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dreaming of you
Posted:Jun 22, 2008 6:41 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2009 9:13 am

I'm a sex in the morning person and this is why,
I lay next to you all night feeling your soft warm body cuddle up to me the scent of your body engulfs my senses while i sleep,

I think of none other than you with your warm mouth wrapped around my stiff member while i caress your wetness between you soft thighs,

Your hair flowing over your body like a winter coat needing each other like it was the first time waiting for you to soak my hand with your explosion holding on to every sensation you have given until i cant take it anymore,

I'm at my peak i ask you to stop for a moment so i can hold off a bit i want it to last not wanting to cum yet i divert my attention to you,

you are so hot it doesn't take long i have my face buried in your honey dew you cant keep still your body lifting from the bed your screams of passion only make me want you more as i drink from your fountain

I have had enough i cant take it any more i move above to let you taste what i have enjoyed, than the insertion my cock is rock hard you explode on insertion

I'm not far behind you i stop the motion only to get one last feel of you warmth and wetness your face is flush with pleasure,

i cant hold on any longer two strokes boom i cum like a sherman tank crashing through a wall,

we both wake up bed sheets soaked i turned to you,you turn to me an say,what a way to start the day, mmmmwhaa
sex with a woman
Posted:Aug 29, 2010 4:25 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2011 2:09 pm

to me sex with a woman is not fucking the pussy,sex with a woman,, is fucking the woman, it's feeling her response as i slowly kiss down her neck, it's feeling her clutch my body as i kiss her lips so deeply i take her breath away,it's making her hold me as i wrap my arms around her to bring her close,sex with a woman is undressing her for the very first time and feeling her tremble from both excitement and being nervous,it's running my hands down the curves of her body feeling her soft skin and erect nipples against my hand, making her want me more and more with every touch.sex to me with a woman is starting with kisses from the neck working my way down to he arms than to her soft erect breast than moving to her moist and ready mound to have a taste of that sweet nectar i call Ecstasy, moving my tongue from thigh to thigh feeling her want me to enter her, feeling her arch her back anticipating more as i hold back, feeling her moans vibrate through her body as my hands roam anywhere they like,sex to me with a woman is connecting each other as one, taking the time to make the woman know she will have, but has to wait,, making her want you to enter her, making her want you to explode inside her,sex with a woman to me is feeling the two bodies locked together as i pound against her mound making her cum time after time, pulling her head back with a hand full of hair kissing her neck not letting her be in control as my massive cock makes it's way in and out of her, creating sounds only heard in the silence of a bedroom making her feel like she is part of me,making her want me deeper and deeper inside until she has soaked us both,holding her down with the weight of my body going deeper and deeper wanting more and more feeling her walls as my cock grows larger and larger feeling her breast pressed against me her arms held back behind her head not letting her touch hearing her screams of pleasure than finally exploding inside her watching her eyes as my juice fills her, feeling her body grow limp as i finish,feeling her pleasure as she knows she has pleasured me,laying in each others arms as our love making drips from all parts of our bodies,it feels like nothing else but having sex with a woman,,to me having sex with a woman is making the woman feel like the girl she once was
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She caught me by surprise
Posted:Jul 11, 2010 7:47 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2011 2:25 pm

she came to me when i wasn't looking,i was in a slump wasn't even looking for anyone, i strayed away from all the sites dressed down didn't flirt stay quite, no bars no dates, nothing!

And than all of a sudden there she was,i was playing on-line poker and in pops this lady from nowhere she took my breath away immediately the way she chatted the way she took care in making sure she new i was there, the attention she gave me was like no other, we played like this for several months only as friends,i felt comfortable around her and grew closer and closer to her, than it happened we were finally alone, the chat heated up, i informed her that i was a swinger and she could view certain photos of me if she liked,this was a bold move i know, it would mean losing her forever or she would go with the flow and call my bluff,she played Coy for several minutes than got interested, we chatted for several minutes after and the conversation got heated,it turns out she was very interested in me as i thought,we decided we were going to meet at a hotel near her home,she is a very beautiful woman how i landed this catch i haven't a clue,

so we set up the room and i am there before her, I'm so nervous it drove me nuts,ive done this before why am i going crazy over this woman?

