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bad girl you need a spanking
Posted:May 1, 2008 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2009 6:53 am

here's a bit of history on me, i was married as i have told you over 18 years i've always been a dominant male, my wife an i always had what i now call straight sex you know blow jobs doggie on top oral regular stuff,

so when we devorced i dated here an there normal stuff till i met this woman younger than me not much i think six years, any how so we started seeing each other kinda regular straight sex so on

till one day she pulls out of her closet this tool box an says to me hey lets try something fun, so im think ok this is good i can play, so she says take out anything you like, seeing a whole toy box full of fun holy shit where do i start im thinking to myself

so i pull out the rope tie her up and she's laying there not saying anything just letting me go so im thinking the blind fold looks good lets do that, now she is tied up and im rock fucking hard i've been hard but never like this, so im tossing around this tool box and something pokes me,thats right nipple spurs, if you dont know what it is, it is what it sounds like, oh my god so i start in on her,her ass is off the bed back arched in the air and im going nuts, this is my new me,so i played with it for quite a long time than got bored, so i release some of the rope an tell her to roll over and i retie the ropes now she is hands an knees ass in the air and i have a paddle in my hand, (oh boy)so i commence in giving what i think is a good one, and i hear is that all you got?i laid into her the first time and i hear that,whack i nailed that ass and not a peep, whack i do it again and again and again and finaly i here a whimper, im thinking she's fucking with me, so ok i leave the room go out make a sandwich have a drink about 30 minutes or so than i slowly walk back in so she cant hear me and im hearing moans so i know she felt it,so im thinking she dont know im there so i pick up the paddle and whack she never seen it cuming and did she let out a scream, i stopped the paddling and started kissing her now welted ass i look down at the sheets and there is a wet spot about the size of her ass and i mean to tell you she was so wet it filled my hands so i go down to her pussy and in secounds she was cumimng time after time after time, when she got finished i got inside and and ended up finishng off on her back, i started to untie her after we were finished than got to thinking i left my sandwich on the counter and didnt want the to gt it so left her there and finished my sandwich before i untied her, she loved every second of it

we did much more but i'll give your eyes a rest,this is something i can do or not i can have sex anyway you want it i just wanted to share this experiance with you, true story peeps,

i still taste her
Posted:Apr 29, 2008 8:40 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2009 11:03 am

something you should know about me, I'm a very dominant male i will have control an you will submit and like it,

I'm going to tell you a story about a woman i met that thought she was the dom(HA)so here we are at this hotel we already know we're having sex the attraction is great, we stand close to each other feeling touching, she tells me to take off my clothes(hmpf)she thinks she's going to run this session, we're still standing face to face kissing an i reach my hand back behind her head and grab a handful of hair close to the scalp so i have complete control of every movement of her head i lean in a whisper in her ear I'm not ready to take my clothes off, i hear a slight whimper an i know i have her,

as i start undressing her i pull her head back and start kissing her neck, her breathing at this point is already rapid an intense i know i got her where i want her, I'm thinking she has to be soaked at this point, still with a hand full of hair i turn her so that her ass is rubbing against me now i move my hand down to her inner ass cheeks and right to the wetness she doesn't know how to react she thought she was going to be running this session but i see in her eyes she knows who's in charge, i turn her back around still ahold of her hair kissing her,

she feels my hard cock in my jeans pressing against her now naked body (AND ASK)can i have it?she wants it so bad her mouth is watering she's soaking wet an trembling with excitement she thinks to herself how did i get here?i allow her to go to her knees her face in front of my cock my hand still in her hair she waits for instructions,may i? she says,i instruct her do do so, at this point my cock is so fucking hard I'm ready to explode i grab her head an ease it over my cock her mouth is so fucking hot i explode in her, she tries to swallow it all but it drips down onto her breast she starts to get up an get dressed as if we were finished, i look at her an say where do you think you're going get back over here, she cums back towards me knowing i just came she don't know what to think i pull her face towards my chest and tell her to start biting my nipples it didn't take long i was hard as a rock again i take her to th3 bed bend her ass over and know it's her turn I'm fucking her like shes never been fucked her ass is red as an apple from my firm hand i place my hand firmly down on the middle of her back so that she is not able to move by this time shes came five six times again here i cum oh hell even better than the first, i roll off of her over on my back she goes down and with her mouth she cleans up, than rises an cuddles next to me a speaks the words, is there anything else i can do for you master
20 inch cocks an 6 pack abs
Posted:Apr 26, 2008 7:26 pm
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2008 4:40 am
when i go to a womans site that has this, first thing i say to myself is oh yeah go ahead an get that see how long it last he'll get it in an leave, i see these guys on your sites like trophes you know damn good an well you're not doing it an if you are your only doing it once.

