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Recent Erotic Encounter  

MirthofGirth 55M
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5/29/2021 4:21 pm
Recent Erotic Encounter

Vegas truly is Sin City. I recently went to the movies. Whatever the reason, it wasn't very busy. When I was in line buy my ticket, I was behind a married couple. They bought tickets different movies. So I bought a ticket the same movie the wife bought a ticket for. This theater has 18 auditoriums. After leaving the concession stand I headed for my movie. There was one other person there when I entered, but he was down in the front section. This is a very large auditorium, around seats. I went and sat in the back as I always do.
During the previews the wife came in. She looked around for a seat. She walked up and down the stairs until she sat in the row directly in front of me, but all the way at the other end. She looked over and I gave a her a sliver of a smile acknowledge our eye contact. She took off her coat and I could see she was very well endowed; something I had noticed at the concession stand.
She sat down and slouched very low in her seat and put her feet on the seat in front of her. Eventually the previews started and I glanced over at the same time she turned to glance at me. Normally, I would have felt awkward being caught, but we caught each other so I didn't feel like it was one-sided.
The previews ended and the movie started. But I wasn't focused on the movie. I was distracted and began to unravel fantasies about what I would want to happen with this large breasted married woman. I have a thing for married women, especially the ones who are neglected. I have fucked so many married women. My favorite part is when we start to undress and they see my long thick coc Once that happens, it's like a frenzy. I get pushed back on the bed and the woman just devours my girth. The feel of an eager mouth caressing my cock is almost incapable of description. If that feeling were a drug, I would be disgustingly wealthy. I'm also insatiable. I can fuck for hours, literally. Most married women don't get an erotic encounter that lasts several hours. But I'm insatiable and I love every aspect of intimacy, especially kissing.
I was so distracted by my fantasies that I hadn't noticed she had spread her legs across the seat back in front of her. I could see her eyes were focused downward. I already was semi-hard because of thinking back about some of my most erotic encounters. I saw that her shoulder raised a little. This made me wonder if she was pleasing herself. I just watched for several minutes at I saw slight elevations of her shoulder that made me fantasize about her masturbating. She put her fingers to her mouth and licked them. I don't know if they went back between her legs or somewhere else. I could feel the motion coming from her body. There was a palpable energy. But I was reluctant. What if this was her usual thing -- pleasing herself in a movie? I had no interest in over stepping and misreading the situation.
I let several minutes minutes pass as I thought about whether I should respond. While I was thinking about my next move she kind of arched her back and I could see the silhouette of her big tits. She was braless and her nipple was huge.
How would i feel if I didn't at least try? There was no way I was leaving without trying to get her to look my way. I've got a big, very thick, dick, but how do I let her
know? Suddenly, it came to me. If she can, I can. I opened my zipper and pulled my semi-hard cock out. Semi-hard for me is about what most guys wish they had fully erect. I put my one leg up on the seat in front of me and the other on the arm of the seat next to me. I was spread wide. The movement caught her attention. I pulled out my phone. I opened the camera because I intended to use the flash to give her a glimpse at my pride and joy. I let my cock hang down off the seat, thick and long. I positioned the camera so as not to obscure her view. I took the photo and the flash penetrated the darkness. Her feet came down off the seat. She turned and kneeled in her seat and leaned over the back, resting her face on her folded arms. So what now? Another flash? She raised up and allowed her tits to rest over the back of the seat. She was wearing a turquoise tank top; I love turquoise! How do I respond? This was far more than I was expecting for an afternoon at the movies. And her tits were amazing, even from several seats away. I wanted to tease her, but how? I saw her gently pulling at her nipples, which looked very thic When the screen suddenly lit up the theater she turned and showed me her profile, simply exquisite. It came to me very quickly. I would use hand motion to show her the length of my stroke. I laid back and started slowly stroking my coc I stroked it for several minutes while she fondled herself. Eventually, I stood up and let the beast hang over the