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As you sleep  

Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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4/8/2009 8:08 am

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3/27/2011 12:25 pm

As you sleep

as you lay sleeping on the hotel bed, your breathing so soft and Innocent, i think of the night we had, you dancing on the table with the short skirt hiked up, the men going nuts as you bend to show the tight ass and long thin legs,

i have to wonder what goes through your mind as you sat on my lap grinding me, making me hard, as if all watching weren't even there, making them all want you and wonder why this guy,

i look at you sleeping and wonder to myself how could such a beauty be so wild and crazy with lust? when you reached down my pants to feel how hard i was did you stop to think about the crowd did you care,when i grab your ass and slipped my fingers in your now wet pussy in the dark club, lite only by the lighting from the dance floor did you stop to worry about how they might care? i think not,

as i carried to my room, you asked my name and i yours as you stuck your tongue down my throat do you remember? i write this note so you will.

i laid you on the bed you stood up, and franticly removed your clothes than jump from the bed to my arms and started heavily kissing me, as i held you,your legs wrapped around my waist arms tightly around my neck you managed to somehow remove my shirt to expose my masculine chest, you started to rub it as tho you were traveling through a forest, you moans of enjoyment made me as hard as i have never felt,you than started kissing my neck and working your way to my nipples and thats when i went to heaven, my nipples are the spot and i think you knew it as you sucked hard and long your mouth wrapped around it tight and long, your hand reaching down to hold my cock,i wonder how could a woman be so limber? all as I'm still holding you, my stomach soaked with your juices from you grinding against me, you come back up to my face and i can see how hot you are your legs still wrapped around me, you grabbed my cock and slid it in you WOW! up against the wall you hollered out, so i moved to the empty wall your arms wrapped around my neck i start to pound your small tight pussy as i watch yours eyes roll back in your head i cant help but wonder how i got here, out of all the men in the bar you chose me,I'm fucking you now so hard the painting on the wall are ready to fall your breast rubbing against my chest your ass in my hands i turn around and walk towards the bed, now hovering over it you release your arms from around my neck, my cock still in you as you fall to the bed,me standing now you kneel to my cock and give it a smile and decide you want to taste, slowly at first you savor the taste of your sweet juices that have soaked my area licking my balls than coming back to my cock slowly going down a little at a time, I'm looking down as you swallow my cock and dig your finger nails into my ass cheeks, my jaw dropped and ass tighten from the enjoyment I'm receiving, you know you have my full attention and i think you like it,you decide to turn around and show your wonderful ass i cant help but run my hands over the softness of it and the wetness of you pussy, you look back at me and ask well are you going to fondle all night or fuck it? i answer, whats your hurry? the look on your face was surprising, i fondle some more knowing i now have you as you did me with my cock in your mouth,i continue to run my hand over your soaking wet pussy and i mean it was soaked, FUCK ME! you yell out, ok so i than grabbed a hand full of your hair and yell out you want to get fucked here it is babe i rammed my hard cock in your pussy pulling you back to me from the hand full of hair, hows that i yell out are you my little ? answer me! huh? YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER! fuck you harder i say, ok, smack on the ass my cock all the way in you i reach around as I'm fucking you and put my fingers in you mouth so you can taste the pussy juices all over it as i do i find my self pulling you closer my fingers almost down your throat you bite down, i have one hand in your mouth the other wrapped around your hair and my cock rammed up your pussy, how much harder can i fuck you? i asked,cant speak? here it comes the fucking waters works i think your cumin HARDER HARDER! you yell out,my balls pounding against your clit i can feel the throbbing of your pussy wrapped around my cock i feel your juices flowing as it drips from my balls, you came so hard the throbbing never stopped, its my turn there's no turning back i pull out and in a instant drop my load spaying all over your ass shooting to your back the cum is every where it drips down the curve of the center of your back as i keep adding to it, you quickly turn to my cock to get what i haven't unloaded completely yet taking my cock all the way down your throat, me screaming out as you stroke my cock with your mouth to clean up whats there, you looking up knowing you have done what most haven't, slowly melting into the bed covered in both of our juices, you take one last look at me as you drift off to sleep,

I'm writing this note to let you know i was here,


Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

itbeginshere4me 63F

4/8/2009 10:48 am

I suppose she woke up and you were gone! Nice writing Dwayne.

safesecrets4 61F

4/8/2009 1:11 pm

How could she forget? It would be impossible.{=}

melike2sucku 53F
117 posts
7/28/2009 5:58 am

That was HOT!

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