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Polyamory--Not The Same As Swinging  

MissoulaMan62 58M  
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9/21/2020 6:15 pm
Polyamory--Not The Same As Swinging

Many people mistakenly believe polyamory and swinging are the same lifestyle. While a person can be both polyamorous and a swinger, they are distinct lifestyle choices.

In a polyamorous relationship, a person may be in love with another, and maintain a romantic, long-term relationship with them. During this relationship, one and/or the other of these may develop the same type of relationship with another person.

Both polyamory and swinging are distinctly non-monogamous lifestyles. However, polyamory is specifically about<b> multiple </font></b>romantic relationships, whereas swinging is focused on sex with<b> multiple </font></b>people.

I am a polyamorous swinger. I am in a romantic relationship with a lady, and we are both swingers. She has another partner, who is not a swinger.

Generally, one of a person’s partners is their “primary.” My partner and her other partner live in my home town of Columbus, Ohio, and the of us have been very close friends for decades. Though Columbus is my original home town, and will always be the home of my heart, I live in Missoula, Montana. This is one reason I am a secondary.

Being a secondary does not make you a lesser partner though, honestly, I’m not currently certain how to explain that. When I feel I can clearly articulate it, I’ll edit this post accordingly.

My lust to all,


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