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a better world
Posted:Jan 27, 2009 10:32 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2009 4:29 pm

as i sit here i need to say some things out loud, i have met some really good people here but in the past few months i have met more than i ever have in the year an a half being here the group i started was not rocket science anyone could have done it i just happened to do it at the right time,

that said i have never ever met a better group of people that can come together not knowing each other and communicate as a family, we have all religions all shapes and sizes and races and all that seems to just go away, no one person is different from the other, yes we all have our own opinions and yes we all have our own beliefs but are all respectful for the others,

this is something that takes no effort other than the simple kindness of the person to whom is listening or replying, i have to tell you i was never a social person I'm not the type that will make small talk to just anyone but since starting this group i have been very out spoken and very involved person so for that i say thanks.

its funny how a people of all races or religions can do this on a sex site but we cant get the worlds to agree on anything if only people would start reaching out to each other on the streets instead of turning their heads this would be a epidemic,

do me a favor. tomorrow do something for someone that you don't even know and when they ask you what do i owe you simple say what you owe me is do the same for someone else and say the same thing i just said to you, someday this will be a united world and not just a place to survive

Good night all Dwayne
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tell me was i weak?
Posted:Jan 19, 2009 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2009 10:10 am

I'm sitting here in front of this computer the house is calm the out and i have to wonder, is this where it ends?

sitting here in this lonely house with only three dogs to talk to they do have allot to say but still they are no different than the always wanting without doing the chores {lol} than i think of the times we could have, if only you would pick up the phone, the constant voice mail i here is only a glimpse to me, herring your voice makes me long for you even more, sorry about the constant missed calls, i have actually made conversation with your voice mail, and me and your voice mail have made plans, i hope you don't mind you see i talk to your voice mail more than i do you,

you say call me but don't answer, did i get to excited
when i looked into your eyes and said i can see your wonderful soul did i scare you? was it too much to here that one person could see the beauty in you that you were frightened by the honesty,

you asked me to be upfront and you needed a strong man, was i weak when i said your touch makes me quiver that when you kiss me i melt,maybe I'm not as strong as i led on or maybe your presence makes me weak,

i can still remember as it was yesterday we were walking through the trails holding hands laughing joking kissing by the big rock, making love to you was like the first time i opened a gift and it was the only thing in the world i ever wanted, your soft neck, my lips touching you, to feel your skin ever so soft, your touch kind, but yet very exciting as you ran your hands down my pants to grab my ass firmly grasping it as if you never wanted to let go, our bodies firmly pressed together with not an inch of space between us you whisper in my ear, can we do it here?

the excitement on your face knowing someone could see us was so cute how could i denie you the experience, you slowly reach down to pull off my pants and me taking off your top to expose those wonderful breast you keep oh so hidden away,

the look on your face was that of shock, never having been naked in public not knowing what would come next was your excitement, not me being there but just the fact that you were actually going to do this.

than it starts you move down to your knees only to tease me looking around to see if anyone is looking you take me in your mouth nervously and oh the feeling, you don't know what to think and i can feel your nervousness so i pull you back up and start kissing you both of us naked, hurry you yell out I'm scared, me not wanting to rush i start kissing you feverishly your so hot and wet ive never seen you like this before,

i turn you around so you can lean on the big rock your breast pressed firmly against it i enter you OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING you scream out as soon as i enter, the rock now soaked from your nest i have no way to hold back i shot with in seconds of you,

your face smiling now like a in a candy store you look at me like you never have, we get dressed and wonder off, ending the evening with a kiss at your door,

tell me was i weak by looking into your eyes and saying your soul is not complete until it has been filled with experiences like that
inspired by a friend
Posted:Jan 14, 2009 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2020 11:56 pm

"knowing I'm yours"

i take my time to just let you know I'm there going to the thigh now working down to the ankle me knowing you want me to go to the g spot but i make you wait as your groans grow louder and you spot gets wetter i can feel your body tremble with anticipation waiting for me to make your head spin only to move further away as you grown i put my fingers in your mouth, you bite telling me it's time i go back between your legs, their soaking wet with the dew from you peach taste so good i cant stop you scream my name as your hips raise to the desire you were wanting i cant keep up you hands have my head buried in you mound, and Finlay your body goes limp, quivering from your destination you fall a sleep in my arms and all warmed up,
a womans mound
Posted:Jan 9, 2009 5:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2009 9:17 am

i so enjoy to view this area its like that apple pie when you were a you couldn't reach, or looking through the store window at that brand new bicycle your mother said we couldn't afford, right there in front of you but you cant touch it because your afraid too ask for it,

so i finally did i asked for it and she said yes we went out on typical night drinks, dance, touching lightly as tho we've known each other for years,


so do you want to call it a night? i ask, her response is soft sensual and so arousing i almost cum in my pants, she gently puts here hand on my shoulder for support to take her heels off, we've been out all night her feet have to hurt, I'm thinking this is going to just end, I'm getting excited for nothing, cool off your going to freak her out and she'll want to go home i say to my self,

she say to me can you call me a cab? figures i say to myself, so i do she gets in I'm standing at the curb to at least get a good night kiss and she leans out of the cab her breast half falling out of her top {I'm thinking, I'm getting a kiss good night and I'm going to get an accidental feel whether she likes it or not}and grabs my hand and says what are you waiting for? get in

holy shit she's going to invite me back to her place, he he I'm getting laid I'm getting laid.