i am not 10 9 inches but i know how to make you feel like you had 10 9 inches so lets just stop putting up the trophes and get back down to earth if you only seen the girls i had on my friends list an deleated you would say the same.

this is going to chase real men away if you dont already know, thats right what you're really looking for, yeah their real men but i see them on every profile i go to, so they must be super duper studs their fucking 50 woman a day, im telling you i have seen the same guys on every womans profile, maybe you should look through an see for yourself

one night stands
Posted:Apr 26, 2008 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 2:51 am

this might hurt some feeling but we're all big peeps here and we know that this happens.

i know that some woman out here in AdultFriendFinder land just want to fuck and thats great but i've been hearing complaints about guys just coming in an fucking than leaving an never cuming back if you set the ground rules right off the bat that this is all you're there for than there should not be any complaints,

i know im a horny fucker when i get to fuck a woman an i like it i go back, not for love but for anoughther fuck if you're good, im coming back, so if your not getting repeats did it ever occure to you that maybe you're doing something wrong?

i know you want chemistry an feelings an all that good stuff for you but you also need to think about the other persons want and needs as well if you go into this as a fuck than a fuck is what it is, if the guy cums back than thats great if not than move on, cum on we are here to get laid for most peeps, yeah some looking for that one person and if it happens great but have fun with it while you're her and stop taking it so serious

i may have just cut my own throat but there it is, we are past the bullshit games, if you are on AdultFriendFinder you're here to fuck or fill a void in your life stop complaining if they dont cum back, just email me i'll keep cuming back(wink)somehow he he

ok ladies i know you have secrcts
Posted:Apr 24, 2008 4:23 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2009 5:14 am

i think i know pretty well how to make you have a orgasm but i want to know that secret place you have deep down inside that place that makes you breathless the one that arches your back, the one that i can get done right away so i can get a couple extra in, let me here it i wanna know

what i like
Posted:Apr 20, 2008 5:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2009 11:04 am

hmm this should be good,there are guys out there that'll tell you their the best at eating pussy, funny thing is tho all woman are differant no two alike i can go down on one this way an the other is going to be compleatly differant,the fun part is finding out how to make her cum

gentlemen if your going to make a statement as such you should at least say im the best at finding a womans spot(wink)

woman do me a favor if im having sex with you or going down on you DO NOT FAKE IT get up and show me or say im not going to cum dont fake it if there is something you want me to do to make you cum say it, i will do it, im all for making you cum several times in fact im all about it.

i love to get deep inside an i know some woman love to be fucked hard an nasty and i can do it in fact im good at it i love to pull hair spank talk dirty all of it, but i also like to hang out kissing holding i love to undress togeather standing up an feeling each others bodies kissing waiting to see if you're going to reach first or if im going to have too

i love to get inside an come almost all the way out than back in slowly back out just till im almost out than slowly back in ahh the look on your faces when i do that i can feel the hole inside of you with my cock mmm then you get the hole length of my cock from deep inside to almost all the way out, back an fourth mm.

blow jobs if i can feel your tougne working my cock at the same time you're going down on me holy shit its the best just hold my cock in your mouth an move your tounge around mmm mmm mm thats how i like it

an last but not least a little secret when i cum an you want more give me five minutes for the blood to go back and suck and bite on my nipples i should have a simi by now if not hard, than go down on me an we're on again i can usally cum twice in one session if i really like you we're going to fuck for a couple hours, an thats it.

shaved pussy
Posted:Apr 20, 2008 3:04 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2009 11:05 am
shaved pussy i can take it ether way but let me tell ya if ur shaved an i go down on you my mustach is going to feel real good to you and the feel of shaved pussy to my face there's nothing else like it also when im fucking you if mine is shaved as well the skin sticks togeather as an added sensation when i cum out of your pussy my skin will pull yours away when i go back in the heat from my hard cock will press against you adding stimulation mmm nothing like it, now im hard damnit (wink)

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