging in age from early 20s to early 30s. Most of them are women. Over the years I have discovered as their boss, their problems become my problems. It becomes my problem not only because it leads to absenteeism but they also have come to expect me to be a bit of a counselor and offer them advice and direction.
When I was a younger man I didn't have much issue with this. It made me feel good people were comfortable with me enough to be their confidante. I never judged people and tried my best to guide them and let them make their own decisions.
Unfortunately after doing this for some 28 years I've discovered I am a point where I have zero sympathy for anyone. I've lost sympathy over the years for two main reasons. Number one is the fact most of these peoples issues are self inflicted. Number 2 is although many seek my advice, they seem to not need it and wind no better off.
So... the end of the day I've found although I very much feel empathy for these people, I just don't feel the least bit of sympathy. It's come to the point where I have directed my Assistant to find me some sort of sympathy training. I don't like I've reached the point where I just don't care.
All in all this is certainly not the thing scares me the most. I've also discovered I'm not having any kind of warm feelings with the people I know on a personal physical level.
I've been separated from my wife of 24 years for about 2 and a half years. At first I had built sort of a wall around myself. It was a bit of a defense mechanism to ensure I would not be hurt. While I dated I even made sure to tell people front I am only interested in casual relationships at this time because I'm simply not ready for anything serious. Along the way I had to stop seeing three different people. Two of them had become much too close to me and I had to break it off before they got any closer and got hurt. There was one woman I also stopped seeing because I could feel it was me who was becoming too close.
All of this was hard to do but I felt necessary. I truly believed I was not ready to be committed to one person and didn't want anyone feeling a bunch of hurt the end. This was also very hard to do because I've always been the type to follow my heart and had to teach myself to follow my head.
So...while all of this was happening I found myself somehow in love with a woman here. It was really strange. I never met this woman but talked to each other extensively for about a year. Over period of time real feelings developed beyond my control. As much as I didn't want to feel the way I did I just couldn't help it and I couldn't turn away. It all just felt so good, so right.
A few months back things went bad for us. She had become jealous about something really silly. Although I tried to assure her there was nothing to be jealous of she was having none of it. She became very cold and very ignorant towards me. It hurt so much first. But now several months after dealing with her coldness it seems too am now very very cold.
I realized this just last night. I've been seeing this woman for a couple months. hit it off sexually and have enjoyed many dates since first meeting. Last night agreed I would stay over night. Not only do I like sex but I also enjoy being held, and feeling a woman's touch. thought it would be nice to be able to sleep together and hold one another all night instead our usual hook routine.
Don't get me wrong, it was nice to spend the night with her. However as I laid there all night I discovered I didn't have any feelings for her whatsoever. Although I don't want something serious I also don't want to feel absolutely nothing. I began to think of some of the other women I see. As hard as I tried I could not find any sort of deep feelings for any of them!
And so, here I am. I'm quite scared I have developed into someone incapable of feeling. I've come to fork in the road and I'm afraid the knife in my back is going have me cold for a very long time. I only hope it isn't forever!!
✌ Mike
Posted:Jul 7, 2019 10:49 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2020 10:15 am

I enjoy watching videos and looking at pictures other members post here. I think like myself many who share these things appreciate the feedback so I try to at least give a like to those I appreciate and sometimes comment.
As I've viewed these things I've found I've fallen into a bit of a pattern. I rarely like or comment on anything posted by anyone under 30. It just seems anyone under age should look really good and doesn't need my feedback. I also never like or comment on blow jobs. Personally blow jobs do nothing for me and videos and pictures depicting such do nothing either.
While viewing this material I noticed a large percentage of these things contain the caption of BBC to some degree.
Now...first, let's disspel the myths. The fact is on average men of color are no bigger than their white counterparts. Yes, this is a fact my friends. In fact, the myths origins are rooted in racial hate perpetrated by the White man. So...i don't know about you but it really bothers me when an average black man brags of his BBC.
Which I suppose brings me to my point. A big cock is a big cock regardless of the color. However, it seems an inordinate amount of videos and pictures use the acronym BBC show just an average size man who happens to be black. I mean...bbc is BBC not just any cock is black. So...i just wish people would use it correctly I guess.
