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as you drive away  

Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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4/13/2009 10:31 pm

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3/27/2011 12:23 pm

as you drive away

when we met your eyes were down your hands folded and legs crossed.

i walked across the restaurant watching as you waited, as you wondered if i would show,i seen this lady so warm so calm i wanted to leave,but i was so bold.

when you looked up and smiled,as if you new me forever as if you had no doubt in your mind i was the one, my knees went numb,

i have never felt so out of place, you fixed it with the smile on your face.

me so tough and so manly here i am and you wanting me to sit down finally.

now here i am across the table wondering how the hell i was even able.

i sit to adore you and find myself in Au, i cant think of anything to say at all.

as i sit here wanting to touch your skin in walks the waiter,here we go again

i reach out to feel you I'm not that brave,but you don't let me off that easy and don't tell to me to behave

i want you so bad i cant wait for the food, if it don't get here soon ill make my move

we sit and talk the dinner is done,if we have to wait longer i'll figure we had fun

you look in my eyes and say you did too,the night is not over lets get a room

you undress i do to, my nervousness grows as i watch you undress i thought we would have more but we had not progressed,you tell me you liked it but i can see you've been here before but not with me.

i turn in the key as you drive away never to hear from you again,thinking its just not the way,

Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

safesecrets4 61F

4/14/2009 6:49 am

Oh, but we take something vital from everyone who passes through our lives. So you see, it was meant to be.

Love_My_42DDs_ 56F
258 posts
4/14/2009 10:07 am

This one is kind of sad and anti-climatic at the end after the anticapatory build up of the beginning. How many of us have not had this same experience? Nice job.

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