so we're on our way and she ask can you get me some bubble bath before i go home stop here at the store she says, i also need some shaving cream and razors, I'm thinking to myself your running up the cab fair and now I'm your Eran boy, fuck,

so i agree and we are headed back to her place and she says isn't your place closer just go there first and i'll take care of the fair from your place {fuck I'm not getting laid} ok i respond at this point i just want go home, no hard on, I'm tired of her games I'm frustrated blue balls and all i want to do is jack off and go to bed,

so the cab drops me off and i lean in, she kisses me {like my sister does} i get my accidental feel and go to the house, so to top it all off i leave my house keys in my house, so here i am trying to get in my house at 3 am and I'm pissed. Finlay i find a screw driver and pry the door open fuck it i'll fix it in the morning, what a night instead of going to bed i decide to take a bath bubble bath, yes i like bubble baths, so I'm laying there trying to get my nut off and i see my living room start to light up a little at a time and the light is getting closer and closer I'm like what the fuck

so i start to get out of the tub and in walks my date, I'm standing there with this huge ass hard on bubbles covering my body and she says you forgot to shave me, huh? {dumbfounded look} you forgot to shave me again she says, ok {dumbfounded look} how do i get my groove back I'm thinking, well i have a hot bath cum on over here and let me help you, she undresses in front of the candle lite room she has arranged as she was walking in and I'm floored but i have to keep composer, so she sits at the edge of the tub and says to me how do you like it {oh the thoughts that went through my mind} shaved she said,

so I'm thinking this woman wants to here something sensual and exciting what the hell am i going to say so i spit out,

shaved so smooth the dew slowly gathers and runs down slowly to tickle the inner walls of your tenderness

holy shit the look on her face was sorta like the one on yours i hit the mother load of answers,so i started shaving this wonderful mound as i call it and shes stroking my bald head and says to me i laid the candles out so we could have a ritual and praise my shaved pussy, WHAT! I'm thinking are you fucking nuts?

I'm banging this bald pussy and your out of here
I emailed her this
Posted:Jan 9, 2009 10:21 am
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2009 3:17 pm

so i was going through the local profiles and came across a woman that stopped me in my tracks, i know what you are thinking she was by my standards a knock out,

only two photos one she was sitting on a chair posed, the other standing posed, do you want to here the kicker?

she was fully dressed.so i email her and say this

i cant tell you how refreshing it is to see a beautiful woman on this site fully dressed, the reason i say this is because when we start dating it'll be nice to know that the world hasn't seen your wonderful goodies, than i added just kidding lol, please check out my profile after you have weeded through the thousands you must receive on a daily bases,

so i sent it off and not a word back

what would you have done
advice line friends
write me back to tell me how lame i am
be interested in dating or getting to know me
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good night all
Posted:Jan 7, 2009 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2009 6:34 am

well its been a pretty productive day other than i still don't have work to take me home, i opened a advice line group which i thought everyone would think lame

but i think for a minute all said aside it really takes me back, even if the group thing is a bomb my friends joined weather it be for their own reasons or maybe because i asked them to.

its nice to know that i have friends out there that are willing to help me or to just dowit lol she has her profile closed for emails, anyhow i just want to say thanks for making me feel like I'm a part of your life even if it is here mmmwhaa to all of you

did any of this make since? I'm not really good at this stuff
your going to laugh
Posted:Jan 6, 2009 4:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2009 3:43 am

so i finished my job down in ft lauderdale and positioned myself in ft pierce fl to wait for my next job, I'm like really bored, and i go nuts if I'm not busy so i cleaned and i did paper work and logs and such did the advice line thing and now I'm bored again,

when I'm by myself like this i never wear clothing i just hate to wear clothes so as i walk up to my mirror I'm thinking damn its time to groom myself, if any of you have seen my photos I'm hairy every where but my head, and truthfully i know you people out there have done this so i know your going to laugh just because you've been there,

so here i am I'm standing in front of the mirror and i start at the nipples if you read my profile i love to have my nipples suck on. anyway so i start to trim and my freaking hand slipped oh yeah, shit, now i have to go to the other side and try to make it even, not working I'm going back and forth to get this shit even and it's not working before i know it i have this damn circle around my nipples that looks like a race track, i don't think gordon has a chance on it tho.