Before I get inundated with messages claiming I'm being racist let me clear the air. I could care less what color or nationality anyone is. I see women of all different sizes and colors and prefer those where a natural chemistry exists regardless of anything else.
Also I must mention my current partner of regularity happens to be black. You see...it makes no difference to me. But it does bother me to see the acronym thrown about and used incorrectly.
Or maybe... I'm just a stupid asshole... Lol
✌ Mike
The last few months have been a wild ride!
Posted:Jun 30, 2019 9:38 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2021 3:14 pm

I think I should be playing the lottery lately. Generally I don't waste on sort of thing because as the saying goes... If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck all! However for the last few months my losses and gains with people have resulted in least breaking even and dare I say... Perhaps even a net gain.
So...the losses started a few months ago. A woman I met in January seemed to be a good fit. I wrote the time I thought I had finally found a steady friend who was not interested in anything serious. It turned out to be nothing more than a one and done as she informed me she had become serious with a man. I generally don't have an issue with one time things but I thought were going to become fairly regular friends. No big deal but I felt a bit foolish for thinking way.
A much bigger loss happened around the end of April. A woman I had been talking to for almost a year got upset with me for being me and our "relationship" is now a thing of the past. I say it was a big loss because I had very strong feelings for this woman can only be described as love. Although love was something I was intentionally avoiding it just sort of developed beyond my control. Fortunately I had never met this woman in person as she lives very far away and quite honestly I believe if I had the opportunity to express my feelings for her physically then the loss would be even harder to bear. If anything it was a tough lesson and helped reinforce the fact I avoid serious relationships for good reason.
I also finally put an end to my acquaintance with my friend Stacey. Stacey was a girl I allowed to stay with me from time to time as she was sort of homeless. She unfortunately has an addiction to crack cocaine and her life is a disaster. She stays with her grandmother who lives just down the street from me. Many times she would come over just to get away from her grandmother for a bit. We had sex from time to time but it was absolutely nothing serious. Before I knew it Stacey was taking advantage of me. Can you give me a ride here, can you give me a ride there? Next thing I knew she had been staying over for like three weeks! Finally I had to level with her. I did not need someone pretty much moving in with me. She seemed to understand and left. Within a week she got all of her stuff out of my house. I was kind of miffed as she also took a painting she gave to me as a gift. Apparently she must have been salty about everything. Oh well...wasn't big of a deal as she was just a friend with serious issues. I knew I did the right thing. The shame is she could be a really great chick if she was free of her addiction. I've said this many times before and must say it again... I hate drugs and what happens to many good people who become addicted to them. It pains me to see it everyday. A couple weeks after I asked Stacey to leave I came home from work to discover my laptop and tablet missing. I'm quite sure it was her stole them and it made me feel quite foolish and shitty.
I also lost another woman who had become my closest friend. had many deep conversations. She knew everything about me and I knew everything about her. She was a beautiful sexy woman but I found I didn't have any romantic feelings for her. She jyst was too much of a friend. It was really great to have a confidante I could share everything with and not be judged. She informed me she would be gone for about a week and would be back with a different username. She was sort of starting over as some people had become too much for her to bear here. was three weeks ago and I've not seen her here since so I can only assume she's gone.
After these kinds of losses one would think it's time to sort of give up but I enjoy being persistent. And it seems my persistence has off.
The first good thing happened is I've become close to a woman who shops my store. For months sort of flirted and the mutual attraction had for each other was palpable. Finally I conjured up the nerve to pass her my number as I checked her out one day. About a week later she contacted me. She apologized for not texting me sooner and explained she is involved with a man she has been with for years. I told her I understand and I'm not into breaking people up. I explained I gave her my number because I never see her in there with anyone and seemed to have a mutual attraction. She then began telling me how her relationship was not going well. I told her I have no problem just being her friend and do not wish to be a reason her relationship isn't working out. She appreciates my stand and likes me so agreed to just get to know me without expectations and go from there. She asked me out to see a band her friends husband plays in. I agreed to meet her there and had a great time. Turns out the band happened to be an AC/DC tribute band and I just happen to be a huge AC/DC fan. I had a great time and ended up singing a few verses here and there as the singer kept handing me the microphone. Nothing beyond a bit of hugging and touching occurred between us and I can tell she appreciates my being a gentleman. We talk back and forth a bit on the phone and it's been really nice. The only thing concerns me is my feeling as things progress with her she could easily be someone I become serious with but I'll cross bridge if it ever comes to and in the meantime just enjoy being her friend.