seat in front of me, it's profile clearly visible. Without using my hands, I began slightly bouncing my now very engorged coc She stood and started walking toward me. My heart was pounding ecstatically. As she approached I began massaging my now fully erect cock, using both hands. She stopped directly in front of me. There was silence at first as we stared taking each other in from top to bottom. I could now see how incredibly exquisite her nipples were, so thick and suckable. I was already becoming impatient. As I leaned forward to kiss her I felt her hand grasp my coc She moaned very softly. Then I felt her other hand latch on as she returned my kiss. Her grip was firm. She seemed a little uneasy at first, maybe not use to the girth.
We exchanged several long passionate kisses, my favorite part. Don't get me wrong, I love fucking, which she was getting ready to find out. But I need kissing and she was no disappointment.
She reached behind me and raised both armrests to my seat. She pushed me back into my seat and climbed over. She squatted down, still holding my cock with both hands. Still stroking me, she looked and gave me that smile I had seen so many times before. My cock was a pussy pleaser, no doubt. But I always connected with my lovers. I wanted them to feel passion, be aroused and satisfied. Always satisfied.
I felt her lips cover the head of my cock, very warm, very moist. She moaned softly as she tried to take more of me in her mouth. She was eager but gentle. This made me even harder. She began softly kissing the beast one side and down the other; returning to the head and working it ever so gently and sensually. She pulled her shirt and it was beyond exquisite. She was so big and firm, incredibly firm. And her nipples so thick and hard. My hands futilely trying to grab all of her. But it was so arousing. My eagerness got the best of me and I pulled her and began sensually sucking her nipple. She was so firm, it was unbelievable. I'm sure she felt every bit of my delight as I sucked her and sucked her. She leaned into my ear and said "big cock for big tits". It almost made me cum.
She tried to take her pants down, but I wouldn't let her bend down -- I couldn't take my mouth off her amazing nipples. So I removed them for her as I continued to suck her smooth erect nipples. I finally got her pants down and she mounted me immediately! Grabbing my face and drawing our mouths together, as she began the slow process of trying to get me in her. She was determined and I was very willing to let her try. It was slow and sensual, and down, little by little. Our mouths unable to unloc I kept fondling her exquisite tits. I could feel her tightening as she was about half way down my length. The girth is what was slowing her down; she kept saying "so thick, so fucking thick".
Her pussy was moist and warm and I could feel the pulsing. The pulsing is something I always notice. I notice everything actually, but the pulsing is special and the feeling is so arousing for me. I could feel her tightening again, she warned me she was going to cum. I pulled her as close as I could get her, but she wanted my mouth as she came, so I let her as she sucked my tongue into her mouth, her legs were quivering uncontrollably. When I knew she was finished, I pulled out and went behind her because I love to watch my cock spread open my lover as I stoke her. I entered her slowly and she backed away so I backed off a little. She reached around to feel me. I let her guide me as I watched the beast spread her wide. She knew I wanted to bury myself and I did too, but maybe not this time. As I continued to stroke her she moaned so seductively -- small tiny almost imperceptible moans. I continued to push myself in, but I knew she was reaching her limit. All of a sudden she reached and put her hand on the seat in the row next to us to brace herself. When she did I could see the full side view of her big tit. i lost control and began to cum. I swelled, like I always do and my girth expanded even more.
I immediately wanted her mouth on mine and she obliged me. I love kissing a woman from behind while we are connected. Something very intimate about it that defies explanation. She eventually released me very slowly. We sat quietly, both still yearning. I wanted more, immediately, and I sensed she did too. We began to kiss again, me fondling her while she grasped me firmly and began pulling. I started to get hard. I could feel her smile as we kissed. "You like to fuck don't you", she whispered.
We knew that the movie wasn't long enough for another go, we had already spent nearly an hour and a half the first time. I asked how often she comes to the movies and she said "give me your address". "Really", I said. "Yes", she replied.
We exchanged numbers. We left the theater separately. I'm happy to say she has been to my house several times since the movie. Still not taking all of me, but we're close.

