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Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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5/20/2009 7:16 am

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9/12/2009 8:46 am


i have to laugh i don't know how many of you go to the camming area but i do often, and i have to tell you sometimes it's not a pretty sight,

i always thought it's a good way to get your profile out there and get some attention, if you go there be aware

tell me this if you were to put all your stuff out there for everyone to see wouldn't you make it look nice, put some make up on maybe dress sexy to try to attract a person.

oh no ive seen woman eating rib bones on the there, they plaster there pussy right up against the cam, some of these woman shouldn't do this lol, men get on there and they haven't shaved they wear some old dirty ass robe with coffee stains or whatever all over it, ive seen woman's cams on there and the caption reads looking for a good man, and if you look in the back ground there's cloths stacked as high as her crap thrown all over the floors,lmao if i was looking for someone i would at least try to look tidy wouldn't you think, plus these woman get this great big fucking dildo out and i mean BIG! and start shoving this truck inside them and than expect someone like me with a small penis to have sex with them, there's no way i can go there after that damn thing has been there, ive seen rollers in the hair {sexy huh?}, one couple was on, the woman in a old robe eating a bowl of something and the man standing next to her with a hard on stroking his cock in her face while she eats this meal, what the fuck have people forgotten what sexy is? are there people out there that can look past this? am i being too critical here?

Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

roxy54sexy 57F  
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5/20/2009 8:01 am

Hello, yes it can be comical at times sometimes when I view cams. I know I have recieved requests for closeups on my pussy. It seems from my experience men like the pussy and ass. But not everyone will have the same taste. Your right people should be more tidy when on cam?

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kitten4upurrr 58F
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5/28/2009 6:16 pm

Dwayne wrote "and than expect someone like me with a small penis to have sex with them" your funny sweetie!!!
I've had the pleasure of your "penis" and its NOT SMALL!!!!
Would love to have you again soon!!
kisses babe

Sexy Kitten

SadMushroom 54F

8/11/2009 10:57 pm

Never cammed in here or watched cams in here either...BUT used to work in a cam site (monitoring rooms, not camming) and have my own room in another cam site now...and YES some of the stuff is really freaking freaked!!!

I once had to get tech help to boot an older woman who passed out (drunk) with a cucumber in her,,,,ummm,,,(lets leave that) on cam,,,she had been there for a few hours before someone brought it to my attention anyway...I could boot her from the rooms BUT NOT turn off her cam....(and being a cam site the cam stays on even if you are booted from the rooms, the cam stays running in the cam log until the person actually logs off)

I did see a guy playing with an electric mixer,,,,that went seriously wrong...??? so it's NOT just a woman thing...
Dunno what he was really trying to do????

OH By the way,,,,if I am in my room I cam my shaved head with earphones and a clean robe...I'm not into camming,,,I just have a room others can cam in saftley without being harrassed...


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