Also a few weeks ago I met someone here. Our chatting quickly progressed to meeting which is very unusual because so many games and I usually take it much slower. It turns out she lives only about a half from me. When first met hit it off and had chemistry which is so important. got down to business quickly. I've hooked up with her several times since and all I can say is she is insatiable!! Other than the fact she is a bit bigger than I normally prefer everything has been going great. After she puts her to bed she invites me over and she is so close I can visit her and be home in bed by :00. It's been fantastic and I really feel like I've hit the lottery with her. It's gotten to the point I've even had to blow off two couples I see from time to time. I don't mind seeing them but one lives about 30 miles away and the other always wants to hook up really late which I do not prefer.
So...when I think about it all I believe I have at least broke even and really feel I've come out ahead because of the girl right down the street!
Good luck and peace to all!
✌ Mike
Another great score!
Posted:Jun 14, 2019 11:47 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 8:03 am

The past few months here have been fairly fruitless for . With the exception of a few seemingly serious inquiries not much has been happening for lately. Back in January I wrote about a woman I met that I thought would turn into a regular hook up. After some talking back and forth she finally explained to me that she currently is involved in a serious relationship. I wished her well and told her I wouldn't interfere. She thanked me and we moved on. The only thing that sort of bothered me about the whole thing was I had the feeling that we would be able to hook up fairly regularly. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way so my search for a steady casual partner resumed.
Also in the meantime the online relationship I had with a special woman here fell apart. I say our relationship was special because I had real feelings for her. Although I am avoiding serious relationships sometimes it's impossible to control ones feelings. We had been talking to each other for almost a year. The chances of me actually hooking up with her were slim to say the least as she lives half way around the world away from each other. Although we both understood this it was still nice to share our lives with each other the only way we could....online. She seemed to genuinely care about me and quite sure I cared very much for her. Unfortunately she become upset with me simply because she just really didn't understand me. The difference in our ages and cultures just became too much and she felt I had only been lying to her about my feelings and manipulating her. I tried to explain but her mind was made up...she was done with me. I guess the worst part was that she didn't feel that my feelings were genuine and I can honestly say they were very real. Nothing I can do about all that now so I just leave her alone.
About a week ago a new local woman appeared here so I reached out. We all know how that goes. Because myself and 5000 other guys were trying to talk with her I figured my chances of getting to know her were quite minimal. After a few messages back and forth for the last week we finally were able to through the instant messenger. As we chatted things progressed quite nicely for both of us. We got to the point of exchanging numbers and texting.
Now...i never expect to hook up with people immediately. I prefer to chat and get to know people before considering meeting. For some reason I found that this woman and myself were hitting off quite nicely. We got to the point where she invited me over. It's really strange because my window of opportunity to meet people is generally very narrow. I work many hours and usually only can hook up Saturday nights. However I happened to have today off so I was able to accept her invitation.
I've said many times before that I do not get into details of my experiences but rather write here to explain that it is possible to hook up here and give people inspiration to keep trying. So...all I can say is I met her at her place and we hit it off immediately. She had not had sex in months. She took full advantage of my willingness to have a good time. I stayed several hours and she literally wore me ! She was a complete animal and I enjoyed being with her very much. Actually we enjoyed each other very much and have already made plans to hook up again next Thursday night.
I forward to being with her many times to come and become more comfortable with each other. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed.
✌ Mike
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B and C cum through again
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 6:59 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 2:42 pm

I just realized as I entered this space that I haven't had sex since January th...the last time I posted a blog!! Interestingly enough the last time I blogged suggested I had found a steady friend. Well...i guess I was wrong about that one. Almost three months of no sex is certainly not having a steady friend. We have communicated back and forth but I think she's only been in town once since we hooked up. You see she has a job which requires her to travel all over the country. The only time she is in my area is when she is visiting family. So anyway...its been awhile.
