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spounge bath  

Misbehavn2 59M/108F
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5/3/2009 8:48 am

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3/27/2011 12:22 pm

spounge bath

there i lay in the hospital bed wondering why I'm not dead, you walk in to my surprise with the look on your face as though you lost me.

i wonder why you decided to show as we both know we split on bad terms and i thought you would never enter my life again as my heart still yearns

you hold my hand speaking no words,i can read your thoughts as a lonely tear rolls from your cheek, i say to you it's ok but you don't believe me i can feel your hold growing tighter as more tears start down you face,

life has a funny way of bringing love to your heart its like you never know it's there until it is thrown right out in front of your face, what to do is not clear i only know i like you near,

your touch makes it all better but we both know it wont be right for either.

your love is only temporary you feel a need to be here only for yourself and no other,

as you stand by my side wondering how to leave i can feel tension in the air i know you want to go but you are full of fear,

fear of whether it may some day happen to you and who will stand at your side, if only we knew we would still have feelings of such we might have tried to figure out its only in our touch,

as you leave you turn to speak, but only glance, i turn my head to enjoy the outside view and in an instant our love is no longer new,

i lay here now knowing i could never have this feeling again, until the nurse walks in and announces its time for my sponge bath

Take what life offers you today and worry about tomorrow when it comes

itbeginshere4me 63F

5/3/2009 9:19 pm

If you always leave your heart open love will find its way in! Take care of you my friend. As for the sponge bath, well, I prefer to give them without the sponge and just my hands!

Love_My_42DDs_ 56F
258 posts
5/7/2009 9:04 am

I've had this poignant moment myself, I didn't get a sponge bath afterward though.

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