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dreaming of you  

Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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6/22/2008 6:41 am

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5/10/2009 9:13 am

dreaming of you

I'm a sex in the morning person and this is why,
I lay next to you all night feeling your soft warm body cuddle up to me the scent of your body engulfs my senses while i sleep,

I think of none other than you with your warm mouth wrapped around my stiff member while i caress your wetness between you soft thighs,

Your hair flowing over your body like a winter coat needing each other like it was the first time waiting for you to soak my hand with your explosion holding on to every sensation you have given until i cant take it anymore,

I'm at my peak i ask you to stop for a moment so i can hold off a bit i want it to last not wanting to cum yet i divert my attention to you,

you are so hot it doesn't take long i have my face buried in your honey dew you cant keep still your body lifting from the bed your screams of passion only make me want you more as i drink from your fountain

I have had enough i cant take it any more i move above to let you taste what i have enjoyed, than the insertion my cock is rock hard you explode on insertion

I'm not far behind you i stop the motion only to get one last feel of you warmth and wetness your face is flush with pleasure,

i cant hold on any longer two strokes boom i cum like a sherman tank crashing through a wall,

we both wake up bed sheets soaked i turned to you,you turn to me an say,what a way to start the day, mmmmwhaa

Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

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