I've written about B and C before. They are a local couple I see from time to time. After chatting back and forth with B, the female, we were able to nail down a time that worked for us. This couple is different then most as my communication with most other couples is generally with the man. In fact, B and I are actually friends on Facebook which is really strange because it seems most men are always guarding against some dude trying to move in on his woman. I'm telling you folks, so many guys put there make it very hard for a guy to meet new couples. So...to those types of guys out there I gotta say, RESPECT THE COUPLES BOUNDARIES!!! I'm quite sure we would all have much more success if guys would get this.
So anyway, the evolution of my relationship with this particular couple has reached a point of complete comfort and respect so I was looking forward to our appointment all week. I firmly believe that the sex is much better when the people involved have reached a certain comfort zone. In the past couple years I've reached this zone with B and C.
As I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. First of all B has cut down on her drinking so she wasn't as intoxicated as she sometimes is. I know some people need alcohol to relax a bit but fortunately we have reached that zone where B is comfortable without such a need. Personally I avoid alcohol if I'm planning on sex because I find it hampers my performance and....im there to perform.
Secondly I was surprised that B has dropped 40 pounds! Now...i don't know of I've mentioned it before but I find petite women to be my preference. Although B is not such a body type she is very pretty and was height weight proportionate so I've never thought of her as fat. But to see her 40 pounds lighter was a very nice surprise. The best part was that she felt much more confident and comfortable with herself which I've already said....comfort leads to great sex!!
We sat down and chatted for awhile before anything else. It's always been nice to be pretty good friends with this couple and catching up was nice. One of the things we discussed was broadcasting the action live. I myself was all for it as I explained to them that I have done this many times and find it quite exciting. Although B agreed she would like to try such activity C said he was not comfortable doing such so that idea ended there. C is one of those guys that likes to record me with his woman. Now, B and I have no problem with this but we did bring up to him that neither of us likes to be directed. C tends to say he wants to see this and he wants to see that. Fortunately B and I were able to convince him that the experience is much better for us if we just let things flow as they do and not get caught up in planning the activities. B and I feel the same way about that.
So...after a good hour of chatting and catching up I finally said let's get naked! We proceeded to the bedroom and got naked. This couple is always a bit of a mess as they tend to squabble about the silliest of things. As I lay on the bed naked they argued about the lighting, the music, and the pillows on the bed. After they finally agreed on such matters B was ready to have me. She pointed out to C how much she likes the effort I put into manscaping and begged him to at least shave his balls. C explained that he's nervous to do such a thing but I told him some tips and it seems he may try to do such a thing.
I'm not going to get into all of the different positions and activities that went on. I will say that this couple sees me because B is known to be difficult to reach an orgasm. As I've gotten to know these folks I've found that problem isn't with her but it is with him. You see, C is a man of 50 years old. He suffers from a bit of E.D. which he seems too proud to admit. He goes limp during our activities with B and that only builds her frustrations. It's not my place to point this out to them but I really wish he would address this. It's obvious that B loves him very much and would very much like to have an orgasm with him during intercourse. For the record I will say that I use Viagra and have found women to very much appreciate that. So as a side note to many men out there, swallow your pride and talk to your doctor! You and your partner will be glad you did!
I don't know what it was, if B was super horny or if it was the level of comfort we've reached with each other but I'm happy to report that she reached her first orgasm quite quickly. Not only did she orgasm but she squirted a bit which I found very exciting. The fluids dripping out of her onto the bed were something I have never experienced before. We continued on and a short time later she reached another climax. As we kept at it B mentioned that I found her g spot. Now, I don't know what it is but I've heard from other women that my particular curvature lends itself to such an experience.
As all this was going on I could feel that C was feeling a bit jealous. I kind of felt bad for him and kept reassuring him that B is his woman and I'm nothing more than an apparatus just like any other of her toys she uses. He seemed to get over it and figured it would be a good time to finish myself.