MirthofGirth 55M
1 post
7/24/2021 8:57 pm

So COVID has put a serious damper on my theater encounters. I've had good luck there. Online dating sucks. Tinder sucks. Let's be honest, you never really know what you're gonna meet. And Tinder almost seems desperate, in my opinion. And there is nothing spontaneous about it, unlike my theater encounters.
But when one door closes another door opens. I recently was at Costco to buy contact lenses. After I bought my lenses I walked around the store. I only go to Costco for two reasons, to by my lenses and the pizza. Anyway, I'm in the supplement/beauty section. And I notice this mature woman kind of lingering -- well circling is more like it. One thing I have learned about mature women, they are great at oral!!! And the timing could not have been more appropriate. There had been no rain on the plains -- just as dry as you fucking please.
I think we both sensed what was going on. And just like the theater encounter, we were both probably thinking do I make a move? The only problem is, it is not dark in Costco and so I can't give her a glimpse of the beast. So I had to be creative. Normally, I tuck myself down, it's comfortable and less noticeable. But when I lift the beast and tuck it sideways, well, I'll let your imagination figure that one out. So I went down to the end of one of the aisles and very quickly and tactfully maneuvered the beast into position.
When i returned to the same section she was gone. I started looking around, mumbling to myself "you dumb ass". Looked like the plains were not getting any rain today. I walked around the store hoping, but not expecting to find her. And I didn't. I did come upon this exquisite Asian woman. Unbelievable face, unbelievable body, and her hair was pulled up in one of those swept up hairdos with a hair clip. I'm a sucker for the swept up hairdo. I find it sexy and I love that moment when the woman is on top and her hair falls out of the clip and drapes down around her face. As hot as she was I kept thinking about the mature. So I abandoned my recon of the hot Asian woman and made my way to the exit.
Like I said, I go to Costco for two reasons, lenses and pizza. I stopped to by a couple slices. As it turns out, the mature had been in line. She had purchased quite a few items and Costco was crowded because it was Saturday, so she was in line all that time. So when I turned around and noticed her she was looking right at me.
My pizza was ready and I got it to go. I had planned to go home and spend the day watching lesbians suck each other's tits. There is something very erotic about watching one woman suck another woman's nipple that just captivates me. And when you see it in person, you're fucked!
I was not going to make a move. Too many people to see a possible crash and burn. So I headed out to my car. I was sitting in the car and I got a phone call from a client so I remained parked while I talked to her. While I was talking, I saw the mature coming down the aisle with a cart full of merchandise. Maybe she got a memo about a zombie apocalypse? As she passed my car a large box fell out of the cart. Am I lucky or what!?! I terminated the call and got out. I walked over and asked her if she needed help. When she turned around and saw it was me she said "Oh Hi"! I heard her say "Oh Hi", but all I noticed was her smile. "Well if you don't mind", she said. "No, it's no trouble", I replied. I picked up the box and held it in place as we walked toward her vehicle. Turns out she was here from Washington and was driving a Winnebago!!! I'm just thinking to myself, you can't make this shit up. I often wonder why I have lived here for 20 years and never gambled, cause I am a lucky fuck.
We got to the Winnebago and I offered to help unload -- of course I did! It was hot as fuck out of course, it's Vegas in July! She started up the Winnebago. I then handed her the items at the door one at a time. When I was done unloading I was going to leave, but as luck would have it she offered me some shade and water.
Her Winnebago was really nice and well kept. She excused herself for a minute. when she returned she had changed into a tank top ---fuuuuck! She was tight, and her ass was exquisite in those booty shorts. We made small talk and then I needed to use the bathroom and I was reluctant to ask. But i did and of course she said yes. While I was in there I took the opportunity to get a little blood flowing to the beast. I pulled it up and tucked it sideways, there was no missing the bulge.
When I came out I stood up across from her instead of sitting back down. We talked and I could see she was being very careful about glancing at my bulge. I don't know what the fuck came over me, but in the middle of her sentence I just blurted out "it's real". She sat quiet for a few seconds. She stood up and said "you know I'm 50". "Is that all", I replied. There was maybe 8 inches between us at this point, I mean we are in a Winnebago. That's when she said, "i imagine we are going to have to go down the hall if you are going to pull that thing out". Her hand started caressing my bulge. She was patient and deliberate, like most mature women. And it's what I needed, because I can go for hours.
She led me down the hall to her bedroom. The shades were still open and I went to close them and she stopped me. "I want to see all of it", she said. I was a bit trepidatious. While I am very confident in bed, I am not an exhibitionist.
I started to undress her very, very slowly. We kissed for what felt like an hour. Stopping here and there to observe our bodies. She had these incredible puffies. I love puffies! If you haven't sucked a real puffy nipple you should. There is nothing like it. And her nipples were perfectly proportioned to her breast. Maybe all that pro bono work was paying off with good karma. She asked if she could video her sucking my cock because her girlfriends were never going to believe she had a cock this big without proof. So I held her phone while she erotically and sensually devoured me. Remember what I said earlier about mature women and oral? She was so good with her mouth. I had to find ways to distract myself to avoid cumming before I wanted to. She had so many moves I lost count. My cock was so hard it hurt. She finally mounted me in the reverse cowgirl. I couldn't watch her ass or I was going to cum -- but I had to. Her ass belonged in the porn Hall of Fame. She took her time trying to get all the way down. Her pussy was tight and warm, and she had lots of moves that were new to me. Ahhh, the experience of a mature woman. When I felt her start to pulsate I flipped her on her back, I wanted to go deep. But I also wanted to suck those puffy nipples. By this time we were holding each other so tightly there is no where to go. Her body felt amazing pressed on mine. This woman had me harder than I had ever been -- ever!
I pulled her up so we were face-to-face. Kissing sensually. She lifted off and turned her back to me and sat back on my cock. She started back and forth slowly. I love watching from behind. She began taking more of me, little by little. Then she raised up on all fours and I could see her tits hanging down and those puffy nipples. It almost made me cum, but I held off. Her rhythm is increasing and she is talking. Watching her ass is a challenge to delaying orgasm. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" she says as she tries to take all of me. "You big dick mother fucker". "Push it all the way in please"! "Please cum, please", she said. I plunged every fucking inch I had into her. Over and over and over. I could feel the onset of my orgasm and she could too. I'm now nearly fully engorged with no room to expand. Her pussy fully consuming my cock.
There are no adjectives to describe the epic climax we experienced. Even the Richter scale couldn't measure our combined body tremors. Three hours had passed and it was dark now. We had a post-coital make out session that was almost better than the sex. It was like dessert after a great dinner. No talking, just kissing. She asked me to stay and why would I say no. Besides I never slept in a Winnebago before and we all know how good morning sex it with someone new!

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