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only u  

Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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8/11/2009 7:55 pm

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11/5/2011 2:10 pm

only u

i curse you for what you have done to me,

Id die had you not,

my mornings are lonely as i wake i roll to an empty side of my bed i try to savor the scent of the woman that has shown me how to look through these once blinded eyes,

it's hard to remember how it once was, i dint know how i could have ever went through life without the sound of your sweet voice the whispers in my ear as you stand behind me holding me like you'll never let go,

the very way you walk across the room grabs my eye not allowing my mind to release your image until out of sight, how is it i have never felt this power you have over me from no one other,

i glance through my room thinking of you as my mind tries to bring back the soft kisses and sensual touches received from the the soft skin that wraps itself around the sexy body that connects to the mind that has me thinking about you all the time, damn i have it bad.

i feel as tho you have climbed inside me wrapped my heart in chains and thrown away the key,

to be continued.

Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

Love_My_42DDs_ 56F
258 posts
8/19/2009 8:16 am

The poignant age-old dilemma of is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?

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DollysReady 52F
22 posts
5/2/2010 1:54 pm

Dwayne I admire sincerity

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