Now, I've already said that I haven't had sex in some time so I was very much looking forward to exploding deep inside of B. I've never understood why some guys like to cum on someone rather than in someone but to each his own. I love the feeling of burying it as deep as I can an exploding myself. Much to my pleasure I had one of the best orgasms I've had in quite some time! It was fantastic and quite spectacular! The fact is that other than making love to my wife, there has only been one other woman that has made me orgasm so well. I used to see this girl Vikki from time to time. She's 26, got a beautiful body beautiful face and her kisses and sensual touch were like none I've ever experienced. She's the only other woman who made me cum that good before. The fact is it got to a point where I had to stop seeing her because we both started to have real feelings for each other and neither of us wanted to go down that road. God...i do miss her.
Now...in no way am I am implying that I'm having any feelings for B but man...she made me feel great last night!
As I left, C was trying to make arrangements for next weekend. I doubt I'll hook up with them again that soon but I'm sure the next time should be just as fun. Now...if only I can convince C to get some pills!! The two of us could give B a night she deserves!
Good luck to all and hang in there. Determination will off!
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Posted:Jan 11, 2019 6:32 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2020 2:55 am

Once again...my persistence paid off.
It's been quite some time since I've hooked up with someone new from here. But today I scored what I hope will turn out to be just the beginning of many more encounters to come.
It's really weird that it worked out for me like it did. I generally like to chat with people a bit before ever considering meeting. My demanding work schedule is such that I usually only have a couple good days a week to really hook up. The rest of the time is spent here talking to people and trying to arrange the right place and time.
I've been getting Fridays off pretty regularly lately so today I had plenty of time to search for an interested party. For the past couple Fridays a single woman's profile has popped up in the mornings that looks delicious. Of course I reached out the past couple weeks and got no response. You know...when a hot new single woman pops up all the sudden sure she gets bombarded with inquiries. Anyway, she popped up again this morning so I took another kick at the can. In the meantime, the female half of a couple I've talked to before hit me up.
I talked with the attached female quite a bit. She was horny and wanted me today. I've never met this couple before but thought that maybe today would be the day. She explained that she was very hot for me and wanted me to come visit her early in the afternoon. She was coming on really strong. As I tried to nail down arrangements with her, I got a message from the single woman I reached out to. It was a simple message that said...Im interested.
Isn't that the way it works sometimes. All of the sudden two promising prospects are interested after many hours of absolutely nothing. As I chatted with both parties my conversation with the single woman progressed to texting. At the same time the married woman just disappeared without warning. Well...at least the picture was becoming clearer now.
I was suspicious of the single woman as her area code was from Texas and she was supposed to be in western New York. I brought this up and she explained that she traveled on business and was just visiting her sister in the area.
Yeah...right. Ok ok...Ive heard it all before. Gotta be some sort of game or scam I thought as we continued to chat. I asked her to send me a picture of herself holding something she wrote my name on. I figured I'd at least know if she was the woman she said she was anyway. She complied. Hmmm...i thought, maybe this is legit. We made arrangements to meet and I got ready.
I texted her before I left as she was about 45 minutes away. She responded. This might actually happen I thought to myself. As I drove the 45 minutes I couldn't help but feel so mixed. I hardly ever arrange something so quickly and was quite excited. And then I had the thoughts that maybe I should not get too excited until she actually comes through. You know...like...i get there and she doesn't answer the phone messages all of the sudden. So I just figured I'd not get too excited until I get there.
After a bit of having a hard time finding the place she was at I sent the text...im here. I didn't get a response so I called. Much to my surprise she answered and explained she was a few houses down. I got there and she greeted me at the door.
Within a few minutes we got naked and got down to business. It was a great time. We both clicked and enjoyed each other very much. She had a nice body and huge I mean huge tits. not generally a boob man but...they were huge!. not going into all sorts of detail but I will say that she is a bad, bad who likes it hard and deep. My kind of gal...lol!!!
As we got dressed she said she was pleasantly surprised with me. My overall appearance was much better that she expected. She said I had a nice cock, made her cum good and that I could bend her over anytime I want!! Well...alright!!
Hopefully I may have just met the elusive regular friend I've been hoping for.

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