so now I'm thinking I'm just going to take all the hair off, i haven't done it yet but i look like shit and i love to wear tank tops, wife beaters as they call them and there is no way in hell i can do that now,

good night
Posted:Jan 4, 2009 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2009 5:10 pm

I'm laying here after a hard drive today i have a rather large job to service tomorrow so i need to get some sleep,

funny tho ive been on the advice line most of the day and i gotta tell ya its kinda draining i mean hearing about cock size big boobs piercings people blocking people getting pissed at one another its draining,

so I'm thinking to my self what do i really miss from a woman yeah the obvious stuff rolled through my mind the touches the sex talking walking those sort of things, but i think what i really miss the most is her smile you know the one, when she looks at you like your the world to her type smile, like the little grins she'll give you when you said something stupid but she's not about to say anything knowing it would hurt your feelings, the smile she gives as she's walking out the door in the morning to go to work the where she just slightly turns her head as tho she wants to come back and kiss you or she really don't want to leave but has too, the smile when you tell her there really isn't anyone for you but her, just plain and simple smile is what i truly miss in a woman,

screw the fucking screw the tits screw all the other bullshit, just give me that great once in a life time smile and you'll warm my heart,

good night all {=}
any time any where
Posted:Jan 2, 2009 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2009 6:36 am

i can cuddle an kiss all day i love laying naked on a lazy day and fucking when it rises

i love to just get it on the side of the road because you said i looked hot in my jeans

i love to feel the mountain air on my naked body as the sun warms us while hiking in the mountains

you cant scare me i will hold you on any given occasion just because, it don't matter where or who is watching if your with me your with ME and you are special at every moment.

theres nothing like standing on a ridge of a mountain looking over a huge lake or fantastic view with a woman cuddled in your arms to share it with,
sex with young people
Posted:Jan 1, 2009 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2009 10:59 am

there was a post by an 18 year old on A/L today that made me post this

ya know i was going through several profiles last night and a whole bunch of older woman were asking for younger men to F them

and i got to thinking if a man did this he would be considered a pervert or cradle robber or even maybe get shot by the father of the young girl, why is that? not that i would even think about it as i have three young daughters and would be the father with the shot gun,

don't get me wrong i have no problem with young people learning early about how to treat a woman or talk to them but it just struck me as odd

does society have a double standard when it comes to this issue

should woman that do it be considered perverts as well?
kissing you softly
Posted:Dec 31, 2008 9:43 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2009 6:37 am

kissing you as you wake in the morning warms my heart touching your face feeling your glow, taking great care to kiss from cheek to cheek feeling your softness with my lips, finding myself lost in your warmth i want to move towards other parts of your body but your beauty has me me in a trance and the softness of your lips has me wanting you more, I'm fully hard now and i can feel your wetness, your breathing has grown rapid and your heart beats faster our tongues wrapped around each other not wanting to let go, enter me you whisper i need you,as we feel each others bodies close, breathing each others breath my climax is close and i can feel you throbbing wrapped around my manhood our kissing has gotten stronger and longer i can feel your hot breath inside of me as tho we are one, you scream out I'm there I'm there i release as well, our lips locked together our arms wrapped up around each other you dragging your nails down my back me biting your lip the explosion is exhausting! our bodies limp our breathing hard i gently kiss your lips and softly touch the warmth of your face as tho I'm tasting the glow of your beauty.
chemistry or looks
Posted:Dec 14, 2008 6:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2009 3:54 pm

ok guys and gals I'm the type of guy that can have sex with any woman bbw skinny ugly it don't matter as long as the chemistry is there,
the actual act of having sex is what turns me on,

so for you is it
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ahhh being single is great! (not)
Posted:Dec 11, 2008 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2009 6:48 am

its kinda funny i hang out with allot of married people and a bunch of us guys will get together to do the lets get fucked up and talk shit thing, you know the gathering the one where they tell me how great it must be to be single how i can just pick up and go anytime or how i can spend my money how i like no one bitching at me or stealing the blankets from me at night, no hassle's care free

and of course i agree so not to appear as a loser in my friends eyes

but reality is and this is how i see it,

being single is having no one to talk to no one to take walks with, no pillow fights to regain your right to have half the covers on the bed, no one to spend your money on to gain a appreciative smile, no cuddling on a rainy day on the sofa,cooking my own meals doing my own laundry, not to mention masturbating on the nights none of the thousands of woman you're dating are not available,i could go on but i think you get the picture.

so next time you see a single guy shake his hand and tell him there's hope(wash your hand after the shake)

and next time you think you would be better off single go to the garage open vise and stick your dick in it while your thinking about the pain just say to yourself it could be worse i could be single.


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