Than it happens the knock at the door,i open it to find this tall blond head beautiful woman standing before me, all i could do is reach out and kiss her we stood in the hall lips locked arms around each other feeling all the right parts, lips locked tongue's caressing each others lips as tho they never wanted to let go,a voice rings out {hey get a room}we back ourselves into the room never once letting go of each other clothes flying off our bodies as fast as we could go, me now hard as a rock her nipples erect i reach down to my her soaked nest as warm as i imagined it would be,her kisses were warm soft but yet firm and to the point, our breathing was as tho we were one, I'm still caressing her warm wet nest her nails now clinging to my skin her knees weak from the intense massage i am giving her, she yells out in pleasure don't stop baby don't stop, my hand soaked with her juices i bring it up to let her taste what has just happened, i run my fingers in and out of her mouth, she licks them as tho she already has my cock in her mouth,she starts to lick my neck working her way down, she stops at my nipples and begins to suck on them, i pull her head closer to my body and as she complies i yell out BITE THEM!my cock now as hard as ever she starts biting harder and harder one hand stroking my cock her mouth wrapped around my nipple i cant stand it,she goes to her knees to find a hard heated cock before her, slowly she licks the shaft teasing me knowing I'm ready to explode at anytime, oooo the thought of this beautiful woman kneeling before me to worship my cock is unexplainable, she places it in her mouth and starts to slide her wet tongue up and down up and down, i have a hold of the back of her head helping her get it all,{as if she needed it}i cant take it anymore i pull her up and sling her to the bed she lays before me her nest glistened with her natural fluids her smile as bright and inviting, i hover over her and soak it all in, her arms reach up pulling me to her i layed there for moments to feel her skin against mine, to feel her heart beat to feel all of her, she grabs my cock in one hand and my ass in the other and she makes me enter, she was not wasting any time she wanted me inside her, her legs in the air i start slowly in and out teasing her making her wait, she grabs my ass and pulls me deep inside her raising her pelvic to meet mine she starts pounding it against me, faster faster she yells out, her moans and whimpers made me crazy i can not hold on any longer i pull out and grab my cock and start stroking it she raises up and quickly puts it in her mouth and start stroking it,the explosion was tremendous i dropped a load like no other, we both collapse to the bed, wrapped in each others bodies and drenched in our own fluids we we savor the moment and kissed each other until we drifted off to sleep,

1 hour later we were at it again, we fucked for two days straight never placing and article of clothing on the whole time
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Posted:Jun 24, 2010 2:57 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:16 pm

the month of july happens to be national breast cancer awareness month,

take this time to sign up i will be giving free check ups thats right ladies FREE!don't miss out on this chance to enjoy your check up, oh i mean get your check up,also i will be available for pap smears as well, unfortunately i don't have swabs but il figure something out,
Posted:Apr 16, 2010 6:12 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2021 6:46 pm

it seems like i havent been here for along time, i guess i should start writng again since im so bored i could chew my fingers off lol
only u
Posted:Aug 11, 2009 7:55 pm
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2011 2:10 pm

i curse you for what you have done to me,

Id die had you not,

my mornings are lonely as i wake i roll to an empty side of my bed i try to savor the scent of the woman that has shown me how to look through these once blinded eyes,

it's hard to remember how it once was, i dint know how i could have ever went through life without the sound of your sweet voice the whispers in my ear as you stand behind me holding me like you'll never let go,

the very way you walk across the room grabs my eye not allowing my mind to release your image until out of sight, how is it i have never felt this power you have over me from no one other,

i glance through my room thinking of you as my mind tries to bring back the soft kisses and sensual touches received from the the soft skin that wraps itself around the sexy body that connects to the mind that has me thinking about you all the time, damn i have it bad.

i feel as tho you have climbed inside me wrapped my heart in chains and thrown away the key,

to be continued.
Posted:Jun 13, 2009 8:19 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:20 pm

But I'm sure tomorrow it will make me think i do, like it that is.
It seems to have me in its hold and i think only because it allows me to and I'm thinking i don't like it,
Making us exist in it's time feeling its misery and its joy knowing only what it allows us to know.
is 'it " just as we see and breath and walk and talk just Another sun and moon passing over our ever lasting being in time.
and what exactly is it.
why not refer to it as another day.
and why do we refer to it as the madness.
i wonder does it ever end i mean the the madness.
i just wonder.
but I'm sure i try not to.
maybe when i sleep i think.
but probably not.
maybe i think.
i think.
yes I'm here.
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Posted:May 20, 2009 7:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2009 8:46 am

i have to laugh i don't know how many of you go to the camming area but i do often, and i have to tell you sometimes it's not a pretty sight,

i always thought it's a good way to get your profile out there and get some attention, if you go there be aware

tell me this if you were to put all your stuff out there for everyone to see wouldn't you make it look nice, put some make up on maybe dress sexy to try to attract a person.

oh no ive seen woman eating rib bones on the there, they plaster there pussy right up against the cam, some of these woman shouldn't do this lol, men get on there and they haven't shaved they wear some old dirty ass robe with coffee stains or whatever all over it, ive seen woman's cams on there and the caption reads looking for a good man, and if you look in the back ground there's cloths stacked as high as her crap thrown all over the floors,lmao if i was looking for someone i would at least try to look tidy wouldn't you think, plus these woman get this great big fucking dildo out and i mean BIG! and start shoving this truck inside them and than expect someone like me with a small penis to have sex with them, there's no way i can go there after that damn thing has been there, ive seen rollers in the hair {sexy huh?}, one couple was on, the woman in a old robe eating a bowl of something and the man standing next to her with a hard on stroking his cock in her face while she eats this meal, what the fuck have people forgotten what sexy is? are there people out there that can look past this? am i being too critical here?
The scent of the flowers
Posted:May 10, 2009 8:05 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:21 pm

i have this spot i retreat to,it's out in the middle of no where really,` i haven't yet seen signs of anyone else treading on my own piece of heaven, i go there to release the negative energy this world has burdened me with, i found it by accident really i was out on the bike one day in the mountains and decided to go off the road, i found this trail and just took it, i rode what seems like forever until it ended at the top of a ridge over looking the lake i live near,what a view,

i actually took the time to clear some brush and clear out the rocks and debre around it,i always carry a blanket in the saddle bags so i can lay out and relax, i lay it down and remove all the clothing from my body, thats how comfortable i am here, in order to completely clear my head i need to be free of all articles created by man,

so i lay out, the sun resting on my skin and i begin to feel really aroused, my thoughts are on a woman i have been seeing in my head, the warm sun on my body reminds me of her so much i start to get aroused, my cock has decided to go to full erection, she is a special part of me and i find my self thinking of her all the time, like the sun on my body she warms me the second she enters my mind.

my hands now on my cock rubbing slowly as she would, i reach down to my balls and start caressing them thinking to myself i need to feel the way she makes me feel, slowly and careingly stroking my hard cock i imagine her soft warm hands going up and down on my stiff member making their way down to my inner thighs, softly she takes her time to make sure i can feel her completely, she always make me feel as tho she wants nothing more than to please me. her hands feel as soft as a rose peddle her kisses as sweet as sugar her voice is like a humming bird taking the necter from the sweet flowers she stands upon,she leans over my body and treats it as tho i am her only desire in life and nothing else matters except where she is at, she runs her hands up and down my body, running her hands through my chest hair slowly and with precision, she knows every spot to touch to make make reach the goal this adventure will take me.

i reach up with one hand and start rubbing my nipples pretending she is kissing them with her warm soft lips than pinching them as tho she is nibbling,my cock now wanting to explode i stop as she would, to make this feeling last, i have her in my head and she is looking into my eyes telling me i can only cum when she has finished herself, she starts to remove her clothing slowly in front of me teasing me with her smile and fresh look,

she always appears in my eyes as tho she is walking out of a garden of flowers her fresh scent brings goose bumps to my body my eyes never leaving her as she disrobes, she lays down beside me and starts to bring her hands up and down her body as tho she is releasing her tension, her soft mound has now turned moist and i want to taste,she has taken as much time to excite me as i can possible handle, my cock now dripping with precum if i were to touch it i would explode, she whispers to me in my mind to hold on just a while longer as she wants finish herself first, i cant stand how my mind works i need to finish my body needs the release, how is it even in my fantasy's she has a hold on me,

she brings her hands down to her soaking wet pussy and starts to rub fiercely, one hand on her nipple,her back arched in the air, up and down up and down she is about to cum,as she is stroking her wet pussy she looks over to me and speaks softly,her face is at full bloom like the flowers that surround us as we lay on the mountain top,her nipples are fully erect, the moisture on her body shines from the sun beading down on her body,she is shaking and her hands are moving ever so fiercely, her scent has engulf my senses and has made unable to react to anything but the moment, i can only hear the pounding of my heart as she continues to try to tell me something, i ask her to speak up, my hand now stroking my cock as fast as my arms will allow she speaks again and i still cant make out what she is saying, i feel as tho she is starting to fade away my ass in the air my balls banging against my body i look over again she is trying to tell me something,my hand is moving so fast i cant hear anything, my head pounding wanting her to give me permission to finish what we started, my body now shaking my muscles tensed up as tho i am a rock that lays next to me, i cant hold on any longer dear speak up before you fade off completely, i look over one last time and she leans in to me and softly says, release babe release, oh my god i fucking explode my cum shoots across my chest I'm cumin sweetheart I'm cumin, her eyes and mouth are the only things that haven't faded away quickly babe finish me,her vision now almost completely gone she goes down to help me complete this amazing adventure we have started, looking down i can now only see the lake she has completely faded away, i lay there limp and relieved i glance over hoping to bring her back one last time to get one last look at my fantasy woman but nothing she has faded away leaving nothing but the scent of the flowers she brings with her on our special occasions
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spounge bath
Posted:May 3, 2009 8:48 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:22 pm

there i lay in the hospital bed wondering why I'm not dead, you walk in to my surprise with the look on your face as though you lost me.

i wonder why you decided to show as we both know we split on bad terms and i thought you would never enter my life again as my heart still yearns

you hold my hand speaking no words,i can read your thoughts as a lonely tear rolls from your cheek, i say to you it's ok but you don't believe me i can feel your hold growing tighter as more tears start down you face,

life has a funny way of bringing love to your heart its like you never know it's there until it is thrown right out in front of your face, what to do is not clear i only know i like you near,

your touch makes it all better but we both know it wont be right for either.

your love is only temporary you feel a need to be here only for yourself and no other,

as you stand by my side wondering how to leave i can feel tension in the air i know you want to go but you are full of fear,

fear of whether it may some day happen to you and who will stand at your side, if only we knew we would still have feelings of such we might have tried to figure out its only in our touch,

as you leave you turn to speak, but only glance, i turn my head to enjoy the outside view and in an instant our love is no longer new,

i lay here now knowing i could never have this feeling again, until the nurse walks in and announces its time for my sponge bath
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as you drive away
Posted:Apr 13, 2009 10:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:23 pm

when we met your eyes were down your hands folded and legs crossed.

i walked across the restaurant watching as you waited, as you wondered if i would show,i seen this lady so warm so calm i wanted to leave,but i was so bold.

when you looked up and smiled,as if you new me forever as if you had no doubt in your mind i was the one, my knees went numb,

i have never felt so out of place, you fixed it with the smile on your face.

me so tough and so manly here i am and you wanting me to sit down finally.

now here i am across the table wondering how the hell i was even able.

i sit to adore you and find myself in Au, i cant think of anything to say at all.

as i sit here wanting to touch your skin in walks the waiter,here we go again

i reach out to feel you I'm not that brave,but you don't let me off that easy and don't tell to me to behave

i want you so bad i cant wait for the food, if it don't get here soon ill make my move

we sit and talk the dinner is done,if we have to wait longer i'll figure we had fun

you look in my eyes and say you did too,the night is not over lets get a room

you undress i do to, my nervousness grows as i watch you undress i thought we would have more but we had not progressed,you tell me you liked it but i can see you've been here before but not with me.

i turn in the key as you drive away never to hear from you again,thinking its just not the way,
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As you sleep
Posted:Apr 8, 2009 8:08 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2011 12:25 pm

as you lay sleeping on the hotel bed, your breathing so soft and Innocent, i think of the night we had, you dancing on the table with the short skirt hiked up, the men going nuts as you bend to show the tight ass and long thin legs,

i have to wonder what goes through your mind as you sat on my lap grinding me, making me hard, as if all watching weren't even there, making them all want you and wonder why this guy,

i look at you sleeping and wonder to myself how could such a beauty be so wild and crazy with lust? when you reached down my pants to feel how hard i was did you stop to think about the crowd did you care,when i grab your ass and slipped my fingers in your now wet pussy in the dark club, lite only by the lighting from the dance floor did you stop to worry about how they might care? i think not,

as i carried to my room, you asked my name and i yours as you stuck your tongue down my throat do you remember? i write this note so you will.

i laid you on the bed you stood up, and franticly removed your clothes than jump from the bed to my arms and started heavily kissing me, as i held you,your legs wrapped around my waist arms tightly around my neck you managed to somehow remove my shirt to expose my masculine chest, you started to rub it as tho you were traveling through a forest, you moans of enjoyment made me as hard as i have never felt,you than started kissing my neck and working your way to my nipples and thats when i went to heaven, my nipples are the spot and i think you knew it as you sucked hard and long your mouth wrapped around it tight and long, your hand reaching down to hold my cock,i wonder how could a woman be so limber? all as I'm still holding you, my stomach soaked with your juices from you grinding against me, you come back up to my face and i can see how hot you are your legs still wrapped around me, you grabbed my cock and slid it in you WOW! up against the wall you hollered out, so i moved to the empty wall your arms wrapped around my neck i start to pound your small tight pussy as i watch yours eyes roll back in your head i cant help but wonder how i got here, out of all the men in the bar you chose me,I'm fucking you now so hard the painting on the wall are ready to fall your breast rubbing against my chest your ass in my hands i turn around and walk towards the bed, now hovering over it you release your arms from around my neck, my cock still in you as you fall to the bed,me standing now you kneel to my cock and give it a smile and decide you want to taste, slowly at first you savor the taste of your sweet juices that have soaked my area licking my balls than coming back to my cock slowly going down a little at a time, I'm looking down as you swallow my cock and dig your finger nails into my ass cheeks, my jaw dropped and ass tighten from the enjoyment I'm receiving, you know you have my full attention and i think you like it,you decide to turn around and show your wonderful ass i cant help but run my hands over the softness of it and the wetness of you pussy, you look back at me and ask well are you going to fondle all night or fuck it? i answer, whats your hurry? the look on your face was surprising, i fondle some more knowing i now have you as you did me with my cock in your mouth,i continue to run my hand over your soaking wet pussy and i mean it was soaked, FUCK ME! you yell out, ok so i than grabbed a hand full of your hair and yell out you want to get fucked here it is babe i rammed my hard cock in your pussy pulling you back to me from the hand full of hair, hows that i yell out are you my little ? answer me! huh? YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER! fuck you harder i say, ok, smack on the ass my cock all the way in you i reach around as I'm fucking you and put my fingers in you mouth so you can taste the pussy juices all over it as i do i find my self pulling you closer my fingers almost down your throat you bite down, i have one hand in your mouth the other wrapped around your hair and my cock rammed up your pussy, how much harder can i fuck you? i asked,cant speak? here it comes the fucking waters works i think your cumin HARDER HARDER! you yell out,my balls pounding against your clit i can feel the throbbing of your pussy wrapped around my cock i feel your juices flowing as it drips from my balls, you came so hard the throbbing never stopped, its my turn there's no turning back i pull out and in a instant drop my load spaying all over your ass shooting to your back the cum is every where it drips down the curve of the center of your back as i keep adding to it, you quickly turn to my cock to get what i haven't unloaded completely yet taking my cock all the way down your throat, me screaming out as you stroke my cock with your mouth to clean up whats there, you looking up knowing you have done what most haven't, slowly melting into the bed covered in both of our juices, you take one last look at me as you drift off to sleep,

I'm writing this note to let you know i was here,

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